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  1. I will be moving house soon. I have to store the gear in a compact/ordered way. If you are proud of your storage skills, can you post a picture of how you do it?? Some suggestion?? Using Ikea/common furniture is preferred to high-end solutions. Thanks!
  2. Buy as many of these as you want: http://www.amazon.de/Yongnuo-OS03221-Videolicht-Kameralicht-Videokamera/dp/B00DYVSMHA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1443299009&sr=8-1&keywords=led+yongnuo Plus batteries and tripods!
  3. Maybe it's too obvious, but have you searched archive.org??
  4. I don't use RAW, but aerials is one area where it really makes sense, exposure changes a lot!
  5. Behind the pixel wars I think there is Sandisk and Western Digital!!! ;-DD
  6. Just with that you convinced instantly!!! Even if I am a spanish body trapped in the italian country! ;-DD I wet my pants going from interlaced to progressive, I re-wetted them going from SD to HD. I was happy with 4K. But I can't get to be happy for 8K. And I hate to be a hater!!! ;-DD
  7. It's difficult to tell 2K from 4K in a theater, let alone in a tv. 8K is nowadays as useless as it can get, to me. And I am for progress. But better codecs and more ergonomic/better menus cameras would be more welcome, at least by me! RAI, italian public television broadcasts in SD 4:3.
  8. Pixel wars are back... It's pretty sad. Who will use 8K?? Don't say Hollywood, they can barely keep with 4K with all the CGI!
  9. Any codec you will give them, they will answer: "XXGb, are you crazy man!!!" ;-D
  10. I am no expert in mechanics, but if it is spring loaded it can be tuned to eliminate the walking bounce, then probably it won't work with higher frequency bounces like in a car.
  11. That's the problem. Probably the first car didn't have a gas-meter. But you must know what temperature you are at and at what temperature the thing stops!
  12. I never had a client come to me with a "flare in mind". You are lucky!!! ;-D
  13. I never heard of a cable with dB ratings... Can you post a link?
  14. You get full stabilised shots, so some "bouncing", probably due to poor walking technique, is more than acceptable. The OIS on lens or some stabilisation in post probably correct it 100%. I still haven't buyed anything but I am searching. Buying in Europe is a PITA. The H1+ would probably prefer a NX500 to a NX1!
  15. I can't understand your position. You propose that you either accept or not?? You must buy a camera that may or not record based on warming conditions which you can't control in any way. Then Sony should put a thermometer in every camera and tell you: "when it's at 50ºC you have 5 more minutes".
  16. I mostly used my 7D with a Sigma 30mm f1.4, but I hated jitters and I would love it to be a bit wider for video! This hold me from using the 7D for video... Plus the 12 minute clips and the overheating!
  17. Imho, defective is not the word, it's a limit of the camera. What's unacceptable is that it is not written black on white on the specs. Specs should report the minimum time you can expect to record without overheating problems. I also wonder how this whole overheating thing will affect the sensor and if the IQ will remain the same or if it will worsen with repeated use. That said, thanks to the OP for proposing a couple of partial solutions!
  18. If you don't want to use half your trolley/bank account on photo equipment, becoming a robbery-candidate all over Cuba, get a Panasonic FZ1000, three extra batteries and a way to unload your pictures/footage.
  19. Try to use your actual lenses, if you find problems, then get something else. Anamorphics are not very predictable, you must try!
  20. The Sun can be a good start point. Later you can add a Rangefinder to focus and you will be ready! ;-D
  21. Our eyes/brain don't calculate the focal lenght of the lens, so that you use a classic 24mm or a more esoteric 25mm, the viewer couldn't care less...
  22. Do you want to experiment with an anamorphic lens or do you want to be able to shoot everytime with an anamorphic lens?? To experiment can be cheap. To have a fully functioning (ability to manual focus) anamorphic setup is expensive!
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