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  1. Fwiw, I love shooting with my a7s. Messed around with bmpcc for nearly a year, moved over to the a7s. Similar dynamic range, WAY easier to work with.
  2. This might be where the "1.75" squeeze for the ultra star info came about. From my own tests, it's 2x. My question is, how many Hollywood movies have been shot in 1.75 squeeze? The ultrastar is playing back those films.... logic suggests a 2x. Someone chime in if I'm wrong.
  3. Still interested, but wondering if the metal protruding from the front on my Schneider is going to be a problem. Amazing glass, but I really wonder if it'll have to meet mr. Dremel. http://ocdepot.com/blackthorne/ebayimages/05-01-12-P1320536.JPG
  4. Possibly interested. Does the Focusing module include rails?
  5. This is the baby 1.5 shoot through? Interested.
  6. What a couple of rubes! (The Canon reps, I mean.) That was fucking pathetic! Quote: "The application of the technology is still good, it’s still simple, but the specification is looking ‘lesser’ compared to the competition at the same price. John: No! I don’t agree with that." Grade A bullshit right there. A7S, GH4, Blackmagic all destroy the Canon offerings for video. I think this interview says a great deal about what Canon thinks of the DSLR video user. Thank you Andrew, great job!
  7. Had this one brewing for a while. Shot in anamorphic to accentuate just how irritating vertical video is. Not for the easily offended. Bring your sense of humor. Shot on A7s in Slog2, Nikon 50mm & Bolex/Moller 1.5
  8. Now I'm really glad I bought that 16-S a couple of years ago! :)
  9. Looks promising, but at 2950 UK, that translates into roughly $4400 Canadian.... just a little too pricey for my tastes. I'm sure you've put a ton of research into it & I do wish you the greatest success with it.
  10. Would love to know if this works on APS-C. My Bolex/Moller 1.5 does great on a 50mm Nikkor on the A7S in APS-C mode.
  11. just shot at 60 & 120 fps. You're thinking of time lapse, I believe. There's a free app for android called "simply timelapse" for that.
  12. FWIW, I had an A7 out on a music video shoot yesterday & it performed like a champ. Shot on & off for about 12 hours. Went through three batteries & didn't even fill up a single 64 gig card. After messing with ML Raw on a 70D, then the Blackmagic Pocket, not to mention having a GH4 for about 4 days, I think I'm ready to settle down with the A7s. It's amazing in low light, and grades very, very easily. It's rock solid stable, and is so much easier to work with than the BM pocket. (battery life, storage, screen/viewfinder) Clients were blown away by the images. Th
  13. BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. It's my favorite & least favorite: Great image, gigantic pain in the ass to shoot with.
  14. OzNimbus


    I'm a big fan of vintage fresnels... Mole Richardson, Ltm Pepper, Arri, etc. Rock solid reliable. Hot as hell, though. And not so great with a BlackMagic pocket, as it's horribly susceptible to ir pollution. Caused some wtf? Moments with skin tones. Ir cut filter can help. Built some diy-kino flo type lights. Cheap, cool to the touch, and no dicking around with diffusers. Not very much fun to source hi cri bulbs in Canada, though. I can transport a pair in a keyboard gig bag. Bit of a pain to mount on light stands. Look amazing on camera. :)
  15. The one question I have is: how does the gh4 stack up against the original Red One? A lot of movies I enjoy were shot on the Red, and I'm curious as to just how far technology has advanced over the last few years.
  16. Sounds interesting... where can I order one? I've got a ton of M42 glass I'd love to try out!
  17. After taking so much heat for my "How to hold a microphone" video, I said, "fuckit, if singers are too stubborn to learn anything, I might as well profit from them." I give you: "Cupping the Mic Works Wonders"
  18. The imminent release of the GH4 had absolutely nothing to do with this price drop. None whatsoever. :)
  19. My question is: how many stops of dynamic range in the 10 bit 4:2:2?
  20. Loving my A7. The Video really is crap, but it's amazing on stills. Currently rocking a 20mm Nikon f4, Super Tak 35, Konica 40 (damn, is that thing sharp) Minolta 45, Nikon pre-ai 50 1.4, and Nikon AiS 85 F2. Still waiting on my FD adapter. If you shoot stills, this thing is amazing. If you want video, get a Pocket Cam.
  21. Single focus with 1.75 squeeze? Just shut up & take my money already! :)
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