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  1. When you record with AVCHD you can only record 16:9 ratio This means when filming with a 2x adapter the 1920 becomes 3840 so its 3840/1080 --> "3,55x ratio" The original adapter was intended for 35mm or 16mm film with a ratio of 4:3 so the ratio became 8:3 --> "2,66x ratio" with is more common in cinema. Because the avchd does not allow 4:3 recording with the GH2, 3,55x is the only option
  2. Hi there, Got my adapter a few days ago, started testing with it. I love how it works with the old pentax lenses I have. Seems to work best from F4-F8 Gear Used: -- GH2 Cluster v4 driftwood -- pentax-m SMC 50mm 1.7 -- Bell & Howell Kowa anamorphic apdater 2x -- Mattebox -- Polarizer 4x4 -- Graduated filter -- Here is the result http://vimeo.com/45013630
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