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  1. @Ed_David you made your point about B&H, some agree, some disagree, the courts ruled, we're paying attention to these issues, perhaps time to focus on a new issue? Such as how to unite the people away from chaos and war? You have a lot of talent, would love to see a piece by you using the amazing F65 which promotes love, understanding and unity. Tell a story to make people cry with joy, brother
  2. As with all companies, there are kind people in google; we can encourage them to feel empowered and speak up, wishing google a kind turn-around as more people become aware of what's going on both inside google and out. What about Vimeo as a YT rival? Patreon is thriving since the demonetization (censorship) program was started.
  3. Thanks User. That's why we are best training and thinking like samurai. Joining together with like-minded people to not only protect ourselves but also those who are not able to protect themselves. If the hordes come, we do our best to help them, at the same time being smart and not putting ourselves at risk. If we must fight, we do so with compassion and honor. That's a big reason to make friends and work as a team vs. going solo in times of crisis. I finally started watching Game of Thrones and I see one reason why it's so popular right now: lots of metaphors for what's happening in the real world.
  4. Today a model I am working with brought up the google employee who was fired recently. I had skimmed his article and also saw that mainstream media was outraged and that he was ultimately fired. I asked her if she had read what he wrote, and she replied she had not. So her support of the firing was based solely on reporting by mainstream media (MSM). It took a bit of googling to find his original document: the MSM sources I found had removed all external links and didn't post the original document. Here it is: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3914586/Googles-Ideological-Echo-Chamber.pdf Here's a couple examples where the external links and all graphics have been removed: http://gizmodo.com/exclusive-heres-the-full-10-page-anti-diversity-screed-1797564320 , http://www.wnd.com/2017/08/googles-ideological-echo-chamber/. I didn't check them closely for other deletions and omissions. As an executive and manager of both small and large corporations, I was made well aware by legal departments what is acceptable and not acceptable practice in the workplace. I believe he put google at major lawsuit risk for writing the following: The harm of Google’s biases I strongly believe in gender and racial diversity, and I think we should strive for more. However, to achieve a more equal gender and race representation, Google has created several discriminatory practices: Programs, mentoring, and classes only for people with a certain gender or race A high priority queue and special treatment for “diversity” candidates Hiring practices which can effectively lower the bar for “diversity” candidates by decreasing the false negative rate Reconsidering any set of people if it’s not “diverse” enough, but not showing that same scrutiny in the reverse direction (clear confirmation bias) Setting org level OKRs for increased representation which can incentivize illegal discrimination Stretch, BOLD, CSSI, Engineering Practicum (to an extent), and several other Google funded internal and external programs are for people with a certain gender or race. 6 Instead set Googlegeist OKRs, potentially for certain demographics. We can increase representation at an org level by either making it a better environment for certain groups (which would be seen in survey scores) or discriminating based on a protected status (which is illegal and I’ve seen it done). Increased representation OKRs can incentivize the latter and create zero-sum struggles between orgs. These practices are based on false assumptions generated by our biases and can actually increase race and gender tensions. We’re told by senior leadership that what we’re doing is both the morally and economically correct thing to do, but without evidence this is just veiled left ideology that can irreparably harm Google. This post is related to other posts discussing women in the workplace and now I raise the issue of media bias in reporting, which relates to all of us who create filmed media and are trying to help heal our divided country and planet. From a purely legal risk basis, I understand why google fired Mr. Damore. However, here's the problem for google: if what Mr. Damore wrote isn't true, they could defend themselves, showing that what he wrote isn't accurate. Given what he wrote, firing him might harm google even more. It appears this was an internal document, never meant for public view. The fact that it was released to the public has harmed google, and is now being used as a divisive tool and weapon by the MSM. If what Mr. Damore wrote is true, then some good can come from it to heal division, not just at google but anyone affected by these issues. I realize that both the extreme Left and Right are just tools for division, and see them for what they truly are. I can see how some of what Mr. Damore wrote could be inflammatory for some individuals, however in his favor he did provide links to other sources which support his statements. Which is why it's very misleading when MSM removes these links (and graphics) from his original document. Here is what appears to have triggered the Left and the people funding MSM (see his full document for the rest of suggestions and reference notes, there's a lot more): Why we’re blind We all have biases and use motivated reasoning to dismiss ideas that run counter to our internal values. Just as some on the Right deny science that runs counter to the “God > humans > environment” hierarchy (e.g., evolution and climate change), the Left tends to deny science concerning biological differences between people (e.g., IQ8 and sex differences). Thankfully, climate scientists and evolutionary biologists generally aren’t on the right. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of humanities and social sciences lean left (about 95%), which creates enormous confirmation bias, changes what’s being studied, and maintains myths like social constructionism and the gender wage gap9. Google’s left leaning makes us blind to this bias and uncritical of its results, which we’re using to justify highly politicized programs. In addition to the Left’s affinity for those it sees as weak, humans are generally biased towards protecting females. As mentioned before, this likely evolved because males are biologically disposable and because women are generally more cooperative and agreeable than men. We have extensive government and Google programs, fields of study, and legal and social norms to protect women, but when a man complains about a gender issue issue affecting men, he’s labelled as a misogynist and a whiner10. Nearly every difference between men and women is interpreted as a form of women’s oppression. As with many things in life, gender differences are often a case of “grass being greener on the other side”; unfortunately, taxpayer and Google money is being spent to water only one side of the lawn. This same compassion for those seen as weak creates political correctness11, which constrains discourse and is complacent to the extremely sensitive PC-authoritarians that use violence and shaming to advance their cause. While Google hasn’t harbored the violent leftist protests that we’re seeing at universities, the frequent shaming in TGIF and in our culture has created the same silent, psychologically unsafe environment. Suggestions I hope it’s clear that I'm not saying that diversity is bad, that Google or society is 100% fair, that we shouldn't try to correct for existing biases, or that minorities have the same experience of those in the majority. My larger point is that we have an intolerance for ideas and evidence that don’t fit a certain ideology. I’m also not saying that we should restrict people to certain gender roles; I’m advocating for quite the opposite: treat people as individuals, not as just another member of their group (tribalism). My concrete suggestions are to: De-moralize diversity. ○ As soon as we start to moralize an issue, we stop thinking about it in terms of costs and benefits, dismiss anyone that disagrees as immoral, and harshly punish those we see as villains to protect the “victims.” Stop alienating conservatives. ○ Viewpoint diversity is arguably the most important type of diversity and political orientation is one of the most fundamental and significant ways in which people view things differently. In highly progressive environments, conservatives are a minority that feel like they need to stay in the closet to avoid open hostility. We should empower those with different ideologies to be able to express themselves. ○ Alienating conservatives is both non-inclusive and generally bad business because conservatives tend to be higher in conscientiousness, which is required for much of the drudgery and maintenance work characteristic of a mature company. Confront Google’s biases. ○ I’ve mostly concentrated on how our biases cloud our thinking about diversity and inclusion, but our moral biases are farther reaching than that. ○ I would start by breaking down Googlegeist scores by political orientation and personality to give a fuller picture into how our biases are affecting our culture. Stop restricting programs and classes to certain genders or races. ○ These discriminatory practices are both unfair and divisive. Instead focus on some of the non-discriminatory practices I outlined. What many of us are seeing is the Left is completely intolerant of any view other than their own, and have been resorting to violence. If one states they are neither Left or Right, the Left calls them Right, and the Right calls them Left. So while the Right might at first seem to be more tolerant, if one is not "on their side" they can be labeled "Left" simply because they are not Right. Fortunately, the well-armed Right hasn't been violent (we can get into "conspiracy theories" with Charlottesville, so perhaps best to agree that so far only the Left has used guns recently). If we don't start creating counter-momentum of healing the dividing forces, we're headed toward major civil unrest, and we know the government has been preparing for this for a while, so it's best we don't go there. What does all this mean for us filmmakers/vloggers and video hobbyists posting on YouTube? We can help heal the divisions, by creating content designed to bring people together, to better understand the issues, and to always take a position of understanding, love, and kindness. Metaphors and parables are more effective vs. lecturing (is this post lecturing ?). Think about how to better communicate with those who think differently from yourself. If you are posting online, think twice if you are angry. Understand that anger comes from your own ego, not from external sources, and certainly not from a person who has angered or annoyed you: that's coming from within yourself. Debating online is an excellent place to practice kind debate. Because you can take a moment or a break to think more deeply before replying. And by all means don't drunk post or post when upset in general: that's not the real you. Peace brothers & sisters
  5. This forum is a microcosm of the world, a fractal. Andrew is the mayor, Jon is the sheriff, regulars are the villagers, and others are tourists/travelers just passing through. Is it possible for us to discuss these issues, about the world and each other's behavior, without divisive dialog? If we focus on discussing actions vs. people, especially if we ask questions as to why are people acting a certain way, we can get a better understanding of their motivations, and perhaps help each other to realize there might be better ways to achieve our goals. If we can do it on this forum, it will be a useful pattern for the world, right? (a fractal thing) Does disparaging each other work? Think about it- if someone puts you down, are you likely to listen to anything more about what they have to say, even if they are 100% correct? I have compassion for everyone working in the media industry, as well as everyone on this forum. We are constantly bombarded with negative energy designed to divide and conquer the US and the World. Folks in the media who don't follow the divisive guidelines face extreme personal and financial pressure to conform. It's truly a bummer. I spent my free time this summer doing research into what is really going on in the world today. The realization is so terrible that I didn't want to believe it, people who know the truth don't want to talk about it, and people who don't already know the truth don't want to believe it or even hear about it. All I can say with any certainty, is listen to those who push for kindness, understanding, and unity. Have empathy for all to those who output hate, intolerance, and division. More than anything they need understanding and love: that's how you heal them. Giving them more hate only makes their condition worse, right? This is for the general case and works for almost every person. The exceptions for violent people are noted, and even they are best given love and understanding when they must be countered with force and/or constrained freedom for the protection of others. Think of a powerful samurai warrior who must fight with honor and compassion and without hate. The reason we do this is it's good for all of our biology: kind actions and thoughts improve our mind, body, and spirit health. Kindness is not weakness. A soldier in battle can fight with compassion and without hate: fighting with honor. What are the advantages of making enemies? Now more than ever in modern history is a good time to practice making friends. We need to work together to get through the possible upcoming crisis. Ideally it will be avoided, but if not we must work together to reduce suffering and possibly even to survive.
  6. Haven't heard that, guessing joke? However googling those names together found this: https://www.newparadigm.ws/suppressed-forbidden-knowledge/10-celebrities-killed-by-the-ruling-elite-for-exposing-the-global-conspiracy/. Prince talked about the water too: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2016/05/02/was-prince-killed-by-illuminati-for-spreading-message-love-peace/ Could all be a coincidence, just a bunch of wacky 'conspiracy theorists', or maybe not. In any case, we can't live in fear. The good news is Santa Monica doesn't fluoridate the water (it's a start in LA!), and countries are starting to ban it: http://althealthworks.com/2223/list-of-countries-that-ban-or-reject-water-fluoridation-why-north-america-is-actually-the-exception/. In the meantime, you can take boron supplements to help chelate (remove) fluoride: https://www.amazon.com/NOW-Foods-1671-Boron-Capsules/dp/B00093D2NU/. Boron is also helpful for bone and endocrine health.
  7. Estrogens, xeno-estrogens, and endocrine disrupters are causing a variety of changes in all forms of life. From the NIH, this is no joke, brother: https://www.niehs.nih.gov/health/topics/agents/endocrine/index.cfm, and male T has been dropping steadily for the last 20 years: http://uk.reuters.com/article/health-testosterone-levels-dc-idUKKIM16976320061031 Thus, avoid plastics, make your own water if possible (via reverse osmosis or distillation followed by remineralization to bring up pH to 8+). Take DIM and eat associated foods to protect yourself: http://www.naturodoc.com/library/hormones/diindolymethane.htm. It's likely that sex cell cancers (e.g. prostate in men and breast in women) are promoted by endocrine disrupters.
  8. Paper bag + white sheet paper + paperclip = (shot and post processed in Snapseed on iPhone) Processed in ACR and enlarged in Photoshop:
  9. Lol where's the irony? We're all in the same boat, brother
  10. Art is a magnificent way to get an idea across using abstraction and metaphors!
  11. So let's turn it around: good practice for the 'real world' in diffusing and healing division. The mind control programs are powerful, he may not even be aware he's doing it. Or again maybe he's trying to right wrongs and doesn't have much time to interact in the threads? There are wealthy people/orgs who pay people to do this, to create division and hate, however I don't think that's the case with David.
  12. Like many people world wide, I think David is feeling powerless as he realizes that the world is not what he was led to believe. Perhaps he's trying to contribute something meaningful so his life has meaning. Based on his world view as helping right wrongs. We all should speak up about discrimination, wherever it happens, in a kind and stern way. The "photo company*" that everyone references and won't say the name, everyone really knows who it is, and this is disingenuous. I didn't read that thread but saw recently that it was locked when someone posted that they lost a class action lawsuit. Give them positive energy and love and see if they have changed their ways for the better. If they have not, give them reasons in a kind way to stay the right path (as in kindly, without hate remind them, and if necessary do business elsewhere). I personally like this company and hope they will stay on course and do the right things moving forward. If not, I'll take my business elsewhere. It's important not to call people names: perception is projection. You must see those traits in yourself before you can use those words on others. If someone is acting in a harmful way, talk about the actions and how they can be improved vs. ad hominem. What's happening right now in DC is theater: who knows what's really going on. All we can say with some confidence is that there is a force at work to create division and hate, to divide and conquer the USA and the World. What we, the people can do, is ignore the messaging of hate and division, and instead spread love and kindness, knowing that it's all of our responsibilities to unite and come together in peace. We have the true power, and if we don't unite together in peace we'll lose all of our freedom and maybe our lives. The stakes are high. This political storm is happening because the US/Global FIAT petro-dollar currency system is on the verge of collapse. Crypto currency is a direct result of this, that's why bitcoin and similar are going crazy right now. A new system of currency/energy-trade is needed, and the people controlling the current/old system aren't ready to let go of power: absolute power corrupts absolutely. The trickle down effect is people feel powerless and helpless, and want to do something positive (in their mind) to help. Which is what I think David was doing in these posts. There are also powerful psychological tools being employed through mainstream media, as well as through artificial intelligence systems reading social media posts for feedback, which I won't go into in more detail as that is controversial in itself. All I ask is do your own research and look for patterns and try to see the bigger picture. I encourage everyone to share the knowledge about what is really going on in the world / politics / currency / war, in a kind way, and even better, create videos using messages of love and unity, even better through metaphors and simple parables, to help people see the light at the end of the tunnel, and more importantly, to help everyone have hope for the future. To help clear the mind, avoid processed foods and sugar, eat more vegetables and organic foods, avoid tap water (fluoride), take boron supplements to excrete fluoride in food, take DIM to excrete xeno-estrogens from plastics and insecticides, magnesium malate to excrete aluminum and lead, alpha lipoic acid to excrete mercury, and CoQ10 for energy (instead of caffeine or tobacco). Stanley Kubrick knew a lot more than he could tell us directly and he may have lost his life as a result of what he was trying to tell us in his last film. * BH
  13. Ignore all sides who preach hate and division, brothers and sisters. They are all coming from the same source, the same people pulling the strings, a layer above and invisible to most. Their goal is to create division and civil war, WW3, to consolidate their global power. DC is locked in self-destructive corruption, so we need to manifest miracles to bring about peaceful change. Perhaps best case scenario is to pardon them all if they'll all leave peacefully. They have most people looking down at minutiae, when we really need to be looking up at our rulers and working together in unity to create real change, at the root source of all the world's manufactured problems. Spread the message of love and unity. Think in terms of what you want, as opposed to what you don't want. What we think becomes reality.
  14. GH4 4K is well above 1080p, perhaps 3K max (4K*.8), beyond 2.2K (4K*.58) with aliasing. 4K video on a desktop 4K monitor is totally worth it for the quality jump.
  15. They preferred color & skintones of the F65 vs. Alexa & Red (as a CGI/Green screen heavy film, "True 4K" makes sense too): http://www.fdtimes.com/2014/07/24/luc-bessons-lucy-described-by-thierry-arbogast-afc/ @Ed_David shoots F65.
  16. As long as you match color & basic sharpness, the average person will never notice. If you have a great story, you can get away with a lot, including continuity errors, and so on
  17. Lucy & Oblivion have decent stories and epic visuals. After Earth at least looks nice Tomorrowland, Ex Machina, Ted 2, more here: https://shotonwhat.com/cameras/sony-f65-camera (probably more, not a complete list) Alexa 65 should be pretty good too, as should Red and any other camera shooting at ~6.6+K (3840/.58 = 6620).
  18. It's been rumored since at least 2015, what are they waiting for, Netflix 4K approval? Seriously, hopefully they'll add some serious competition for AF on cinema level cameras (Canon has DPAF on the C700). The F65 had (has) alias-free 4K and color that can compete with ARRI, add FF and AF and it will be very competitive (especially with an E-mount option).
  19. @BrooklynDan yeah it makes sense. The F65 wasn't very popular (very low cost used now), probably due to it being a massive camera along with massive 16-bit raw files. It's been rumored for a while, back in 2015 to be based on the A7R2's sensor technology: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?339380-Sony-8K-CineAlta-rumor. Hopefully it will use the same tricks the F65 used to get true-ish 4K, and if outputting 8K, has at least 8K*1.5 = 12K photosites (to minimize aliasing). Sony's a clever engineering company- they could certainly bring industry-leading AF to market at the high-end if they wanted to (and force ARRI to develop a similar solution ).
  20. http://www.newsshooter.com/2017/06/03/sony-to-launch-a-full-frame-36x24mm-sensor-cinealta-camera-next-year/ Could give the Alexa 65 some competition, especially if it has F65-level color and sensor sampling, and would be even more amazing if it's the first cinema-level camera to include DPAF-level AF.
  21. Node 2 is a duplicate (can ignore). Node 3 is Serial, and Node 5 appears after adding the Layer Node to Node 3 (set to Subtract): Set Gain for Node 3 to 2.0: Add Box Blur for Node 5: This is for the LCE step, you can use Gaussian blur for the mid-frequency sharpen step, and standard Resolve sharpen for the highest frequencies.
  22. Regarding sine waves as input to a monochrome sensor with no OPLF: it will alias or not depending on the highest frequency present in the chart as per Nyquist. You're not going to get 2K sinusoid lines into a 2K sensor from the simple fact that you need at least 3 pixels (vs. 2) to prevent aliasing in all but the aligned case. You can do experiments with computer graphics by taking very high resolution sinusoids (including converting a test chart from AI/PDF to an image) and nearest neighbor downsample to simulate a camera sensor.
  23. 1: where 2 pixels make a full cycle, we need 3 pixels, 2*1.5 = 3, ideally 2*2 = 4 to avoid aliasing. This is exactly what Nyquist states: > 2x. We can see from simple inspection that at exactly 2x, we can capture the signal exactly, however it will alias like crazy if not perfectly aligned (as expected). From simple inspection of a 3 pixel sample vs 2 as shown in the computer graphics line test in this thread, we can see that as per Nyquist >2x aliasing is eliminated (3 pixels) vs the =2x case (2 pixels). 2: Already answered. Sums of sinusoids, no re: square waves, and again sensors aren't going to ever see square waves with OLPFs, and again real world results show this to be true. FS100 chart- I didn't look at it closely. Stating 1000 line horizontal resolution was being way too generous (1000 lines out of 1920), and after downloading and blowing it up in Photoshop for a later post realized it was really only resolving at most 500 lines before aliasing. That's also when I realized all the terminology was distracting from simple ideas, and thus the trivial computer graphics examples were created.
  24. You're doing it again. If you don't understand the computer graphics examples, perhaps try some experiments yourself in a bitmap editor and doing research into aliasing and computer graphics. A sensor is just another form of sampler vs. a pixel grid in computer graphics. All signal sampling systems are Nyquist bound. Nyquist-Shannon sampling theory is based on Fourier analysis/synthesis which is sums of sinusoids. Your position is we only need two pixels to sample a line pair without aliasing. My position is we need 3 or 4 pixels, which is matched by real-world test charts and predicted by the computer graphics tests. Additionally, Nyquist states >2x, so I'm really puzzled that you're arguing this point. I've written software to perform signal resampling for both audio and video, as well as Fourier analysis (FFT), with filtering in the frequency domain, and synthesis (iFFT). How about you? I ignore the fact that you bring up fundamentals and harmonics in every post because we can simply examine real-world results and not worry about square wave and infinite order harmonics (especially when OLPFs are used): the real-world chart results speak for themselves, which you ignore and bring up 'sinusoids are required' and 'square waves make it impossible' and all sorts of reasons why I must be wrong (which seems to be your primary focus, not on searching for the truth, which is what motivates me). If you can study the computer graphics examples and aliasing theory for computer graphics, the 3x results (3 pixels per feature) will become clear, and then the .58x resolution factor will make sense with camera sensors (both monochrome and Bayer when shooting black & white test charts).
  25. @HockeyFan12 my post with the computer graphics examples use exactly the same Nyquist sampling values as is matched with real-world test charts and Bayer sensors. The computer graphics results with 3 pixel lines (vs. 2) do the same thing as a sensor sampling the real world. Suggesting that I'm including the computer graphics results in an attempt to obfuscate (lie) is a projection from within yourself, is an ad hominem, and is disrespectful. The computer graphics examples show an expected result based on Nyquist: 3 pixels required vs. 2. This prediction is based on both Nyquist > 2x and testing with computer graphics matches precisely what was measured from real-world test charts. Averaging 3x and 4x (/1.5 and /2), or (1/1.5 + 1/2)/2 = .58, matches the .58x real-world measured Bayer actual resolution factor exactly! Nyquist > 2x theory matches computer graphics experiment with 3 pixels vs. 2 and matches real-world test charts with Bayer sensors. This is math and science working as expected! This post and the prior post with the computer graphics examples is all anyone needs to prove to themselves how Nyquist works in the real world with camera sensors. Bayer sensors can only provide .58x resolution without aliasing, which means 3-4x sampling instead of 2x, exactly what Nyquist states. A Bayer sensor shooting black & white will behave like a monochrome sensor. The Clark example above gets the same results from a scanner (3x Nyquist, or 6x (no details on the scanner, however the computer graphics examples are trivially clear: 3x pixels vs 2x)).
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