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  1. Great footage all round. I always love time lapse. Is your Phantom still flying after the crash/power loss? Sorry to hear that- I am always rather nervous when I fly mine! bill
  2. Getting this message when using the search box at top of page. Any ideas? 
  3. Great film which I have watched several times now. With the free vimeo account the 'uncompressed' 1080p version' only remains available for download for a week after uploading the video. And them the file is removed :( 
  4. A short piece shot at a very successful installation at the Barbican Centre, London. It gave me the change to test out the waterproof body of my GH2- err wait a minute!! For best HD results view via the Vimeo site. https://vimeo.com/62440712
  5. Trying out my Canon 50mm f1.2 rangefinder lens on my GH2 in Ex Tele Conv mode. Also using Neat Video for the first time and first attempt at synchronising audio in PP. For best results in HD view via vimeo site.     https://vimeo.com/60777508  
  6. I am currently working on some concert footage I took in London last year. It was on my unhacked GH2 HBR 25p. Using my Canon 50mm lens set to F3.5/4. The ISO was 400 and I was using the Ex Tele mode. During the darker moments of the concert and in the shadows there is quite a bit of noise as expected. For my first attempt I used brightness/contrast & Shadow/highlight settings in PE 10 NLE. I them applied Neat Video. As I had a fixed camera position there is only one area that appears suitable for the software to use and after applying it I also added a second adjustment to the same area when the lighting increased. This added a bit to the profile but did not allow to fill in all the boxes on the Neat Video profile. I used the default settings. Overall the result is quite good but there is still a fair bit of noise movement in the darker areas. On a second attempt I also added the default Gamma correction to the mix which lightened the image quite a bit and also changed the Temporal filter radius to 2. However overall this increased the noisy area movement still further. I will be uploading my first attempt shortly. I am still using the demo version of Neat Video but as luck would have it the area it covers shows the most important part of the video for assessment. Are the adjustments I am using in PE brightness/contrast & Shadow/highlight and perhaps Gamma Correction the right ones to use? Any tips as to give the best base for Neat Video to work with?   http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/2195-laurie-anderson-dirt-day-concert-clip-testing-neat-video/ cheers!
  7. Short film shot in my garden last summer where I grow a range of American Sarracenia pitcher plants. Using GH2 with 14- 140mm kit lens &  25mm f0.95 voigtlander lens. For best image view via vimeo site.    https://vimeo.com/59811418
  8. Dug out my Dads old Canon 50mm F1.2 lens which he used many years ago on his Canon 7s rangefinder camera. I find that it delivers a nice "warm" feel to the videos. For best quality view via Vimeo direct..      https://vimeo.com/59352490      
  9. Having uploaded a few of my videos to the free version of Vimeo they still lose far more than I see in other peoples uploads. And thats including the free version of Vimeo as well.   If I use the Vimeo HD preset on PE 10 it gives me H264  1280 x 720 29.97 frame rate NTCS. When I go into advance and change it to PAL 25fps it changes the frame size to 720 x 576!! Why should that be?   Currently I am using my own profile of H264 1280 x 720 25fps PAL. In all cases the pixel aspect ratio is square pixels.   When saved and viewed on my PC it looks and sounds fine. Once uploaded to vimeo and further compressed you get brief patches of blocky pixels in the picture, and in my latest upload a jerky feel to any rotating motion. Also there is a brief audio glitch out of the blue as well! I understand that going to the paid version of Vimeo would give better results but I have certainly seen some excellent results of GH2 footage using the free account. Any tips on how to get the best out of the footage?   I have just added the latest small video to the screening room. This was mainly shot to test out a 50mm f1.2 rangefinder Canon lens on the GH2.    
  10. When I play back either native MTS films or edited (through Premiere Elements) through different software players I get different issues. Windows Media Player while looks quite good sometimes gives a lighting or darkening of the image as if the exposure on the shot is changing. This looks a bit like flicker and is quite subtle but annoying. The exposure is manual on the camera and is not adjusting and this effect only occurs through WMP. VLC gives good results but sometimes drops frames or you get a glitchy start to the video. PowerDVD 10 overall gives the best results with most stable colours and exposure and few glitches. It does not however like 50p 720p recordings out of the camera at all. They are blocky full of flashing artifacts. Yet once I have resaved the file as a 50p 720p recording through PE it plays it fine!! The other two players play the native 50p 720p far better.   What is causing all these differences and what players do you use?
  11. Thankfully not "The day after tomorrow"! Not yet anyway!!
  12. A short trip along the seafront in Deal Kent UK, enjoying a rare spell of snow. Short lived now gone! Original footage far sharper than the vimeo results suggest! :( For HD viewing view via vimeo site of course. GH2 & 14- 140mm kit lens.         https://vimeo.com/58095885
  13. Great looking footage and I can't wait to see the finished film. Interesting to see that you swapped back to an unhacked camera for longer than 5 minutes of shooting. Love those LOMO lens :) 
  14. I find that in bright light siturations changing from my right to left eye helps a lot. Though overall I am far more comfortable using my right eye. I have found that all cameras I have ever used from OM1, Bolex H8RX, Nikon D5100 and GH2 never seem to cater for glasses wearers. Where you get more light leak affecting both the clarity of the viewfinder image and where applicable the exposure. And with my extreme prescription cannot simply use the diopter adjustment and remove my glasses!
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