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    earnesync reacted to 64mulford in Nocticron 42.5mm f1.2   
    The million dollar question...
    I'm a GH2/GH4 user and contemplating getting this lens. I already have the 12-35 but feel like I really need something in that 85mm equivilent range. The DOF and low light capability of this lens is a huge plus, but the cost is not! I do a Iot of interviews and I think this lens will give the interviews a look the 12-35 just cant match (as much as I love that lens). I know there are other options out there like the 45mm f1.8 (but no IS), and the 75mm f1.8 (too long).
    Anyone had any experience with this lens?
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    earnesync reacted to ashayafilms in Sigma 18-35 1.8 Focus Ring CLICKS!   
    Hey everyone, I just got a brand new Sigma 18-35 1.8 Nikon mount and noticed that when I rotate the focus ring, I get 3 "stops" with audible clicks. It's not a smooth and quiet rotation of the focus. So naturally my question is does anybody else have it, and if that's the case, why nobody talked about this in their reviews? I feel this is not working well for run and gun situations when the audio mike is mounted on the camera. Very disappointing! I called Sigma tech support and they told me this was very much normal. It seems Sigma focus rings click... Do you have the same experience with yours?
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    earnesync reacted to Nick Hughes in Magic Lantern full resolution silent shutter   
    Very recent development
    Seems to be limited between 1/10 and 15" exposures at the moment. Shutterless timelapses would probably save a ton of battery space.
    Pretty interesting development!
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    earnesync reacted to Andrew Reid in GoPro goes public..   
    Great stuff. Now for the cinema market :)
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    earnesync reacted to jcs in Guess the camera: FS700|GH4|A7S   
    FS700, GH4, or A7S?

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    earnesync reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GM1 review - another pocket cinema camera   
    The GM1 is a mini GH3 with some rather interesting new technology under the hood (a sensor that does a full pixel 4.5K readout in silent shutter mode) for just $749 (with 12-32mm lens) - but could the unthinkable be true and it actually shoots better video than the GH3?

    Read the full article here
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    earnesync reacted to jgharding in Short Harley Video (shot on GH4)   
    Super smooth! Very cinematic feel to the movement...
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    earnesync reacted to Andrew Reid in The EOSHD Panasonic GH4 Shooter's Guide - Now Available   
    Just $19.99 - Buy It Now
    Written by Andrew Reid
    The new EOSHD Panasonic GH4 Shooter's Guide is for filmmakers, photographers and all users interested in mastering video on the GH4!

    The guide covers the features of the camera concisely telling you only what you need to know and nothing that you don't.

    There's a chapter on tuning colour and image response in-camera, for an appealing image straight out the camera which doesn't need to be graded and one that responds better to grading. Three profiles are offered in the book - Cinema, Graded and Flat. By applying the settings in the book, you can be sure the camera is correctly set for filmmaking.

    This book has been written from scratch and is not simply an updated GH3 guide.
    Key Features
    How to shoot optimal 4K video, 128 pages of information Image settings for filmic quality carefully formulated by filmmaker Andrew Reid Concise explanations of all major camera features Tips and unknown features revealed Recommended lenses and adapters Practical cinematography advice Recommended settings Beginners guide to using the camera and more...
    Read the full article here
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    earnesync reacted to sunyata in GoPro goes public..   
    that's the CEO with the camera in mouth.
    "At its current price, GoPro has a stock-market value of $4.7 billion. That’s roughly 35 times the 2015 profit estimate that underwriters settled on as the forecast.  It’s about 3.1 times the 2015 sales estimate."
    So currently the market is expecting an exponential growth in profits.. I have a feeling we're gonna see more new "lifestyle" video oriented cameras from the other companies soon. 
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    earnesync reacted to BenV in Which speedbooster for GH4   
    I have just purchased the sigma Nikon mount 18-35mm for my GH4. I was going to wait for the possible GH4 speedbooster as I have a m43/Nikon g cheap adapter. After trying the lens with my current adapter it seems to rattle around a bit on the adaptor so I'm now not sure if its worth waiting for the possible GH4 speedbooster or going for a different one (m4/3 one I guess)?

    Does anyone have any info on when / if the metabones GH4 mount is still happening or just a rumor?
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    earnesync reacted to Zach Ashcraft in 54 mentions of video vs 32 of photos in Nikon D810 press release   
    Okay, now thats just funny. I guess the proof will be in the pudding once footage starts to hit the web. But I think we all share your suspicions, it'll probably still have moire among other issues. 
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    earnesync reacted to Andrew Reid in 54 mentions of video vs 32 of photos in Nikon D810 press release   
    Along with such disappointing video quality on both of Nikon's flagship models the D4S and D810, it's suggested by some that Nikon do not care about video on DSLRs because it is a small market. They make stills cameras! Video is a tiny niche. And so it goes, on and on (mainly from people on photography forums and not actual working pros)...

    So I was very much taken aback to see 34 mentions of "video", 14 mentions of "cinema" and 10 mentions of "broadcast" in their official press release for the D810.

    That compares to only 18 mentions of "photographer", 4 mentions of "photography" and zero mention of the word "still" or "stills" in the entire release.

    Read the full article here
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    earnesync reacted to Nitsan Simantov in Surprise! Sony Alpha A6000 video mode huge improvement   
    Shame about the audio. If it had the jacks I would buy one.
    I'm not really that happy with my A7.
    Great article again. Thanks.
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    earnesync reacted to boxtree in Variable ND filter, crucial purchase?   
    Hi, I live in the UK where we don't see much sun :) so my questions is do I still need one if not shooting in bright sun light all the the time. Also my brightest lens currently is the Panasonic 12-35 2.8 so again would I need one with shutter at 1/50.
    Lastly is their ever a need to use a variable ND indoors or is it strictly for bight sunlight?
    All words of wisdom greatly appreciated.
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    earnesync reacted to matt2491 in Short Harley Video (shot on GH4)   
    Shot this yesterday as a means to test out a camera truck I'm building. GH4 nestled in an Movi M5 gimbal, rigged to the truck.

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    earnesync reacted to wolf33d in Sony A7S footage topic   
    Let's start this topic with a new high ISO test done by Artbenny. 

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    earnesync reacted to Julian in 4K Premiere sequence settings with GH4 footage when outputting to 1080p? Need workflow advice.   
    Same effect. Just scale down the footage to 25% after dropping it on your 1080p timeline. Also this gives you the bonus of being able to re-frame/zoom while editing.
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    earnesync reacted to TEC in GH4 won't output 24p on external monitor???   
    Any ideas on why we can not view NTSC 1920 24p .mov footage on an external wireless monitor? 30p works fine but not 24p which is critical for our film. I've tried both analog and HDMI connections and they both give the same result (no picture). I've read the manual front to back and cant find anything. I don't believe its the monitor, since other cameras show picture in 24p in the .mov format.

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    earnesync reacted to Andrew Reid in Lenses   
    The official EOSHD discussion thread for all things lens related!
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    earnesync reacted to Ben Corwin in GH4 Autofocus Slower than GH3?   
    Is anyone else experiencing slower autofocus on their GH4 than on their GH3?
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    earnesync reacted to nathanleebush in 4K Premiere sequence settings with GH4 footage when outputting to 1080p? Need workflow advice.   
    The 1080p image quality gains from a 4K GH4 file are well documented, but I've got a basic workflow question to extract the maximum IQ from my 4K files destined for FullHD output:
    I've got a basic two cam interview I shot with the GH4. I'm wondering how to maximize the extra information when outputting to 1080p. Will I have equal sharpness and color information gains if I edit on a 1080p timeline and output to 1080p as if I edit on a 4K timeline and output to 1080p? Is it the same effect in the end?
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    earnesync reacted to Andrew Reid in Surprise! Sony Alpha A6000 video mode huge improvement   
    Sony A6000 with Zeiss 50mm F1.4 on Speed Booster

    The Sony A600 is the best Sony consumer camera yet for video. A Nikon D5300 in a mirrorless body, with far more features, the image quality is closer to the FS700 in 1080p than to a NEX 7 or A5000. The pristine sharp EVF, a magnified focus assist which can be activated whilst recording (rare!), peaking, zebra, 16:9 screen and of course the mirrorless form factor. This is arguably the best current 'cheap' camera for video, de-throning the GH2 and GH3. At just $650 it is an absolute bargain.

    Read the full article here
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    earnesync reacted to Andrew Reid in New OK Go music video shot on Panasonic GH4   
    I don't know at what point OK Go's music turned into New Order but I like it just as much as their choice in camera!

    Here's the behind the scenes video of how OK Go made their latest video with the Panasonic GH4.Read the full article here
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    earnesync reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GH4 Review   
    The Panasonic GH4 is $1699 and available here at B&H Photo Video
    Today only - tune into the B&H Studio GH4 live broadcast here (starting 1PM EDT)

    The Panasonic GH4, is it a cinematic monster or a wimpy video camera?

    It's a monster. Even compared to the full frame 14bit raw from the 5D Mark III the GH4 holds its own. It represents a big return to form for Panasonic, a consumer camera that pushes way beyond the image provided by the GH3 and AF100. As a 4K camera never has the format been so practical to shoot as it is with the GH4. With file sizes 8x less than on the nearest competitor and a price 5x less expensive than the Canon 1D C, the GH4 is the most exciting camera I have ever shot with at EOSHD.

    Read the full article here
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    earnesync reacted to Andrew Reid in Best small camera for 1080/60p - Panasonic GX7 and A6000 review   
    NB: Sample videos will come next week

    If you want a nice 1080p camera that is packed with features and doesn't cost very much then there's now two really nice options available from Sony and Panasonic.

    The A6000 is certainly Sony's best performing mirrorless camera yet for video with an APS-C sized sensor vs the Micro Four Thirds sensor in the GX7.

    I've been shooting with both to decide which one to keep.

    Read the full article here
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