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  1. Hello fellows. I bought this anamorphic lens lately, but i could not find any information regarding this babe. There was also a thread about the petit cinevision lens. But nothing is known about the company "Cinevision". From the dimensions of lens/fingers of the picture, i can resume its a tiny anamorphic. Its obviously a projection lens for a 8mm projector. There was no information about the compression rate in the lisning. Could this be read out of the picture (ovalness of the circle)? Does anybodyknows something about this lens?! Best Regards.
  2. Bytheway, here is a great c-mount info list: http://www.filmcentre.co.uk/faq_ic.htm   The Cosmicar 6,5mm f1.8 will also cover the Sensor! It's a fixfocus c-mount lens, but at f4 everything from 2m to infinity is getting sharp!
  3. The Schneider Variogon-zoom 18-90mm f2 will cover the Pocket Sensor!   @ 18mm and f2   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:618]       @ 90mm and f2   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:617]   No machining needed!
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