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  1. First, try shooting with sharpness turned off (0). Then use a sharpen filter in your NLE. In PPro is "Sharpen", GPU accelerated so runs real-time. I found sharpen 30-48 to look decent (this is a convolution filter: won't cause halos). Performing a histogram equalization in Photoshop shows the 5D3 footage has more information than the GH2 (halos from high levels of sharpening with an Unsharp Mask style filter). Note the fine detail in the limbs (regardless of the halos). Same resolution vs. GH2.
  2. Here's the 5D3 vs. GH2 example with a little bit of post-work on the 5D3 footage. The anti-aliased 5D3 footage can look sharper after editing in post, however the original anti-aliased look, while 'softer', looks more like film than digital. Also note the original 5D3 footage's white balance and color space were way off (including the histogram); I matched it closer to the GH2 image.
  3. Try turning off in-camera sharpening, use IPB mode (it's higher quality than the current I-frame implementation), and sharpen in post with a convolution filter ("Sharpen" in PPro: GPU accelerated). I have analyzed my 5D3 footage and this should produce the highest quality results. Will post example and hopefully a better resolution chart shortly (see charts here: [url=http://www.eoshd.com/comments/index.php/topic,440.0.html#d2]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/index.php/topic,440.0.html#d2[/url]).
  4. Was a quick handheld test, right out of the box with no settings changes. You can print out the test pattern here: [url=http://www.bealecorner.org/red/test-patterns/]http://www.bealecorner.org/red/test-patterns/[/url] (ISO 12233). Canon's internal sharpen filter appears to be some form of Unsharp Mask, hence the halo. When I have more time can try with camera sharpen turned off. PPro's GPU accelerated sharpen is a convolution filter (same filter applied to still photo has no halo). That said, the sharpened video playing back in real-time in PPro looks pretty good: not soft! 8). Try sharpening your footage in post with a convolution style filter with in-camera sharpen turned down/off. At this price point, there's really nothing to compare with the 5D3 right now (if you want to use your Canon lenses and FF, etc.).
  5. Here are the images from Cinema5D if you can't view them. First image is downsampled still (ideal case), second image is 1080p video frame. Both sharpened in PPro @33.
  6. Received a 5D3 this morning: quick resolution test- [url=http://cinema5d.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=39795]http://cinema5d.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=39795[/url]
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