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  1. Right on. What does that have to do with AI & data mining? I knew there was a risk of distraction posting a link from a political source. I picked the first one from search results, not biased for the source either way: https://www.google.com/search?q=robert+mercer+data+mining&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS508US508&oq=robert+mercer+data+mining&aqs=chrome..69i57.4774j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Here are more sources, the point is AI & dating mining, not the political aspects of the sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridge_Analytica http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/03/27/the-reclusive-hedge-fund-tycoon-behind-the-trump-presidency http://www.newsweek.com/2017/06/16/big-data-mines-personal-info-manipulate-voters-623131.html It's challenging to find a source without a known political bias label. Ideally we read what is written and think for ourselves to try to find truth from many different sources. Another example of political polarization causing distraction from deeper issues that need more attention. Here's on online demo of psychometrics being used to read social media based in AI and big data: https://applymagicsauce.com/demo.html (try pasting some of your posts into this system and see how AI analyzes you and others).
  2. I think it's good to have options, and for now raw is good for some applications since the cameras supplying raw don't currently have sufficient CPU power and sensors to provide better quality in camera. It's manufacturers squeezing every last bit out of their hardware, until the next upgrade cycle as we move closer to raw going obsolete (who shoots uncompressed RGB anymore?). That's business... I can tell you that since acquiring a C300 II & 1DX II, we've had no desire or need to upgrade our top cameras (something like an A7S III with DPAF-like AF would be a useful addition, otherwise we're good with equipment: no desire even for an ARRI Amira or Mini (no DPAF)). If the C200 had 10-bit, it might make sense to sell the C300 II to get a smaller, lighter camera with a better screen and the same image quality (zero need or desire to use C200 raw, which appears to be the sales message of the Cinema5D post).
  3. Hey Tim, there is actually a way to measure and test better ways. We can use computer modeling and simulations along with artificial intelligence (machine learning). First, what is the root problem we are trying to solve or optimize? Is that resource management: energy, food, water, shelter, and health care for as many people as efficiently as possible (including managing waste/pollution/total-population/system-stability)?
  4. While I agree he should have been fired for legal reasons, especially since Google is being sued by for gender discrimination by women, his memo was matter of fact, as would be written by an engineer working to solve a problem from his point of view. Without name calling or directly inflammatory behavior. In other words, except for perhaps some legal mistakes, he appeared to try his best to be professional and provide solutions to the issues as he saw them. What white male dominated forum crafted a narrative that white males are victims in the US? The whole gender narrative as being run by the MSM appears to be part of a divide and conquer strategy. While everyone should be treated equally with kindness and respect, everyone is not equal in ability. Perhaps the best way to deal with unfair discrimination is to make all the related data public so it can be analyzed in an objective, non-divisive manner. From which fair and maintainable solutions can be developed. Again, referencing the Alan Watts video on money and machines, at which point machines can provide a good life for everyone, all these divisive issues can go away. I ignored MSM messaging and instead read what he wrote (and as noted took a while to find it). Instead of calling him names, what exactly in what he wrote is problematic, from your own perception, not what MSM is pushing? Right on. What does that have to do with AI & data mining? I knew there was a risk of distraction posting a link from a political source. I picked the first one from search results, not biased for the source either way: https://www.google.com/search?q=robert+mercer+data+mining Here are more sources, the point is AI & dating mining, not the political aspects of the sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridge_Analytica http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/03/27/the-reclusive-hedge-fund-tycoon-behind-the-trump-presidency http://www.newsweek.com/2017/06/16/big-data-mines-personal-info-manipulate-voters-623131.html It's challenging to find a source without a known political bias label. Ideally we read what is written and think for ourselves to try to find truth from many different sources. This is another example of political polarization causing distraction from deeper issues that need more attention.
  5. Is that why so much of Interstellar was out of focus? When a skilled focus puller is not available, especially for 4K, isn't AF (such as DPAF) a useful tool?
  6. The goal of showing that link was about artificial intelligence being used as a feedback tool by the Rulers to more efficiently measure the changes of their information programs. It should be clear from my posts I'm neither Left nor Right: they're just tools for division. It appears you focused on the political aspect of the source of the information and implied that the poster of said information has a neuroses (mental illness)? If, so what is your goal?
  7. Corporations do have power over politicians- through bribery, blackmail, extortion etc. Additionally, they offer politicians high level jobs for favors after they leave government. There's a revolving door system where people go into politics for the corporations, change policy in favor of the corporations, then leave government and go back to corporations. It's now completely corrupt and government no longer represents the will of the people (other than the will of people controlling corporations, which can represent the people who are shareholders and stand to make a profit, possibly at the expense of other people who are not shareholders of the corporation). Politics are instantly polarizing, a divisive concept in general. If one identifies with the Left, they are attacked by the Right. If one identifies with the Right, they are attacked by the Left. If one doesn't identify with either, they are attacked by the Left and the Right and labeled anarchist or similar. It's a highly inefficient system. Millions of people have finally realized that it doesn't matter who is president of the USA. Despite campaign promises, Left or Right presidents who promised less war are forced into wars by the Rulers. Health care reform? Doesn't matter who is president, costs keep going up and level of quality continues to drop. We need to be focusing on nutrition and prevention as a first change vs. profiting from people's suffering from poor diets and habits. Food corporations profit from low quality (little or no viable nutrients) and toxic food (sugar). Pharma and health care corporations profit from the damage caused by food corporations. Guess who controls both? The Rulers. The pattern is create problems (and profit) then solve problems (and profit). Except health care doesn't solve problems, just keeps people alive long enough to maximize profit extraction before they die. Small groups of people such as families and friends living together tend to be managed by the Rule of the Jungle: whoever is strongest will get their way (where strength is not just physical: can be psychological, financial etc.). And if the group is relatively equal in effective power, and the group has not attained a level of psychological and spiritual maturity, indeed it can be a very dysfunctional situation. The same applies if the leader of a group has not attained psychological and spiritual maturity. Politicians are functionally polarizing managers of corporations (government). Why must we use this antiquated, primitive, dysfunctional, divisive, and most importantly, inefficient system? What we need are leaders who can solve problems efficiently, who unite people more than they divide them. Where their performance for solving problems and providing working solutions is the metric of success, for which they are rewarded. In 2017 we can use data mining and artificial intelligence to measure in real-time public perception, which is amazing. We can also use new technologies to better manage ourselves and resources over the antiquated old systems which are fundamentally unstable and leading us toward civil unrest and war. The job that politicians are trying to perform is inherently complex resource management. The first step is to remove politics from the equation: no Left, Right etc. The Resource Managers (a better name than politician) are measured by how well they solve problems for everyone, not just one group, in a fair and balanced way. These problems are essentially optimization problems. And in 2017 we have amazing N-dimensional optimization technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Along with modeling and simulation technologies, we can make much better decisions than was previously possible in written history. We can experience orders of magnitude increases in resource management and utilization, providing the type of world Alan Watts described where the machines do all the work to allow us to survive and live a healthy life, so we can pursue other activities, such as spiritual development and the arts! Right on Axel. Right on brother. We're doing it right now: becoming a aware of what is really going on, and thinking about ways to improve the system. In order to really change and improve the system, we need to be specific about what we want. Simply promoting "CHANGE" doesn't get us anywhere in many cases, because change could be in the wrong direction, e.g. less efficient resource utilization and increased suffering. So we need clear goals and measurable metrics for useful change to occur. So what do you want to change and how will you measure the results?
  8. Always creating, though did make it to the beach for this shoot (taken before seeing a single episode of GoT):
  9. AI data mining social media (every gov and NGO with the budget is likely doing this): https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/feb/26/robert-mercer-breitbart-war-on-media-steve-bannon-donald-trump-nigel-farage
  10. That's correct: absolute power corrupts absolutely. History has indeed shown us that, and watch GoT for an entertaining version of it Regarding voting, I think it's probably best if we go back to all paper ballots vs. electronic voting machines. We could also use some kind of statistical and cryptographic methods to sample exit polls or other ways to verify that actual counted votes match exit polls or similar to prevent cheating/rigging. If bitcoin and cryptocurrency are truly safe, similar technology should be possible for secure voting that the public can verify without government involvement. In order to prevent a global collapse, it might make sense to change the system in a major way to prevent a collapse. Meaning not waiting for a voting period. Historically, only a war or civil uprising has been able to effect that level of change. This could be the first time in history that we have a peaceful revolution, and best not to call it a revolution, or resistance etc., rather perhaps something like an Enlightening: have positive targets as goals vs. negative motivators (psychology: toward vs. away from motivators). For example, instead of "NO WAR" use "YES PEACE", because what we think tends to happen, so remove WAR from our thinking. Instead of "LOVE TRUMPS HATE" (political & divisive) replace with "LOVE & KINDNESS". In simple terms, message and think about what you want instead of what you don't want. Regarding the debt, FED, China: it's all FIAT and make believe. We can do whatever we want to fix it: we just have to all agree, just as we do now with our fantasy currency system. Regarding giving politicians more power: we should eliminate all politicians. Instead replace with short term private citizens who monitor the system through actual checks & balances (unlike the current system which is corrupt). Artificial intelligence 'big data' systems along with simulation technologies can do a much better job than our current corrupt system. This reminds me of a quote from a cognitive science course taught by Don Norman when I was at UCSD: "in the future, airplanes will be flown by computers, with a pilot and a dog in the cockpit. The pilot will monitor everything to make sure nothing goes wrong, and the dog will bite the pilot's hand if he touches anything" . This is based on statistics which show that most accidents are caused by human error. So we can apply the same principles to large scale systems such as government of resources and application of labor for infrastructure, etc. Another concept for business in the age of machines / robots / AI is the cessation of competition. Machines and automation will provide plenty of energy, food, and water for everyone. So we can have a totally different society without competition which will really help stop division and bring unity. Alan Watts talked about this back in the 70's*! Think Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. * Alan Watts on automation and money (watch it!):
  11. Trump is playing the role of "predictably unpredictable". This appears to drive MSM and DC crazy, however it all looks like an act: not real. The entire US money and tax systems are a charade, it's time for the Good Guys (everyone who wants to be) to come with up an open, non-secret system that is sustainable, fair, and stable. The challenge is human nature: folks rarely relinquish power unless they have no choice. So perhaps it's possible for the people to come up with a better solution, and then demand the government make the necessary changes (that's how it's supposed to work anyways: government enforcing the will of the people for the people by the people vs. the government enforcing the will of the Rulers on the people via corruption). Most of the issues arise from secret activities and systems so complex nobody can understand what is really going on (like finance & taxes). Thus, extremely simple systems would be more fair and easier to manage and ideally less easily manipulated. Think about rules and regulations as with patent claims: broad simple claims (scope) are much harder to get around vs. many complex claims, and are thus more powerful. If applied to taxes for example, the system would be easier to make fair, vs. the wealthiest being able to get around paying taxes using complex accounting. The FED and IRS need a complete overhaul, ideally completely replaced with something else (that's actually by the people, for the people, and legal!).
  12. Right on @Tim Sewell. I've been asking myself, in the real world, "Where are the good guys? Where are the good guys?" Why aren't they stepping up and doing something? Then the answer came to me: we are the good guys. If we want them to exist, we must become them, and we must unite and step up, stop expecting someone else to do it for us. While the Internet is still open, we have a chance. If lockdown happens, we'll need radios, perhaps even pigeons (Ravens for GoT fans). We are truly living in an information war. Each of us can put out healing information to bring unity and hope. From face to face to social media to books and scripts to music and filmed entertainment. If nuclear war happens and history is a guide, it will start with a false flag. Our thoughts affect reality, instead of thinking about stopping nuclear war, think about a new system of living, how it will work, and how we get there from here. This is the most important problem to be solved in our lifetimes: we should all be working on it.
  13. It does seem pretty convincing, doesn't it? However, strings are pulled from unseen forces; how do we know what's real in Washington, and who is really in control? Follow the money. You have energy and influence, brother, how will you use it, to heal or to divide? If you don't like what is happening in your reality, how will you change it? Can you make these changes by yourself? Divided we are weak; united we are strong.
  14. Let's pick it up where they left it off in the 60's & 70's: We have the knowledge and the tools. We can do it brothers & sisters.
  15. Analytics can help show the way. Something new is needed. Something like Functional Spirituality. That is, spiritual activities which if practiced can show real results: such as meditation, yoga, organic nutrition, and 'right thought'. Acknowledging that there are things in the universe that we don't currently understand. That we can mysteriously heal our bodies and help others heal theirs as well as change the world with our thoughts. Even more so with our actions and communications. Put these ideas into the Zeitgeist: get as many people thinking and talking about it as possible, by every means possible. Documentaries, narratives, poetry, music, live streaming, festivals, film festivals, health services, coaching, nutritional products, etc. I'm thinking of starting a 501(c)(3) non profit organization for specifically this purpose, including local fellowship gatherings, perhaps held in traditional churches in Beverly Hills and/or Hollywood. A buddy is an amazing musician and he already plays in a church- we'd have live music too: fun, educational, with real tools to deal with life, and no preaching.
  16. Absolutely. Here's my first go at creating a documentary along those lines, shot on the Canon 5D Mark III in 2012, created after I faced death and took a completely different view of the world (5 minutes long): "How to Live" was a simplification of many ideas, and upon later reflection is perhaps too preachy as a title. Perhaps better: A Way to Live. The ideas are all based on science: math, physics, biology, and simulations. I now also look into the spiritual side of things, along with a lot more psychology. After watching my documentary, someone recommended I study Alan Watts, and that changed my life too: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=alan+watts As amazing as Alan Watts was in explaining very tricky Zen and Taoist ideas (and more), it was (is) still perhaps too long and too deep for most people to have the patience to watch, listen, and study. To start a viral change in global consciousness, we need very simple, easy to remember ideas that people can easily understand and share with others.
  17. Absolutely we can change the world through education! As well as through creating entertaining content which gets people thinking, without having the ideas preached down their throats. Anyone feel powerful emotions when Darth Vader sacrificed himself to save Luke from the Emperor in Return of the Jedi? Those kinds of scenes are emotionally powerful. So here's the metaphor from Star Wars in 2017: Luke represents the people struggling to reduce oppression from the Ruling Elite (the Emperor). Darth Vader represents people in government/military who rise up and overthrow the Rulers to free the people from oppression and slavery. The same thing Daenerys Targaryen does using dragons in Game of Thrones. Those two examples are direct confrontation. Using the internet we can have a peaceful, more gradual change by walking away from the system; creating a new one that works better and self-protects from the primary issue of corruption: secrecy. Some things are best kept secret, however it's a slippery slope and incredibly dangerous when secrecy expands along with fear generated by those in power. So we can tell powerful stories where the underlying theme is an honorable way to live differently that everyone can follow, driven by spirituality and psychology, without divisive politics or religion (spirituality with divisive politics).
  18. You can call people on BS in a polite way by asking questions or politely stating facts (from your point of view). This can still trigger an NPD response, however with proper moderation the threads won't degenerate into fighting. Think of it like a proper, live moderated debate, or alternatively, all parties making cases in front of a judge, jury, and audience. The judge holds the debate together and if it gets out of hand the bailiffs start removing folks for contempt of court. Or, alternatively put them into a ring and allow them to experience the Rule of the Jungle and see how manners change.
  19. Here's the math again: Bayer sensor resolution * .58 = resolution without aliasing, *.8 = max resolution before extinction of detail. 4096*.58 = 2376 before aliasing starts, then up to 3277 before extinction of detail (and progressive aliasing up to the extinction limit). Just remember those two numbers .58, and .8 (true resolution up to max aliased resolution). To get true 4096 pixels without aliasing, we need 4096/.58 = 7062 Bayer sensor photosites. To guarantee little or no aliasing, the OLPF would cut detail much sooner than the .8 limit, just past the .58 detail level. To get "4K", or 3840, we need 3840/.58 = 6621 (6.6K) photosites.
  20. Brother, I understand the humor, perhaps useful for script ideas? A person with NPD would make for a colorful character, since such a person would deny there is an issue while further exhibiting NPD traits! However, anyone exhibiting NPD traits in the real world might get triggered by a 'funny post' response, so, hope you get the point.
  21. Perhaps all of us at some time in our lives exhibit traits of NPD. Ideally we become aware of them, so we don't exhibit them, in order to get along better with others: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder: It's very important not to label anyone as NPD, narcissist, or exhibiting narcissistic behavior. The act of labeling will trigger their ego and result in reciprocal escalating attacks. Best to kindly ask them to stop the unkind behavior itself, and if they don't respond politely, this is where moderators traditionally step in and perform private warnings, editing or deleting posts (very tricky and must be done carefully), and finally banning users. This is especially challenging as one suffering from NPD traits can go into a rage and 'stop at nothing' until they feel they have been validated. In summary, we do our best to treat everyone with kindness, even people suffering from NPD traits, however it must also be made clear that persistent unkind behavior is not permitted, and there are consequences for their actions. Years ago in a corporate gig, someone found out I had negotiated a better deal than they had (pay and hours). They exhibited NPD traits, and even went on a campaign to get me fired. I was always kind and professional to them, however I did sternly ask them to stop trying to get me fired. A few years later this same person recommended me to a high level management position at Microsoft. So no matter how bad the situation might seem at the time, following the right path of kindness is worth it. And again, kindness is not weakness.
  22. This is exactly what happens in the real world. This thread is fundamentally about control. In the business world, the manager(s) lay down the law for what is acceptable behavior. Folks who never learned how to behave politely are given a chance with warnings. If they don't learn they are fired. Managers and leaders in general must lead by example. If managers can't manage a team in harmony, they are fired. They too are given warnings/encouragement before being let go. In the world of wild dogs and wolves, the alpha male leads the pack. He is dominant on the one hand to maintain order, and at the same time able to provide for the pack. If he is either weak or fails to provide, the wolves will either find another strong leader or attack and kill the weak leader. This is also known as the Law of the Jungle. If you watch any series/movies about ancient times, such as e.g. Game of Thrones, Gladiator, The 300, The Last Samurai, you'll see all the complexities of leading, following, and surviving. Metaphors and parables for what is still happening today. In a quest for equality and an alternative to the Law of the Jungle, we've tried to make things more fair with the Rule of Law, jury by peers, etc. to settle disputes. This requires a fair and balanced legal system as well as law enforcement which is also kind and fair. The system has a fundamental flaw, in that it is adversarial. It can become a game where opposing sides try to out lie the other: all about competition and winning. To improve the system, those who use deception must be sanctioned and/or barred from practice (law enforcement, lawyers, and judges). Empathetic behavior should also carry a reward. Is this forum running on the Rule of the Jungle or the Rule of Law? The algorithm is simple: warn folks who are behaving unprofessionally and/or divisive, privately. If that doesn't work warn them publicly (without pointing out they were already warned privately). If that doesn't work ban or fire them. This applies to everyone, members and moderators. Have empathy for everyone, understanding that there is a major psychological war going on, and many people don't even know they have been programmed. Much of our behavior is unconscious, and many people aren't even aware of what they are doing. When challenged about their behavior, they are still unaware of why they are doing it, and a clever part of the mind programming they have been subject to starts up a powerful ego defense program. We've all seen this behavior with the hordes of social justice warriors (SJWs, doesn't matter which 'side'). If we're to heal the world, we must first educate everyone about what is going on, then work on healing the programmed SJW's (not intended to be a derogatory label). This is similar to dealing with Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD). This label should not be used as a weapon against anyone. This forum also features an "ignore user" option: ignoring narcissistic behavior is also an effective feedback tool for unkind behavior for regular users (mods would still warn privately).
  23. Regarding Trump, Left, Right, etc. it's all theater for division. You can look deeper to see what is really going on:
  24. lol Thank You Canon for not giving the C200 10-bit which would make our C300 II further depreciate
  25. Here is the result of my research this summer, simplified as much as possible: Energy and Information Control in the World Today Flow of Information and Control World Power Our current money is a form of energy accounting. Energy used over time is Power: physics. The world currently runs on the petrodollar: actual energy (oil) and FIAT accounting (Federal Reserve Notes, or FRNs). FIAT is latin for “let it become” and is a kind of IOU. It’s purely an accounting for energy exchange, not based on real tangible assets. Who Rules the World The people who create and control the money supply rule the world: the trillionaire+ Rulers. In the USA it’s the people who control the Federal Reserve (FED), a private banking cartel, which contrary to its name is not under government control. Which means it is not managed by the will of the people of the USA, but rather transnational banking interests. And for every dollar created, we go further into debt and the Rulers become more powerful. The FED creates money out of thin air every time the government borrows money, and in turn every time consumers borrow money from the banks. A major talking point is “reducing the national debt”. However the way the system is currently structured, it’s impossible to pay off the debt. Because of the way the FED makes money on interest for the loans, it’s impossible to pay it off. If the government and consumers stop borrowing money, the system will collapse. The system is entering the terminal stage, meaning that in the near future it will collapse, similar to what happened with the Great Depression, except this time it would happen on a global scale with far greater consequences. Why the USA Seems to be Going Crazy Right Now The USA and it’s allies have the most powerful combined military in the world, by far. If a world war starts, it will provide cover for the Rulers to restructure and create a new monetary system of control while the militaries save us from whatever threat the Rulers have manufactured. While it may seem hard to believe, every major war since the USA was formed was funded by the Rulers. And they funded both sides, including Germany for WWII, and even helping to create communism by supporting Lenin in Russia. The strategy is brilliantly simple: create internal and external division, and fund both sides until they can provide a solution which ends up giving them even more power and control. The Rulers created the terrorism and migrant crises', and now that enough people have realized this, they are concentrating most of their energy in weakening the USA by creating division in any and every way possible. Civil war is clearly one of their goals, as is world war III. They tried with Ukraine and Syria, and now they are focused on North Korea (Iran is still in play as well). The Rulers are brilliantly ruthless. They are lead by psychopaths and sociopaths, who have no mercy or empathy. From a systems power and control analysis, this makes perfect sense that they would rise to the top of power. They can do whatever it takes to win. These same kinds of people also control many top corporations, which are legally ‘individuals’ operating as psychopaths: do whatever it takes to create a profit for the benefit of the shareholders. The reason it appears almost impossible for change to happen in Washington DC, is for two primary reasons. First, the system is completely corrupt, held together by blackmail and bribes. It’s pretty much impossible to prosecute one or a few without the whole system blowing up as pretty much everyone is in on the game. It’s like asking a gang of criminals to prosecute themselves for crimes they have committed: they’ll protect each other and make the case that no crimes have actually been committed. Second, the system is controlled by the Rulers, not the people. The two-party system is a charade. The Rulers understand that millions of people now realize what is going on, and civil unrest is rapidly accelerating. It would appear that marching on DC and demanding change would be a solution. However that could start civil war and marshal law would be declared. This would result in a complete loss of liberty and consolidation of power for the Rulers. They have bunkers all over the world, including some as large as underground cities complete with shopping mails and functioning replacement governments. At least some of them will survive all out global nuclear war and/or biological war based on state of the art targeted bio weapons. The Rulers are a combination of people born into wealth as well as some of the most intelligent people on Earth. They are now using real-time artificial intelligence, operating on social media intelligence gathering, to shape the world view in real-time! They realize that the average person is, by definition, of average intelligence, and historically, large populations haven’t done well to manage themselves or resources without a strong power structure keeping it all together. In their defense, they have a valid point. However, their agenda means to control the population’s behavior, as well as the population's numbers, by any means necessary. Deep down they truly believe they are doing the right thing. While wars are terrible and many have suffered as the result of forced regime changes, overall the world has been more peaceful and prosperous than all of prior recorded history, which has resulted in an unsustainable population explosion. The question for us all, is there a better way? Must we suffer through another global economic disaster if the petrodollar collapses? Must we suffer through a civil or global war in order to facilitate another reset? Crypto currency is seeing massive growth, and people are getting rich from it. While a friend recently boasted of buying a new home from cryptocurrency profits, I suspect crypto may have been developed by the Rulers. Why? Because it was released from a secret source, supposedly from a single person, Satoshi Nakamoto (not a real name). While it’s certainly possible that a single genius developed it and released it anonymously, it’s also possibly the result of a large group of people’s work, as a way to start transitioning away from the petrodollar and providing as-yet-unknown ways of maintaining control of a system which on the surface appears to be fully decentralized. Such a crypto system could contain unseen back doors, especially if NSA level folks worked to help develop it. From a simulation and systems point of view, it would appear that developing many small systems of management and control, which loosely interact to form a larger system, would be a viable ‘better way’. Such as the original idea for the United States. Currently that system doesn’t work, and the Federal government controlled by the Rulers have ultimate authority and control everything, including mainstream media to shape the people’s thoughts through well understood psychology. A peaceful solution would be to walk away from the system. Everyone leave the cities and live in smaller rural communities which are self-sufficient: making their own food, clean water, shelter, and anything else they need to live a good life. By using barter or some other system of energy accounting, no taxes would be paid other than minimal taxes as required by current law for land, etc. The Rulers realize this, and communes in the past which have tried this have been labeled cults and once large enough have been ended by the Rulers. So What can We Do? With a goal of minimizing global suffering, and to promote a good life for as many people as possible, the first step is education. For as many people as possible to understand how the global system currently works, and who’s doing what and why in terms of information exchange. A financial system reset is needed: can we figure out a workable soft reset, so we can prevent war? The difference today vs. the past is the internet is a giant, intelligent being. With the combined intelligence of everyone online, along perhaps with artificial intelligence systems, we should be able to develop a stable, healthy, and sustainable system that has never existed before. For the so-called Age of Aquarius: a new way of living not based on consumption, which is unsustainable on a planetary scale. As media creators, first and foremost our mission in education is healing division. Once we stop taking what’s going on in Washington as a real, functioning system, vs. the Theater for Division, we can collectively focus on what’s necessary to improve the system without collapse. Perhaps this starts with the FED and financial systems, including a restructuring of the tax system. Simplifying and streamlining the system to remove hidden wastes of energy (money) will result in massive improvements for the quality of millions of lives, all over the world. In summary, we the people of Earth must develop a new way of living sustainably, which we can test via artificial intelligence and simulation systems before trying it out on the world. At the same time, these modeling systems can give us real-time feedback in ways never before possible to fine tune the system’s performance to more quickly reach working solutions.
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