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  1. The Rathenower is more blue flare. The möller has some magenta touch in the blue. I also found out that the 2 front glasses are single focus and of quite OK quality. If you remove the stop screws at the back, it will focus even closer.
  2. Thanks. I just reused the front glass from my Panatar because they cover the 63 Möller and the 64 Rathenower for Single Focus. The prisms inside actually fit (after modification) inside normal sized Single Focus Solutions. I am about to make a house to fit them inside Rectilux 3ff-w.
  3. No. They vary in coverage as also flares. But they are pretty close.
  4. Well, until now it was a secret. http://www.diehroptic.ch/essays/2016/04/single-focus-for-moeller-rathenower-64-x2/
  5. When you ask Google: "Stretch your imagination Anamorphic Lens" ARRI does not show up. At least not by today.
  6. Hi, Maybe I can help you out, depending upon your needs. I have never touched an Iscorama, but I am pretty confident it can be done. Please take a look at some small anamorphic rehousings for single focus, which I have done: http://www.diehroptic.ch/albums/small-single-focus/ or bigger ones: http://www.diehroptic.ch/essays/2016/04/single-focus-for-moeller-rathenower-64-x2/ or overall mounting and adapting stuff: http://www.diehroptic.ch/albums/bolex-moeller/ or the Iscorama competition of some sort, like: http://www.diehroptic.ch/essays/2016/03/rectilux-collaboration-for-a-x15-scope/ Cheers Alex
  7. Not 4k, but maybe someone wants to try. I started uploading h265 encoded stuff and I will continue to do so.
  8. http://www.diehroptic.ch/essays/2016/03/rectilux-collaboration-for-a-x15-scope/ This is targeting in that direction.
  9. diehroptic.ch is collaborating with Rectilux to bring The Dscope We will bring a Single Focus x1.5 Scope based on the Rathenower 2x 48, targeting a wide horizontal FOV. John does the glass and I do the housing & final fittings. It comes fitted with the Core DNA. Price target is estimated around 1.800€. Please find all the details on my page: http://www.diehroptic.ch/essays/2016/03/rectilux-collaboration-for-a-x15-scope/ Cheers Alex Diehr
  10. Old thread, but here are my findings regarding the Rathenower 48: http://diehroptic.ch/koken/index.php?/essays/2015/07/rathenower-rectimascope-for-rectilux/
  11. That is looking good! And the price without witness marks seems very right! +1 on the matte box, which will add to to the bulk and will make it hard using the gear. Maybe those blue blobs could be flagged out. Amazing for run and gun when there is light! Will SLR do a smaller version for 58mm lenses in the future? Others are usable down to a Speedboosted f1.2 on gh4. But those are not as light and small...
  12. no. I chose the same picture profile and reshot a scene. I got less moiré. There is still quite some...
  13. factory defaults did the trick! First timer with a Pana cam.
  14. Thanks for pointing me to the Thread. I will do a reset to factory defaults. Then I will check some settings according to the PV thread. But as far as I could see the day before yesterday, sharpness setting is almost pointless regarding moiré/aliasing on GM1. The thing what helped was putting an uncleaned lens from around WWII. Aquivalent to sharpness -256 ;)
  15. Hi I have done some filming and the cam gives stunning pictures. But as soon as there are fine lines in the picture...it gives really terrible Moiré and Aliasing in all Video Modes. I have read that it is worse than GH2 but... I did a very unsientific comparison with the BMPCC (mnaual glas on GM1, same glass + SB on Pocket), then the BMPCC does actually a LOT better than the GM1! I can almost spot moiré pattern on the peaking display and I hope that there is something wrong with my cam. Seeing Oil colors on far away fences is no fun. Did anyone experience the same? Anyone with a suggestion what to test or to try? Sharpness & iDynamic is allredy tested.
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