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  1. Here's part two....  The closer shots are done with a Kowa 16-S and Helios combo.     [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUzEP63sH7M&hd=1"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUzEP63sH7M&hd=1[/url]  
  2. Still no update from BMC.  Damn, I hate being right when it comes to this shit.  At this point, I beleive it's safe to assume that the supllier issues still haven't been ironed out. Maybe I can get an M43 version of this by Q2 2013.
  3. Really liked the anamorphic shots... the rest looked like video..... Man, the BMC has really spoiled me.
  4. Hey guys, I've run a recording studio for about 15 years now, and find myself running into the same issues over and over again. I've also been giving the same speech for about as long, and thought I'd compile it into a short "how to" video for YouTube. Bring your sense of humor, as I don't pull any punches. Shot on a GH2, ISCO Ultra-Star, and 37mm Mir. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw25dOC7H9M&hd=1
  5. No Vamp Clamp here.... Red Stan all the way :-)
  6. FWIW, I can't wait to get my hands on this.... not a fan of 2x anamorphic lenses on 16x9 as the resulting image is too thin imo. 1X5 seems to be a good compromise. That & close focus!
  7. Thanks guys! The pictures are greatly appreciated as I have a smaller red Stan clamp for my Kowa 16s & was wondering if it would work.... from the look of things it just might.
  8. Hey all, Finally scored a Bolex 8/19/1.5 anamorphic lens, and I'm curious as to my mounting options. Hopefully, someone who has one of these can clue me in. Any help would be greatly appreciated! -0z-
  9. I do believe The Walking Dead is shot on 16mm film. No DOF problems there.
  10. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1353019257' post='21714'] OzNimbus yes there are always "ifs" but do you really want to wait until the camera has hit shelves and all pre-orders filled before I report an update? The supply of dirty glass was the issue and that has been resolved. [/quote] Please report away, I certainly have no issue with that! I read the same report you did & drew a very different conclusion..... that the issues still haven't been fully resolved & next week will be a litmus test to see if the glass is truly up to spec or not.
  11. There are an awful lot of "ifs" in the update. To say the issues are resolved is premature, imo. when the product starts hitting the shelves, that is when the issues have been resolved.
  12. Thanks for mentioning that Resolve is CUDA compliant. CUDA support for many plugins and effects on the pc is sorely lacking..... this just helped me make up my mind on my next camera.
  13. Nice review! Now please go shoot some Anamorphic footage for us to drool over while we play the waiting game. Hopefully BMC will get their shit together and finally start shipping in volume.
  14. Bring your sense of humor..... My lastest video. Shot on GH2 Driftwood Darkmatter patch. Olympus 12mm, Canon FD20, Super Tak 28,35,50. [media]http://youtu.be/fitpw5WXBG0[/media]
  15. That's very promising.. can u addi a third party monitor? Suggestions? How tough is it to post process the footage?
  16. Ah, no. LUCASFILM is still itself. Marvel is owned by Disney as well & The Avengers was very well done.
  17. Looking forward to it. Hopefully they get a great director like Nolan to do it.
  18. Is there any info about the sensor being multi aspect? 4:3 would be welcome for the anamorphic crowd.
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