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  1. [i]Thank you for your comments gentlemen. Yes... more gadgets in the works. I'm working on a 12v DC battery with; 7.2v, and 5v taps. The 12v will run the zoom motor control, the 7.2v for the camera, and 5v for a USB accessory power port. I'm tapping 1/4-20 holes all around the rig now for mounted accessories. Here's another picture.[img]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/uploads/inline/20565/501bc1b968084_GH2_rig_1.jpg[/img] [/i]
  2. [font="Calibri"][size="3"][color="#000000"]Hello,[/color][/size][/font] [font="Calibri"][size="3"][color="#000000"]This is my first post to this site. There is a wealth of information here, and hats off to those that contribute. I have been a camera operator and DP since the early 80’s. I have worked on many films, TV shows, and commercials. I am quite impressed with the Lumix GH2, and am in the process of retro-fitting it to my 35mm lenses and accessories. I wanted to share with you an eyepiece leveler rig that I built in my home shop. With longer lenes, I find it essential when operating
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