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  1. I ordered two a couple of weeks ago. The first one corrupted files from the get-go. Sent it back. The second one writes ok, but loses files occasionally & transfers back to my PC at a snail's pace. Even still images transfer very slowly. Komputerbay cards are certainly "buyer beware."
  2. That's gotta suck.   The trick with bidding for something you really want is to be patient, I find.   The Bolex is a truly great lens, and well worth waiting for.
  3. Glidecam, gh2, Nikon 35mm & Bolex anamorphic http://youtu.be/VQeazQ0eohQ?t=3m1s    
  4. Hey gang,   Got a couple of clips for you.... I've been putting my Canon 50D through it's paces with the Bolex 8/19/1.5 anamorphic.   It teams up real well with a Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens.  My only gripe is that there is no articulating screen!  Makes dual focus tripod shots in bright sunlight a total pain in the ass.   Second test: https://vimeo.com/71696516       First test:  sorry for the handheld. https://vimeo.com/71605635
  5. ...and some more 50d anamorphic raw. https://vimeo.com/71696516
  6. Finally got around to shooting some 50d raw with my Bolex anamorphic.   It's so nice to shoot in 2:3 and wind up with a nice widescreen look instead of 2/3 horizontal black!   https://vimeo.com/71605635
  7. Got my 50d last week, still waiting on Komputerbay cards.   Luckily, it came with 6 batteries!  The battery drain is no joke, they run down pretty quick.      Having shot on Bolex 16mm back in college, the lack of audio & having to use a clapboard is a non-issue to me.   Clapboards worked for nearly a century.      The thing I like most is the variable aspect ratio.  I've done some test shoots with a Bolex 1.5X, Kowa 2X, and a Schneider 2X, and the results have been great.  I'm really looking forward to getting my hands o
  8. Looks great!  Glad to see they've finally got something tangible.
  9. I have a 58mm version I might be willing to part with for the right price. 
  10. I have to agree:  GET A REDSTAN.  Don't bother messing around with adapter rings.  I have the clamp for my Bolex & it's worth every penny.  If he's sold out, it's worth the wait for a custom one. :)
  11. He was my first pick when they announced Star Wars. Hopefully he'll capture some of the vibe of the original trilogy. I'm cautiously optimistic
  12. Thanks for the clarification. Now could we get the story on the 4k dng bit depth? Reading some conflicting stories about 8 bit & would love some feedback.
  13. Thought the pocket cam had same sensor as bmcc, just a tighter sample.
  14. Yeah, we wanted to go for total cheeseball special effects... it's more fun that way.   It's amazing what you can do with some corn syrup & chocolate sauce :)
  15. I've got a set.. .never tried the washer trick.. damn good idea!  The 18's a little soft, perhaps the washer will do the trick.
  16. Been working on this one for quite some time...  Just in time for the premiere for season 3 tonight, my Game of Thrones spoof, "Winter is Coming."   Shot on hacked GH2 with a Bolex anamorphic.  Mounted with an awesome clamp by Redstan  (seriously, top-notch stuff.  Well worth the wait/cash.)   Taking lenses were Nikon 35 f2.8, Konica 40 1.7, Nikon 50 1.2, and Super Tak 135.   Color by Shian Storm's ColorGhear, my first attempt, so be gentle!   Shot at numerous locations over the last few months, including a re-shoot for the band sequences as I
  17.   Yeah, found one like that a couple of weeks ago trying to sell a "Sony F35."    Him:  "Give me your info so Ebay can send you an invoice"   Me:  How about I call you?   Can I please get your phone number?   Him:  I only have my personal number, not my business number.   Me:  Nice try asshole.  Go rip off someone else.
  18. I'm speculating we'll get more of the same from the major camera manufacturers.  8 bit video, compressed codecs and no raw cameras.  Canon will continue to charge "rape me" prices for their over hyped & under performing units badged with a "C." I haven't seen any evidence to suggest otherwise.   Hopefully the Digital Bolex crew can get a working camera ready for NAB.
  19. You ever notice any warping / distortion along the edges (in panning shots) with the Pentax?
  20. The small knurled knob looks like a prime candidate for a follow focus...
  21. Got my Schneider for $30. Sharp is an understatement. :-) A little heavy, but not unmanageable. On a Gh2, it will vignette slightly on a Nikon 35 2.8, if focused at long distance. No noticeable vignette using the Konica 40mm. Some noticeable "warping" at the edge of the frame. Nowhere nearly as bad as isco ultrastar for this though. Warping seems to disappear with Minolta 45mm. Did I mention beautiful stretched bokeh & gorgeous flares?
  22. Nice to see something finally. Really looking forward to shooting 4:3 with this. Thanks for the article!
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