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  1. You gonna regret this Dean! The more I use my nx1, the more I'm in love with it! (coming from Canon 5d markII and ugly colors of the GH4!) Sadly I didn't try the hack yet ...
  2. Samsung nx1 Anamorphic Lens : Kowa for Bell & Howell Talking lenses : Konica-Hexanon 40mm f/1.8 & Helios 44-M 58mm f/2
  3. Thx Justin! Yes Chateau du Loir is a nice place, enjoy...
  4. Ultimate test of the Konica-Hexanon 40mm f/1.8 with Kowa B/H on the Samsung nx1. I'm pretty happy with it and think it's gonna be my main lens with this combo...
  5. Anamorphic nx1 and Konica 40mm Samsung nx1, anamorphic lens : Kowa for Bell & Howell, Konica-Hexanon 40mm f/1.8
  6. Anamorphic Samsung NX1 goes wide with Konica 40mm f/1.8 & Kowa for Bell & Howell
  7. So good to have you back Tony with all your knowldge! BTW, for those who are new here, Tony is "Redstan" who do the best clamp and also sell awsome diopters for anamorphic. But mainly he is THE anamorphic encyclodia man! (and a great poet too lol)
  8. Samsung nx1 Talking Lens : SMC Takumar 50mm f/1.4 Anamorphic Lens : Kowa for Bell & Howell
  9. sadly imho only one answer : practicing!
  10. Sorry but apparently you didn't write the Vimeo comments of the owner who said how much he love his NX1 and is not in anyway disapointed by it but just "felt like it was time to try something new".
  11. I bought the GH4...and learned how much color and skin tones (straight out of camera cause I'm not so good at grading) are important : so I sold the GH4 and his ghostly skin tones for the NX1 and I'm very happy with it (coming from Canon 5D).
  12. Samsung NX1 Anamorphic Lens : Kowa for Bell & Howell Talking lenses : Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar 105mm f/2.8 Cropped to 2.35 except slow-mo shots Magic hour
  13. Well...Now I'm really confused!!! Exact same thing : meaning there ain't no crop on the recording image, right? I'm pretty sure there is no horizontal crop in the GH4, cause the flares were verticaly long enough (to my eyes at least). When I crop on the NX1 for example, I can clearly see the horizontal crop on the flares.
  14. Really? I thought it was a real 4:3 Mode like in the GH4. My concern is about flares, cause when you crop, you loose the long flare which is really annoying!
  15. Correct and sad for the ones who can't afford shooting RAW...
  16. One question : In ML the 4:3 mode is only RAW? Not H264?
  17. Sorry for the late answer. I think it is possible to purchase the 800 euros NX1 from Europe because I purchased it from France. Although it's not possible to buy it directly from the site, You have to pay them first then they ship it to you, that's what I did and they were slow but serious. I think it's a real bargain !
  18. I don't know where u live but in Europe you can buy the NX1 (I did lol) for less than 800 euros ! NX1 price
  19. +++++++1 and some Euros. Don't forget the anamorphic shooters and add a 4:3 mode!
  20. 4:3 mode for anamorphic shooters please...
  21. anybody tried a M42 to NX adapter, I got a bunch of excellent M42 optics but I tried it with a GH4 and was very disapointed? It felt like the glass was to far from the sensor and I'm afraid it could be the same with the NX1...
  22. Great test bzpop, strange that the annoying blue blobs doesn't appear in your video. Do you have a clue why ? By the way, wich camera did you use (I was thinking of Sony As7 or A7rII) ?
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