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    Emanuel reacted to Rinad Amir in Your E-mount fav lenses   
    35mm 1.8 best e mount there is 
    Zero focus breathing (very important)
    Perfect focal length 
    Silent auto focus
    Amazing price for lens
    Small light weight 
    It stays on my A7S iii even tho i own 24.35.85 gms waste of money 😑
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    Emanuel reacted to John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    Well, if Sony is what you're looking for, just buy that and move on. Why would you be so insistent on a GH6 if all is good on the Sony?
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    Emanuel reacted to bjohn in Your E-mount fav lenses   
    I got rid of all but one of my native e-mount lenses long ago; I use adapted lenses which gives me literally thousands of lenses to choose from. That was originally the big selling point for e-mount: almost anything can be adapted to it. Not having any e-mount glass gives me the flexibility to use my lenses on whatever cameras I want to, now and in the future.
    My only e-mount lens is the Mitakon 50/0.95, a special-purpose lens that offers great low-light performance, amazing bokeh, but mostly boring rendering.
    Otherwise I'm using rangefinder lenses (M mount and LTM mount), some old and some new; I have two MS Optics lenses that are amazing and I'd like to use them for video but not sure how I'd ever fit ND filters to them (or put them in a matte box). My other rangefinder lenses are old, from the 1940s to 1960s; I love them for their rendering and tiny size.
    I also use my Minolta Rokkors on Sony, a great combination and the most practical for video since you can easily get step-up rings to fit ND filters and/or matte boxes. Some have rotating front elements, so a matte box needs to be fixed to rails.
    All that said, I never shoot video with Sony...yet. The FX-30 has me pondering it as a practical low-light alternative to my existing cine cams (Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera and original Pocket).
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    Emanuel reacted to Michael S in Panasonic GH6   
    Online stores have essentially become like auctions. Computer sees what all customers and competing online stores are doing in real time and adjusts it's price according to fancy algorithms trying to maximize profits. Most shops have the decency to only adjust prices during the night but Amazon and decency...
    In physical stores they are gradually switching over to digital price tags. It is only a matter of time until these start to adjust automatically as well during the day if local laws will allow for it. If only it was legal to set the price based on user profile data...
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    Emanuel got a reaction from Beritar in Panasonic GH6   
    These guys are crazy... This is not a way of doing reliable business with cameras. Sounds to me like when a bad screenwriter cheats the audience.
    EVERYTHING must be very clear to bring respect which means every rule of promotion, rebate, whatever, enough clear with transparent deadlines, etc..
    This is a way to kill some reputation of a brand after decades of building up. Seems clear to me someone should be fired there. I'm sorry for my harsh words but this utterly pisses me off. I am in this industry for more than 25 years as professional player and I simply don't accept these practices. No way.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    In addition to my previous post above, I think the optimum amount of processing is having more NR/sharpening than RAW has, and less than the GH5 has.  If the FX30 is closer to that mid-point then that's another plus for the camera.
    Despite not liking Sony all that much (both their company behaviour as well as the design of their cameras) and not wanting to move from MFT to anything but FF, the FX30 has an appeal that I can't understand.
    Is there some sort of X-factor for this camera? or is it just me?
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    To me, all cameras give with one hand and take with the other.  Those that have some great features pay with other features, and if they have a lot of great features then you pay with your wallet and probably with the size of it. 
    In many ways the best camera is the one that is 7.5/10 in every category because then it doesn't have some 'fatal flaw'.  In that sense, the RS is fine - middle of the pack perhaps.  How I read something like that is that it's not going to be a problem, unlike if it was notably bad.
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    Emanuel reacted to IronFilm in Panasonic GH6   
    Big price drop for the Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera:
    Previous Price: $2197.99
    Price Drop: -$500.00
    Current Price: $1697.99
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    Emanuel reacted to Avenger 2.0 in Panasonic GH6   
    Lowest I found was for €1779 with a €400 cashback voucher on Amazon.de (so only €1379 new!)
    Unfortunately the price has changed now, but might change back tomorrow or this weekend.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    It's a hell of a capture device, that's for sure : ) Enjoy yours! I know that Panasonic gear scent... ; ) Unfortunately this time, they didn't even allow me to comply my order as reported, hence my frustration... These variation prices playing games with the customer is what bothers me (not the lack of reliable AF! : D) actually really annoy more than giving wish to be as loyal as I've been for 36 years already now! I guess there's someone not doing the job as due and we've become used to, this is solid Panasonic brand or should be. Where people see as a safe purchase as every single camera I still hold made by them. Thanks for the tip :- )
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    Emanuel got a reaction from IronFilm in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    I don't know guys... but this Sony entry looks like to me the most all round unbeatable cam under $2000 as of now against the usual direct contenders GH6 (sample) & my fav X-H2s (sample) to even lack a basic focus tracking feature in 2022 despite their (other) strengths we all already know:
    Obviously a camera is not only its AF capabilities (no crop 4K 120fps against the X-H2s 1.29x and FX30 1.38x crops) makes GH6 to be unique and X-H2s surely trumps as hybrid the FX30 without mechanical shutter is not, let alone the rolling shutter performance) but when we have a few of capture devices already, we need something to justify a new all round camera purchase, isn't it? ; )
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    Emanuel got a reaction from John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    Yes, but not before. I tried to submit the order on Amazon France as matter of fact and some bug didn't allow me to complete the purchase. When I tried later on, the price had been changed... This doesn't make any sense especially when Black Friday is coming in three days in the end of the week, not in the beginning of the week, the Monday before. I still want to believe Monday is the first working day of the week, not Friday! Without mention, they didn't even let me comply the payment before a new price (extra EUR 200) had been placed. This is not aggressive marketing (now they say they only have 15 units in stock on Amazon France page), this is purely misleading to the customers, go figure loyal ones as myself for 36 years now!
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    Emanuel reacted to John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    I'm expecting more than enough video settings than I'll ever need- a bit like driving a Lamborghini to work only 10 minutes away. However, I do like the idea of trying something new and making some photos and videos. This camera will offer new limitations that I'm not used to. Apparently, it'll be here tomorrow morning. Exciting. I'm also certain that the deal I got is simply extraordinary given the current market (new and used). If it turns out I hate the camera, I'll just sell it and get something else, but I want to give it a shot. This is not a beginner's camera; thankfully, I'm not a beginner and understand 90% of the settings and what they do thanks to EOSHD and YouTube. If I don't understand something, I know where to find the information.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    Panny fanboy here but no less of other brands as well, only from Canon besides the 5DII I still keep with care, let's not forget the pearl Canon M I yet hold four units.
    To be brand agnostic is a requirement of any filmmaker who loves this craft (EAG :- )
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    Emanuel got a reaction from John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    Tempting... I am producing a feature film in France right now but wouldn't like to mix the things up. They look like to request a French bank for the rebate though.
    Can you recommend anyone accepting nonresidents in order to open a local bank account?
    I'd eventually buy a couple of units only because of this tip of yours now, go figure and ask your commission check from them! : D
    I guess poor AF performance is taking them to have more units in stock than they should, hence this. Good for us, the GH series is a hell of a tool and will always be no matter what.
    BTW, my fav capture device before P4K and even earning the podium to 5DII I left ten years ago when my three GH1 units arrived and still hold with me even today, despite to couple with more 4x G7 and the GX85 (and a FTZ1000 I bought used, oh well, practically new!).
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    Emanuel reacted to Django in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    @markr041 Never said anything about adding grain, blur or teal & orange. Just that a clinical lens at 60p gives a very un cinematic cheap video look. Like I said I'm allergic to it but it is subjective and perhaps even generational although I think people under 30 watch films and footage aside from sports in 60p. Your smartphone usually defaults at 30p which is a lot closer to 24p. 60p and above are usually slow-motion frame rates.
    High frame rate viewing content is what is commonly referred to as the "soap opera effect" and is a feature some TVs now have on default by using interpolation and adding frames. Most people I know hate the effect and turn it off immediately. It's ok for news or sports but ruins any true 24p footage be it narrative work or not.
    The irony though is that the motion that you perceive as close to "real life" is exactly what is so bothersome. In the video I linked the dancer actually expresses her feel about how dissatisfied she usually is about motion in her filmed performances. Surely the global shutter of that particular camera helps a lot but it only shoots 24p & 30p in 2K/FHD as its emulating Super16/film.
     Anyways, keep doing as you feel, you seem to be more into the news/sports aesthetic and that's a choice. I just find it a bit odd to buy a "cinema" camera for the "TV" "ENG" look. I don't think you'll find many FX series users shooting like that but again to each their own! If I may make a suggestion I'd advocate 30p as a good middle ground for yourself..and your audience.
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    Emanuel reacted to Django in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    I don't know of a Sony 20mm F2. are you sure you don't mean the 20mm F1.8?
    I'm not really a fan of Sony lenses. Too clinical. Much prefer the Sony Zeiss in E-mount, but that's personal.
    I meant FF with a Speedbooster using cine or vintage lenses. Center sharpness isn't everything, most of the FF lens mojo comes from vignetting, diffraction, aberrations etc. Again totally personal.
    As for 60p capturing motion well. Ughhh. No. It gives it the dreaded soap opera look. Use 30p if your panning a lot but never ever export on a 60p timeline. Just no.
    Since you like dancing, here is a great example of a filmed dance sequence as far as motion with a global shutter S16 sensor in 24p:
    hopefully it will make you change your mind 😉 
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    Emanuel reacted to MrSMW in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Leave us wedding people alone!!!!! 😘
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    Emanuel reacted to bjohn in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    When I watch tests like this, it reminds me how much I dislike gratuitous slow motion. I think every filmmaker should be given a lifetime allocation of 10 minutes of slow motion that they can use judiciously throughout their career. It's like exclamation points: I remember reading a diatribe against them in which the author said that every writer should be given a lifetime supply of exactly one exclamation point.
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    Emanuel reacted to gt3rs in WTH cinematic means or doesn't mean for such customary crap?   
    At this point cinematic = is not a still picture 😂😂 
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    Emanuel reacted to PannySVHS in Upgrade 120Mbps bitrate and 10-bit video on GoPro... 11   
    Now I have to trust this thumbnail.:) @Emanuel The fellows mouth is forming a strong vowel with an important message on his wettened lips.😅
  22. Haha
    Emanuel got a reaction from PannySVHS in Upgrade 120Mbps bitrate and 10-bit video on GoPro... 11   
    A step higher...
    :- )
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    Emanuel reacted to Eric Calabros in WTH cinematic means or doesn't mean for such customary crap?   
    For me, cinematic has a straight forward meaning: a quality of cinematography that I never notice the cameraman. What these people do is exactly opposite of that, the only actor I notice during the video, is the cameraman.
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    Emanuel reacted to Thpriest in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    So....any idea how 4k 50p at 6400 or above looks?
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    Emanuel got a reaction from PannySVHS in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Seems an irresistible tool easy to fall in love, well, I can't wait to put my hands on these small handy beasts when street photography comes like that:
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