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  1. 33 minutes ago, Lux Shots said:

    The average shot may be a second, but if you've ever been on the set of a commercial, you'd know that shot took 4 hours to make.


    33 minutes ago, Lux Shots said:

    The average shot may be a second, but if you've ever been on the set of a commercial, you'd know that shot took 4 hours to make.

    Right, and who in their right mind would be using this for a commercial ?

    You guys seem to think that somehow this camera is going to end up being used on high end productions . It’s so astoundingly ignorant.


  2. 4 minutes ago, Nugat said:

    R5 will be a great hit with Hollywood productions. A perfect companion camera to Arri or Red, costing a fraction, weighing nothing (drones).

    The IBIS replaces the steadicam, the F2 / 28-70 is like  a set of top primes. In the standard 4k/24, R5 records for hours. When FX/greenscreen is needed-

    8k raw kicks in. Overheating? The length of the average take is 1-2 minutes. The  breaks between takes  can be really long. You need to sacrifice a camera?

    Ridiculos cheap. Need 10-20 units for the big battle, fights, crashes, explosions  or chases? - no problem.  SloMo - check. Arctic shooting - love it.

    Ergonomics - check.  Cinema verite onobtrusivness - check. Etc, etc etc. 


    These folk here can’t understand that.  The average shot in a commercial is about a second .

    i think their brains are hit with the Almighty  ‘cripple hammer “ which they refer to constantly.

    i can’t wait to see the.great creative work done with this awesome tool. 
    And it will be .

  3.  “shoots alongside the c300 mkiii “  so, if you have a 300 mkiii why would you need an R5 ?

    logicaly , it would be used for a few wide establishing shots and on a gimbal for a few . 
    And, This sound s about well within the camera’s capabilities .

     If it overheats , you put it away and keep right on rolling with the old 300 mkiii.

    i don’t see anything too damning in this .

    So what’s the problem?

  4. from canon rumors

    There has obviously been more talk about how quickly the Canon EOS R6 and Canon EOS R5 overheat when recording video, especially when shooting 8K or 4K60p (along with other framerates). The second issue a lot of videographers have is how long the cameras need to cool down once they reach an overheating threshold.

    So is Canon going to do anything about it?

    I think so, and I’ve been talking to a few sources and reading between the lines a bit. Canon released its first statement about the heat concerns back on July 16 and has been relatively silent since.

    I have been told that Canon is actively working on solutions to increase record times and reduce cooldown times. What those solutions are is unknown at this point. I imagine part of it is firmware, but are they also looking at a hardware fix?

    I have no been told a couple of times that the 2nd allocation of camera bodies will be delayed. Adorama told me it was going to be a significant delay, but that they didn’t know why or how long the delay would be.

    A reader I was chatting with on the Canon Rumors discord server was having an unrelated issue with the EOS R5 and was sent this by the Canon Store support.

    “The R5 was sold out within hours after launch. The next shipment is expected this November“


  5. I'm familiar with the process with my Red Dragon 6K .  It works really well using RedCine, pretty seamless . But when I'm doing small shoots I have to have AF, so it's 1DXmkIII. 

    I found I like the ARRI 709 LUT in Davinci though . 

  6. Thanks, I think this can become a very do able solution for still/motion content all at once . Especially with the ability to use higher shutter speeds and for stills and then motion smooth in post for video. Very cool. 


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