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  1. Shame about the audio. If it had the jacks I would buy one. I'm not really that happy with my A7. Great article again. Thanks.
  2. Great post Andrew! I've been shooting a bit of raw on the 5d3 and so far it's been really painless. :) Huge thanks for your info and help on this subject! You mention that the 4GB limit is now bypassed - Where can I find updated versions? (Sorry i know that's a really noobish question)   Thanks, Nitsan. www.youtube.com/nitsanpictures
  3. As usual, really awesome stuff Andrew! Is there no way to set it to a lower resolution (and jpg?) in order to get more frames into that buffer? I know some cameras add a limit even though the buffer is big enough (like the NEX-5n, where the settings don't seem to have any effect on the buffer. The NEX-6 is a little better though, I think I managed to get it to 18 frames at 10fps small jpeg before it slowed down to about 3fps.)
  4. it says: "Screen layouts, especially for HDMI (16:10, 16:9 etc)" Does that mean HDMI without black bars? That would be amazing for monitoring (and possible recording for those that need it). Love the blog! :)
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