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  1. Does anyone have any information about this lens? I haven't found anything about it on Google, YouTube or Vimeo. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hilux-264-Prismatic-Anamorphic/282932782736?hash=item41e01ba690:g:IWwAAOSwry1aNJKK Thanks!
  2. CTN

    Kowa advice

    This is why I'd prefer to see some footage before buying. I'm interested in a starter lens and making some experiments.
  3. CTN

    Kowa advice

    Thanks, I think I'll wait and try to do some more research before buying.
  4. CTN

    Kowa advice

    One thing is for sure, projector anamorphics are still uncharted territory. I can't seem to find any footage shot with this lens since the model is unknown so please share when you have the time. I noticed the back end is threaded. Can this thread be used with a step ring to attach to the taking lens? That would deffinately save some money. Below is the model I'm considering. It's about 100$. Do you think it's worth it?
  5. CTN

    Kowa advice

    Hello, I'm also looking to buy one of those but I would like to know if this is a 2x anamorphic, what taking lenses work best and also if anyone can share some footage. What is the name of this model? Any other advice is welcomed. Thanks!
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