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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Juxx989 in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Looks Like your getting some free press... Cool NX-1 user in South Korea(I think... Maybe he was on the samsung team?) just dropped a promo for an NXL review.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to markr041 in YI 4K60p Action Camera   
    What complete nonsense. Every statement here is without any basis or just plain wrong.
    1. You believe the Sony was overpriced, which is irrelevant. In any case there is no price reduction. The selling price now is the same at introduction. Look it up.
    2. There is a lot wrong with EIS, requiring a crop of the sensor and reduced resolution among other issues - artifacts.
    3. It is preposterous to say that BOSS was implemented because it "CANNOT do EIS". First, BOSS is superior to EIS and second - read slowly here - the SONY also does EIS (should I repeat that?) - that is what "Active" mode for stabilization is, a combination of EIS and BOSS. You can turn EIS off and just do BOSS. No one in their right mind would do EIS instead of  BOSS. It is obvious you know nothing about the Sony. Active mode stabilization has been a feature of Sony's big camcorders for years.
    4. You do not understand why Sony chose a "curiously (to you) rectangular" sensor because you do not understand aspect ratios. Sony chose a sensor shape so that there would be few wasted pixels for 16:9 video; the sensor size corresponds to the 16:9 picture size. It is the standard 4:3 sensor (like on GoPro's and Yi's) that wastes a lot of pixels for 16:9 video. "Rectangular" 16:9 is the aspect ratio of video. Pixels would be wasted for 4:3 stills, but this is a video camera.
    5. Sony chose to "only" put 8.2 megapixels on the sensor to maximize pixel size while keeping the sensor size small - it is the number of pixels corresponding to 4K (UHD) video. This is why the Sony has superior low-light performance compared with other action cams, which pack 11+ megapixels on a similarly small sensor - bigger pixels, which absorb more light, means better low-light quality. Because of 4 and 5, the X3000 is a not a good stills camera, it is designed for 4K video. Btw, the sensor and processor are exactly the same as in  the Sony AX53 4K BOSS camcorder - the X3000 is essentially a miniature AX53.
    Your final, desperate, argument is essentially - if the Sony is so good why is it not dominating the market? Your ignorant rant is an example for why, as it is similar to others. Evidently most people do not understand video and the features of the X3000.
    Oh, and your belief the processor of the Sony is inferior is belied by the fact that the Sony processor can do 120 fps in 1080 (with stabilization), while the Yi can only do 120 fps at 720p -  4K60p is a real advantage, however, although the lack of any stabilization for that frame rate severely limits its use.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek got a reaction from sanveer in YI 4K60p Action Camera   
    Yes, I just hope that next DJI Mavic will have same chipset and also same (or higher) max. bitrate. 135Mbps sounds very nice!
    I just hope it will be available also for 24/30fps modes and not just for 4k60fps.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to sanveer in YI 4K60p Action Camera   
    Yi is what GoPro should have been. Not an over priced action cam. Though the karma and the LCD are great efforts, they were quite late. Also the ProTune acquisition was great, but GoPro should have separated Professionals' requirements and those of enthusiasts. Also, if they could have somehow pushed a 4k Action Cam that did 100 mbps, as a sports cam with the present specifications, and better pricing, they could have maintained their success trajectory.
    Right now, Yi is the Master of Action Cams.
    I hope they increase the bitrate, get a great HDR mode, and improve feature via future firmwares.
    P.S.: Wow !!! The Yi 4k+ does upto 120 mbps. That's insane for a cam this size and at this price point. 
    Saw the Full specs. This thing is seriously amazing. 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to SMGJohn in Is anyone moving to GH5? (non provocative question)   
    It seems the camera industry is moving away from enthusiast photographers to professionals for full steam now, the reason why I think the NX series did so badly is because they were targeting regular people like smartphone users instead of the professionals. 
    I come to a point in my life were having the latest and best is vanity, I had my Xperia Z for almost 4 years now and I see that I rarely use it for much else than what you would not be able to do in a low end device anyway, sure it may not have the fastest processor out there and not the greatest camera even for its own class back then, but it gets the job done.
    The same goes for my camera, its materialistic obsessive to continue purchasing newer and newer products because you want the quality to be superior, its not true a good camera wont make you a good photographer, its the way you use that camera that makes you a good photographer, whether your work turns out good or not. 
    I seen modern Chinese movies shot with 16mm Soviet cameras you can get off eBay for like 80 dollars and these movies have better cinematography than most Hollywood movies and they were a lot more enjoyable story wise too. 
    GH5 looks like a good camera no doubt and price wise is very good as well 1999 dollars for such great features? Its a steal if you ask me. 
    But I too used to be like "Quality matters" but I had time to use my NX1 now which in a few months now is almost 3 years old, think about that for a second, over 2 years old and still produces excellent images and video, the hack has also done a lot for us but it would been even better if they managed to make it spit out MJPEG's with little to no in-camera processing specially making it shoot 2160p60, but I wont complain they did an excellent job non the less. 
    I for one wont be upgrading for a long while, this camera will stay with me for at least 6 years in total, and one day I will use it for a full feature film, I grew up with Soviet cinema and I know that masterpieces are not dependant on camera equipment but only the ingenuity if their production crews. 
    This does not mean a shitty Nokia phone camera is the tool for the job, there is of course a limit and there always will be, for photography most pro photographers seem to say that around 4 to 6 megapixels is really the sweet spot for digital delivery but if you go print you must go higher, 1080p seems to be that sweet spot too, even though 35mm produces up to 6k digital prints if it is low clean ISO film, 1080p still looks great even on a big screen but for me 2k is minimum in a cinema, most cinema projectors are only 2k too. 
    Its been a while since 4k has been out and overall the adoption of 4k screens is very slow still, 1080p came out for the first time in the late 80s, you can start to imagine now how long it will be before 4k is universal standard for everything. They did not even start to get serious about 1080p until 2006 when Blu Ray was being released despite there being a delivery format that supported HD delivery in the 90s like the D-VHS and MuseLD.
    Another thing I noticed, majority of movies and TV-series are produced at low cost and quality is not generally very important, often they just rent big 4k cameras without giving much about its capabilities as long as it just shoots the resolution they are happy enough. 
    Also most Hollywood films these days are shot behind green screens and more time is spent in the editing rooms than the scene. 
    A good camera is not essential these days even in the industry as most movies uses low range colours and shadows and purposely crushed, video for TV are usually decapitated before being broadcasted in order to limit the bitrate they often kill colour depth and destroy dynamic range to fit it in the standard hence they end up looking very greyish. 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek got a reaction from Marco Tecno in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    To be honest - I would expect here lot of bokehlicious photos or video frame grabs done with NX1 + NX speedbooster + some fast glass.
    Please...share your results :-)
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Vellichor Film & Wedding LUT pack   
    This pack is concluded, but im already making a few more to be released in the future, but they will have a different overall look, less faded and more contrasty. I will also be making some creative ones that will shift colors and so on, but thats a work in progress.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to shanebrutal in Vellichor Film & Wedding LUT pack   
    Just grabbed the LUT pack. I really like how they are customized for your NX1 settings, @ricardo_sousa11 . Really liking the stylized looks. I put Lisbon and Denver on a couple random test shots I had from the fall season when I also happened to be trying out your NX1 settings. Thanks! 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Drew Veeneman in Production Dairy - Using Hacked NX1 and NX500 on YouTube Channel   
    Hey gang, over the last month I upgraded my camera gear to 4K with a used NX1 and NX500 (replacing my old trusty GH2 and a6000). Since I regularly make videos for the Carry Trainer YouTube channel, I thought I'd start a thread here to share my experiences with these two camera's.
    First, I tried both versions of the Samsung firmware. The Kino-Seed hack worked on my NX500, but not my NX1. Anyway, I settled on Vasile's nx-on-wake mod... it is worth the little extra work to install.
    For the picture profile settings, I am generally following the recommendations from Andrew Reid's guide. For the NX1: Gamma DR, .95 Green 0-255 Luminance Level. On the NX500 I don't see any video controls... the picture profile is set to standard. As Reid suggested, I set resolution to 3840x2160 with a 24p frame rate.
    Getting started testing my gear, I found my Fotodiox adapter wasn't triggering the sensor on the Samsung camera mount. Since I only use vintage manual lenses, I decided to just super glue the mount sensor down and avoid any future hassle (see attached photo). The glossy spot with the glue on the bottom of the mount is covered by the adapter, in case you were wondering about my sloppy work.
    I did my first shoot with these cameras last week, Dec. 19, 2016... filming a few new Carry Trainer episodes. I work as a one-man band on multi-camera shoots, usually running two or three cameras. The classic Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K remains my A Camera. The NX1 is now my B Camera... and the NX500 is the C camera. Anyway, on set I quickly discovered my NX1 couldn't handle the 210 MB bit rate. I dialed the NX1 back to 180... then it worked flawlessly for two hours. Battery life was good. Surprisingly the NX1 was only down to 50% battery at the end with 100GB of 4K video on the SD card. Meanwhile, the 64GB SD card on my NX500 filled up really fast. I was only able to use that for about half of the filming session.
    I'll wrap up this first post with my transcoding experience. I do my editing with the free version of DaVinci Resolve, so transcoding the H.265 is a must. I used After Effects to line-up all the clips and rendered them to HQ DNxHR (I use windows). 98 GB of video off my NX1 SD Card grew into 433 GB worth of DNxHR footage. As a point of comparison, I came away from that same filming session with 370 GB of RAW footage on my BMCC. So serious 4K video eats up a lot of hard-drive space.
    In my next post I'll talk about how the NX1 footage looked in the grading process...

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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Vellichor Film & Wedding LUT pack   
    Hi everyone!
    Good news, heres the free lut so everyone can try and enjoy. IF you havent checked my lut pack yet, please do so, also please follow me on Sellfy!
    Let me know what you guys think!
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    How are you liking them so far ? Lisbon have the luminence on the blues higher than normal, so skies might stay slightly bright.
    Im just finishing a couple of new luts that will be added to the pack, so everyone who has already the pack will be able to go get the new ones for free obviously. If you guys have any recommendations or other looks that you'd love to see, i'd like to know :D 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    Finally had the time to make a small showcase of all the 9 available luts, here it is :
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Vellichor Film & Wedding LUT pack   
    Im thinking of putting up for sale individual ones, so people could choose which they wanted.
    This pack is basically my most used luts over the time, Denver was created initially to go over some city footage I had, and to make it look kinda like some vintag'ey movies with a slight magenta feel to it but nothing too extreme, it quickly developed into one of my favorite ones so far.
    Thank you, I never look at the meters, so I wouldnt know if Im doing the "right" thing or not, I just shoot how I like it, and how I think will eventually look good after grading.
    I've actually received some very positive feedback from Canon users, Nikon, Sony using cine4 profile (no Slog) and a friend who used it on an XT2 seems to be pretty happy with them, so they're def. not specific to the NX1, but thats what their based on.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    Hey everyone, 
    I've made a thread so its easier to keep track of everyones opinion and feedback.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to BookMark in Inspire 2 / 5.2K raw / 4K60FPS   
    i went back to re-read the press release, apparently they did just that but the Inspire 2 and P4 pro stole the lime light. DJI now offer X4s which is the 1" sensor. they havent specifically said it can be mounted on the Osmo grip, but if it has the same mount as the x5/x5r, i dont see why it cant be used as such. exciting time ahead!!
    Copy from press:
    "DJI has also released two new Zenmuse cameras for use with the Inspire 2. The Zenmuse X4S includes a 1" 20MP sensor with 11.6 stops of dynamic range, a 24mm F2.8-11 lens and a mechanical shutter."
    DJI's own page:
    i bet it is too, but the fact that they can do 60fps is impressive. since the camera/sensor module is mounted away from the drone main body may be thats how they can get away with the heat issue. the larger drone body allows it to spread the heat much more effectively (purely my guess).
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    Good news!
    The color luts are complete, I will now create 2 black and white, and a free lut as well.
    Heres another quick look :

    Some are soft, others are more stylized. I also tested them with the Nikon D800 files a friend sent me, and they work great!
    Im really excited to hear what you guys think, what should be tweaked or added and all the stuff you can come up with!
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to wolf33d in Inspire 2 / 5.2K raw / 4K60FPS   
    Too bad mavic does not have phantom video now. 4K 100mbps h265 with one inch sensor would have cut it for me. 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Parker in Inspire 2 / 5.2K raw / 4K60FPS   
    Wow... The new Phantom 4 pro is looking very sweet as well! Really makes me wish they'd introduced a regular Mavic though, and then had the Mavic Pro version have all the cool extra features like higher bitrate, variable aperture, mechanical/global shutter thing (amazing!!) and the better flight sensors. Also 4k 60P! This is just making my choice even harder. 
    On a side note: Wow I can't even imagine how much DJI execs must have been laughing at poor GoPro's karma launch, even without the recall. DJI is absolutely killing it. 
    Exciting times, people! 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to wolf33d in Inspire 2 / 5.2K raw / 4K60FPS   
    Now we are talking.
    inspire 2 announced with 5.2K raw and 4K60fps raw. H265 is here too. And they will have a new kind of Osmo for it. 
    In 1" or 4/3 format. You pick.
    Isnt it funny that the best specced cameras on the market are released by a drone company without video experience? VS jokers like canon who will release 4K60fps raw and H265 in a camera of the size of a GoPro in maybe ..... we'll never. 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    Small update on the lut pack, 
    I didnt have much time to finish all of them yet this weekend, and I really want them to all serve a purpose and be used for different scenarios, so I will need another week. Heres a small update on one of them, that is actually one of my favorite ones.

    And full images :

    These examples were all one click only, no tweaking necessary. This lut will be called Greenleaf.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to grey in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    I'm sorry but I'm out for work until tomorrow...I will make some video test on Monday!But I've to say that I've make a little superficial test and I can say that is really sharp..and...for sure we gain something like a stop(more or less)And the construction is really really well done!
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Kisaha in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    @arourke and others: I suggest creating a "LUT" thread, inside the NX1/NX500 sub forum, and if anyone has any LUT and settings to provide, we can keep all that knowledge clean and tidy, over there.
    Great work Arourke, thank you.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to grey in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Arrived!!!in the next days i will post some video test!

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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to omega1978 in Samsung NX1 Raw recording   
    pw: omega
    shot in Photo Raw 15 fps(50 frames), graded in AE, export in 25p and Twixtored in Premiere 50%
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