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  1. well if you ask me not to speak over that topic again and then do so in your next post that seems a bit hypocritical...
  2. uemm am i mistaken or have you made the bashing a part of this discussion...then you close and open the topic again...hmmm
  3. Damn, now i dont need any soap operas anymore. Where does all this negativity come from? If people just learned to relax a little bit and dont take themselves too fucking important, the world would be a better place. I think you should keep your style Andrew. Maybe add a spoon full of self-criticism. And yes, your style can be offensive and may piss some people off. Just learn some serenity towards their reactions. Its a waste of ressources to jump on everything they say.
  4. Hi, my pc cant acess my gh2 anymore. It recognises it as a drive after i connect it and sees how much space is in use on my sd-card, but i cant get into the subfolders anymore. It says it cant find the application/device (in german "kann Anwendung nicht finden"). I tried several SD-cards, different USB-Ports, still no sucess. The incamera settings are the same, too. I also did not change any configurations on my PC. I uninstalled the gh2 in the device manager, still no sucess. Any help is highly welcome!
  5. He was a very good crafts man. Not an artist like his brother. Still movies like top gun have deeply influenced me in my child hood, perhaps when i was the most receptive for the magic of cinema. r.i.p. tony scott
  6. Hi, i know, for a super professional work, nobody should trust the gh2's soundmeter without headphones. Still: I have had good experience with it. First i tried the unified hack, then several from driftwood. The soundmeter was always reliable, in the middle, never in the red and no distortions. I always put the Mic level on 1 and set my rode video mic pro to 0. Now i switched to Flow Motion which i visually like the best so far. With the same camera and mic settings i had almost no sound in my recordings. Just when i really pushed the mic level i got decent sound (level 3). The problem is, now the soundmeter gets into the red zone quite often with the sound being ok. Getting the soundmeter into the red is something i always tried to avoid in the past, as a distortion is really hard to fix. But now red is not a no-go anymore. So i sort of lost my trust into the soundmeter with flow motion. Anybody else has similar experiences? The weird thing is, that Flow Motion also uses Per Lichtmans settings, just like driftwood.
  7. Well i got the waterbase at my videohead, so its ok for me without. The FLM looks nice. Benro also made something that looks exactly like the Novoflex and holds 30kgs. http://studio.etriox.de/Benro-Nivellierplattform-LBA1 (except its made in china; its incredible, the chinese just copy everything and force many original developer into bancruptcy. I wonder what they will copy when they ruined all the other companys and havent learned innovation themselves, but thats another sidekick, sorry) So i am sure the Novoflex can do that too. I got it for 119 €, would not have paid the 150 they ask at many other places for it. After using it for almost a week now i have to say, i am pretty happy about it. The Acratech was not available in Germany except for one shop where it cost a fortune.
  8. i am a happy owner of the panny 14mm 2.5. You can get it on ebay for 130 bucks, so it was an easy choice for me. If money doesnt matter i would go for the Leica.
  9. http://www.novoflex.com/de/produkte/stativ--und-haltesysteme/kugelneiger/magicbalance/ thats it. tried it for one day and already loving it. Good quality and functionality.
  10. Well i will try the novoflex magic balance. Looks alright. Acratech including shipping to germany was too expensive for me....
  11. In which screw size do i have to take the acratech to make it fit the manfrotto 701hd? The leveling base comes in 3/8 and 1/4 for the screw....
  12. Welcome, nice reel and good to have you here.
  13. I know many people here like the acratech leveling base, which Andrew recommended in his quest for a good and cheap tripod. So far i have been doing ok with just always leveling the legs of my tripod, although that sometimes takes longer than i wish. Are there any other good arguments for a leveling base? And which other options are there besides acratech which also do not cost more? Acratech is unfortunately kinda hard to find in germany. I found some manfrotto and novoflex stuff, but that did not look to convincing. Cheers for any help!
  14. Can anybody recommend a good leveling base besides the acratech? It should not be more expensive though. Acratech is hard to get in Germany... And how many of you use a leveling base? I went ok without sofar. Its just some more fiddling with the legs until everything is level. What are the other benefits? Cheers
  15. I use the manfrotto 701 with the mentioned benro legs. Works alright without a leveller, well at least for my needs.
  16. Hi Axel, you put a quick release plate on the hague MMC? So you dont use the original scew? Cheers
  17. sounds like a plan, too bad i live several thousand kilometers away...
  18. looks very nice congrats! its very stretched, far wider than cinemascope, was that intended?
  19. check for ciecio7 adapters on ebay. he makes really good adapters, ok prices and ships very fast.
  20. I guess that is a question of taste. Some people dislike those stabilization functions and stabilization software which you use during editing. For some its ok. We do not have those huge dollys and the equipment that people like Kubrick had. We can only work with what WE have. Also i dont think there is ONE cinematic look. If you look through cinema history, each director has its own approach. A Bresson is totally different than a Tarkovsky or an Antonioni. Still all of them are cinematic. Sometimes i have the impression there is too much hype about that "cinematic" look, especially with the use of anamorphic lenses (sometimes that hype also gets me). In the end this only leads to a lot of stuff looking uniform. Back to your question: Just use what you like best, your eye decides. Since i mostly only use old lenses which dont have that feature, i rarely use OIS. In 90 % of the cases i use a tripod only. Then sometimes a nice steadycam which another EOSHD member recommended to me. And you can do a lot of stabilzation with the camera strap or by keeping your arms close to your body.  I only use OIS when i am too lazy too carry all my lenses, tripod etc and just use my kit lens.
  21. improved search feature better navigation keep it simple
  22. thanks for sharing! sounds like a good idea!
  23. nice work with good info. just where to buy etc would be nice.
  24. Hi Craig, absolutely no problem :-) I am sitting in europe, so the shipping would probably be too costly. Except for ebay i unfortunately dont know too many other places to look for lenses and ebay seems so overpriced. best
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