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  1. 3:2 works well for 1.5x anamorphic
  2. No mention of IBIS in the press at all, I don't see why getting this over the S1
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153490430678 86mm thread, a perfect fit for HCDNA, strength of +0.75, +1.25. Ship to USA only.
  4. what is the front size of this scope, can you put a single focus solution on it?
  5. I'm more exciting about their Full Frame camera
  6. I used AF wit the FE28-70mm on the A6500 (full coverage with the 40-compact), it works well most of the time but not always especially at close focus and longer focal length
  7. again that source on weibo just post rumors, yes she might work for the seminconductor industry but the most she can do is read spec sheets which has nothing to do with product planning from Sony
  8. that weibo handle borders on parody, i wouldn't trust any of it
  9. Honestly, I don't mind 2:1 aspect ratio given how most smartphone are 18:9 now.
  10. apparently a high end Sony APSC is coming at photokina too likely using the same sensor that allows 4k60, guess it will be priced at a higher tier than the a6500
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CAZOijAyrUJcOMWNHbjFpGq2CznrIAoN/view full specs sheet, no ibis, no 4k60, or high speed shooting
  12. Finally got myself a Pentax S82 Achromatic +1.22 Here is a a quick test I did with the SLR Magic Anamorphot
  13. You shouldn't shoot wide open especially at 0.95. The Anamorphot compact should only be used above f2.8. I have no issues with focusing mine.
  14. pureaxis

    NX2 rumors

    While its not impossible, the rumor is unlikely because Samsung shutdown the Samsung Techwin factory in China that makes all the NX lenses and bodies.
  15. uhh you know taylor swift is a spokesperson for sony right?
  16.   Those are just normal consumer service centers for repairs, I was talking about dedicated cinema and broadcast professionals. I think those things you listed are easier said than done. Sony and Panasonic are at the forefront of software and video encoding, the reason Sony can push a otherwise crappy consumer grade codec to do 240fps on the FS700 is because Sony developed AVCHD, which Canon can't even pull off with its C100 (only 60i wtf?). Canon's weakness in this department can be seen by also the 1DC's inefficient mpeg 4k codec. If Canon is struggling in this department then Nikon have no chance, they will have to pay licensing and adapt proprietary formats.
  17. Nikon going into cinema will never happen, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC all have professional broadcast divisions and can even be considered pioneers in digital video, Nikon don't have any of that. Having a cinema line is more than just releasing bodies and lenses, it require decades of experience in software, hardware, and logistical support. If you look at the financial results between Canon and Nikon, Canon absolutely dwarfs Nikon in terms of net income, Nikon does not have the expertise or resources to commit into a new line of cinema products, hence why they release products based on 4 year old tech. 
  18. I think the most vulnerable company is Nikon, with the decline of compacts Nikon have nothing else to rely on, what else does Nikon make? Spotting scopes and binoculars? Much of Canon's profits actually comes from their corporate printing business and that should keep them afloat and unlike Nikon, Canon actually have a professional broadcasting division.    Sony in the past decade have been arguably the most innovative company, of course Sony also have a tendency to pursue exotic tech like SLT that ultimately was a failure, but again Sony is a massive conglomerate that can shoulder losses. On top of that having 45% of the sensor market means that Sony can makes profits from Nikon, Pentax, and so fourth. 
  19. Last year Sony merged their professional broadcast division and consumer camera division so we will likely see more professional video features in their cameras. If the rumors are correct Sony is due to release a 4K DSLR to compete with the 1DC in 2014 (they already showed a prototype at NAB).
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