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  1. What impresses me the most about EOSHD is Andrew's transparency and accountability.  The Canon XC10 and the Olympus E-M1 II are two examples where Andrew is transparent enough to change his assessment based on new information.  He tells it like it is with no obligation to pay lip service to the big corporations.  Not getting a GH5 sample to preview can be a good thing, as he is not pressured to heap praise where it is not warranted.

  2. Thanks for the footage Mercer!  While the AF doesn't seem to be as bulletproof as Canon's Dual Pixel, it does seem like an improvement to past DFD implementations.  I'm on the fence between the FZ2500 and the XC10. 

    Does the FZ2500 have Auto ISO with exposure compensation in manual mode?  It seems to be consistently absent from all Panasonic and Olympus cameras, but I was hoping that the addition of ND filters would also introduce Auto ISO.


  3. 4 minutes ago, sgreszcz said:

    Will be interesting to see how the AF works with video and the enhance PD-AF and the C-AF.  Would be good to get something comparable to Canon's AF.

    This will be the tipping point for me in choosing a new m4/3 body.  Panasonic's DFD isn't cutting it for me for run-and-gun scenarios, and I'll likely pass on the GH5 if it doesn't have some sort of PDAF or dual pixel for improved C-AF. 

  4. Hopefully the LX10/15 did not eliminate the need for an LX100 successor by consolidating the LX7 and LX100 lineups.

    Wishlist for an LX200:

    - Articulated touch screen
    - Exposure compensation with Auto ISO in "M" mode
    - Improved color profiles (no magenta cast on lips), Cine-D, v-log


  5. What focus assist tools do you use when using adapted lenses in video mode?  While peaking can be accessed, the NX1/NX500 bodies do not seem to allow an enlarged/magnified view for further fine tuning.  In photo mode, hitting the OK button brings up the enlarged view, but this doesn't seem to be available in video mode, unless I'm missing something.

  6. It is almost as if the entire industry is in collusion, and will not offer new features to dominate the market.  My perfect hybrid of all the manufacturers would include:

    - Full frame and S35
    - Sony's FE/E mount for universal lens adaptability
    - Sony's low light capabilities and DR
    - Touch screen and/or joystick for focus point selection
    - Panasonic's codec efficiency
    - Olympus's IBIS
    - Canon's color science and Dual Pixel AF
    - Canon or Nikon user interface, reliability, and battery life

    So far, most manufacturers offer a mix of about 3 of these items from the list.  The NX1 seems to have checked most.


  7. What bothers me is that every camera system has big limitations. 

    Canon DSLRs gives us: good color science, good reliability, good user interface, touch screens, and stunning Dual Pixel AF.  The drawback is the soft details in the image.

    Sony is the exact opposite.  As much as we chastise Canon (and rightfully so), I do miss the reliability and ease of use of my mushy 70D and 5DII.


  8. 6 hours ago, MuffinDEbutton said:

    So what would you guys prefer for photography? Sony A6300 or Samsung NX1? I know Samsung quit the market, but the APS-C E-mount lenses are just disappointing..I am torn between those two.. Pros NX1: larger body, touchscreen, overall handling, bigger battery. Cons NX1: Samsung is pulling out of the market! Here in Germany it becomes more and more difficult to  get a Samsung lense, no future support or so on. Pros A6300: Maybe AF, little bit better low light performance, there are smart adapters for Canon, Nikon and Sony A-mount lenses, Sony has a future unlike Samsung. Cons A6300: Body/ overall handling, no touchscreen, bad battery life, no pro APS-C E-mount lenses, you are forced to buy the full frame Sony lenses for much higher costs..So what do you think?

    If you needed a body now, I would get an NX1.  It's more of a complete package with longer battery life, good ergonomics, no overheating, great image, etc.  As of today's date, the NX1 gives you a better shooting experience.  Don't worry about an eco-system or an investment.  Cameras are meant to be used, not collected.  Sony's future system upgrade path won't fix the current flaws of the A6300 (i.e. no touchscreen, poor handling, rolling shutter, etc). 

    You can use an NX1 until it dies after the warranty is over, and then maybe look at a A6300 successor.  Sony make some really questionable design decisions, and the A6300's deal breakers are too hard to ignore.

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