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  1. PS, I think I may have done the crop wrong, but I don't have time to check it right now. There may still be some vignetting (I think I used the size settings for the gh3 not gh2?) it'll probably be this weekend before I can verify, though. Stupid deadlines.
  2. If he starts the series off with the Ewoks and Gungians (sp?) waging a war of extinction against one another, I'm in for the series.
  3. Yeah, I used the attachment function for those, and it disappeared a few days ago.. let's try using the gallery: gh2 shot: bmpcc crop (but you can try yourself in case I didn't do it correctly)
  4. If anyone is interested in the Kinor 16mm camera lenses:http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/2529-kinor-16-for-the-bmpcc/?p=33404 I picked up the 6mm fisheye.. I have more that should be in any day now to test, as well.
  5. kinda shooting myself in the foot here, would like to grab some more of these in different focal lengths before they get to retarded level pricing, but, oh well. maybe the karma will do me good. :D If anyone finds the 15mm, and the 35mm+ lengths for cheap, let me know. I'd love to just pick up the whole damned set and be done with it. Picked up ciecio7's adapter. received the okc1-6-1 fisheye (6mm, f/1.8, fixed focus) and tested. Still awaiting the others. (shot on gh2 in normal. and ETC mode, it's great, no vignetting at all, which would make sense if there's no vignetting on the s16 crop) hoping I did it right, but here's a screen grab on normal and using the cropping instructions in the bmpcc c-mount thread: can't wait to try the others. Also, just so you're aware, these are NOT small lenses. This fisheye is rather big and heavy, nothing like the svelte little switars. I feel as if I could put this lens in a sock and bludgeon someone to death with it, and then go shoot a skate video with it afterwards...
  6. I posted in another thread, I've got an adapter coming along with a few Kinor 16 lenses (6mm fisheye, 10mm, 25mm, 12-120mm zoom, and one more, I think?). I'll most likely post up results once I get a chance to play with them.
  7. Indeed, I have this one, as well. They're relatively cheap, too, and there's almost always one up on ebay.
  8. If there's interest, I'll try to post up my Kinor 16 lens results when they come in (6mm fisheye, 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 12-120mm zoom). I went on a little spending spree. :( Fortunately these are nowhere near the prices of Switars. Yet. There's a sensor/fit list for the GH1 from a couple years back on google docs, someone should repurpose that for this and update with new findings.
  9. b&h photo has them for pre-order, as well.
  10. obligatory:  shit, I think I just came.   Man, this is exactly what I was bitching about to my friend the other day.  There's a ton of great old cinema lenses out there being under-utilized and with the kinda crappy, but handy ETC mode on the GH2, really, who's using them besides those Pentax Q Mount guys?  Anyway, I've been picking them up with the idea that I'd eventually try to pick up a flea and mate it to a thinkpad tablet in some kind of frankenrig somehow, but .. screw that, I'll just sell my gh2 and buy this if they can deliver.  I'm assuming that based on that sensor coverage spreadsheet that the majority of the 16mm film lenses will work well on this, without vignetting, with full resolution so we get all the nice anti-moire/anti-aliasing processing (or not, I dunno).  Take THAT ikonoscop!  :D
  11. Hey guys!   Trying to build a small stable of lenses for personal use (I plan to rent lenses as needed, but need backups just in case that falls through) and I'm a little enamored with the pricepoints/qualities of some of the old manual Russian lenses (typically m42 mounts), especially considering their costs.  I have acquired the following: Helios 44M Jupiter 9 (on the way) Granit-11 zoom - heavy, bulky, and it kinda sucks.. but I could have a bad copy.. focus ring feels like there's a bad bearing or something.  I think I could kill someone with it, though, so I keep it by the door.   I've been looking for some test footage on the GH2 using the Zenitar 16mm and the Mir 20mm in either the 2.5 and 3.5 versions, as I'm trying to find a decent wide.  For rentals,. I was planning on using SLR magic 12.5 and 17mm, or maybe the Nokton 17mm and going with the 25mm in either for "normal" shots.  Also, any thoughts on Jupiter 11/11a/37a vs Tair 11a would be welcome, and even the Mir 1 b/v versions.     Thanks in advance!   (I use a Kiron 28mm F2 lens as my go to right now, and it's fine, just want to build up my kit a little).
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