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  1. Obviously, he sold his soul to Satan to get such amazing work out of such limited resources! :D From reading more, it appears he's not even using the Magic Lantern hack except to help him handle audio, is this correct? Wow.
  2. Finally took my lenses/adapter up to Samy's on Fairfax over the weekend. Confirmed vignetting on 6mm fisheye, 10mm, and even a smidge of it on the 15mm. The 20mm and 25mm were both fine. The 10-100mm is pretty bad until you reach the mid-ranges. The 6mm definitely has a nice Terry Gilliam effect, though.
  3. Currently on the Adobe CC Suite. If I switch to Mac, I'll most likely give FCP X a twirl.
  4. I'm not sure the hipster set is interested in this. The Digital Bolex, on the other hand... And I just waxed my mustache. It's marvelous. :D
  5. I use an external recorder (Tascam DR-100mkII + borrowed boom mic) and then use pluraleyes to sync with the internal mic on my GH2. That's the best use for the internal mic, I think, to serve as a sync source. :) If I could find a good portable mixer on the cheap, that would also do wonders.
  6. I am *very* interested in seeing how the m42 adapters do. Helios, Jupiter and Tair.... :)
  7. Just a follow-up, lensrentals.com offers a few of the Optar Illuminas and PL mount adapter now, for those interested. I may have to find an excuse for a rental soon.
  8. Also, a little on the lighter side (synthpop/electropop?), try Future Islands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vI_kx4J8Vc
  9. If you can find a use for garage-punk, my band, The Angel Sluts, would be down for this. We have one video already. If you like a more post-punky sound, The Switchblade Kid would probably be okay with it (singer of my band is the frontman for that band is always looking for more exposure) although he's already made videos for a lot of his material. Angel Sluts (shot (poorly) on a GH2 + driftwood quantum b hack): Switchblade Kid:
  10. Don't have one, didn't realize that would be problematic. I have the battery for my phone usage; it'd be nice if I could get a secondary use out of it. But I did run across this: http://cheesycam.com/blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-diy-12v-external-battery-pack/
  11. Just curious, anyone shot anything through these? I know they're very expensive, but T1.3, already manufactured for S16, it's something I've been considering once I pick up a BMPCC and start shooting again.
  12. I have one of these, albeit for playing ingress all day on my phone.. Sweet.... I believe this is the one: http://www.amazon.com/15000mAh-Portable-Ultra-High-Capacity-External/dp/B00D5T3QK4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1393350981&sr=8-2&keywords=anker+battery (I got mine as a gift) $50, 15000mAh. It even has an LED flashlight for digging around in your bags at night! :D Recharges via micro-usb, but I've found you have to use the cable they use as standard microusb cables are a little too loose and will fall out. Hrm, two of these charged up will more than do a day's worth,
  13. Thanks for the info... once I get done buying my condo, I may have to look into this! :D
  14. Huh. Is that adaptor new? I swear I couldn't find one on ebay or if they even existed the last time I was looking for Kiev 16u adaptors... Not a bad price, either...
  15. I like. We may have discussed this before (maybe not?), but where did you get the adaptor for the Mir11-m? I just picked up the 15mm Kinor 16 glass, should be coming soon. I think that rounds out the low end of kinor for me once I finally get a camera to shoot on. I think (not sure) that the 15mm is the widest Kinor prime that won't vignette on the BMPCC. I will say, that more and more I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and take a short vow of poverty and save up for a set of Elite or Optar Illuminas for S16.
  16. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1xn9t6/i_am_ken_burns_documentary_filmmaker_ask_me/ Ken Burns is doing an "Ask Me Anything".. Figured some of you documentary guys might enjoy/participate.
  17. NO worries, timpy, this is all good information to have!
  18. Hey guys,    I know everyone's busy out there, but does anyone have a BMPCC here in Los Angeles that would have some spare time to shoot a few minutes of test footage using my Kinor 16 lenses?  I have: 6mm fisheye, 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 10-100mm zoom and the kinor->mft adapter.  I'd like to just meet up, shoot something that gives an idea of actual sensor coverage, etc, and then take the footage and put it together to throw up on youtube/vimeo for reference.     Let me know, maybe I can cover gas or take you out to all you can eat korean barbeque!  :D
  19. If in the US, sign up at HelloMusic (dot) com .  They occasionally have DR-40s and DR-100s up there for relatively cheap.  I picked up my DR-100 mkii there.*   Mixers, don't much about, but know I want one.     (I borrow a friend's Rode NTG-2/boom setup for my shoots, but plan to eventually acquire an NTG-3 or a sennheiser 411? for my own kit.)
  20. Just as an aside, I now have 2 Kinor portcaps from both Raf Camera and ciecio7 to use with my Kinor 16 -> mft adapter.  Both are perfectly functional.  Raf's is a plain black knobby job, with logo stenciled on the knob, no-nonsense and utilitarian.  The ciecio7 is a little heavier and has a neat little "slot" screw for orientation, feels a little heavier, and the knob is quite a bit fancier.  If we want to use car analogies, the Raf is a Toyota or Honda, the ciecio7 is more like an lexus/acura, just a little more luxe.  Both will get the job done.   I'll try
  21. My guess is you want something that takes a lot of RAM, has a couple of drivebays with fast external options (USB 3.0 and/or thunderbolt), and something that has a discrete graphics card for accelerating preview windows.  My work laptop is a Thinkpad W520 and while not a dainty little flower, has 16gb RAM, nVidia Quadro graphics, and I think it'd be a really nice video editing laptop if I wanted to install the Adobe suite on it (i'm loathe to use my work supplied gear for personal creative projects, though).  If I were to buy a non-mac specifically for video editing, I think a Thinkp
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