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  1. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1344509841' post='15188'] GH3 and A99 have major possibility of providing far better image quality and all-round usability / featureset than any of the current favourites, be it FS100, Blackmagic Cinema Camera or 5D. [/quote] Care to elaborate on the GH3? Or are you sworn to secrecy at the moment?
  2. I'd like to get on the list as well, please!
  3. Would love to see some video of this....
  4. Hey all! I've really been intrigued by the whole anamorphic thing & took the plunge.  Unfortunately, I've got an issue with my first anamorphic lens:  it only seems to want to close-focus.  Anything from just under a foot to about 3.5 feet will focus no problem, but anything further out that that & forget it.   After testing numerous taking lenses, including Takumar 50, 55, 28, 35, 135,  Zeiss 50,  Mir 37, Nikon 50, and Canon 20, it's conclusive:  This lens won't focus outside of 3.5 feet.  I've double checked &am
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