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  1. Quite interesting... even at the $299 price point. Question, would it work on a Sankor 16C lens? p.s.: ...and without the need of a diopter??? That would be a steal
  2. I got mines by email as well. It's been told it's the alternative to AE. I tried HF2E when they offered it, and I concur with Andrew, it's really nice. "Also couldn't find a way to apply a LUT." Actually, they have starter pack, I think. http://hitfilm.com/store/hitfilm-3-express as per their Colorist Pack: Give your videos the professional look they deserve with advanced grading tools and support for cinematic LUT files. Learn more… Color vibranceA splash of intensity for your effects, or a vivid color tint for your videos.CurvesThe colorist’s essential tool, providing fine control over brightness and contrast with an intuitive graph interface.Grading TransferInstantly take the look from one video or image and apply it another. Want to replicate the look from your favorite movie? This is how.LUTInstantly create an evocative, distinctive cinematic look. ... Hope that Helps
  3. ​Wow, mercer. I can't wait to see it!
  4. ​ I too been wanting to get the a5100 after having both the Pany GF2 and Canon EOS-M, and heard so much about the XAVS-C codec. Maybe Sony Vegas would do the trick, Resolve - I don't know either.
  5. As with the previous BMD Resolves, will it rely heavily on hardware and graphic cards use for example NVIDIA, to do editing/color correcting?
  6. Quite interesting. I just now found out about it throug the NoFilmSchool site via Facebook. I can only imagine what it's competitors are thinking now (hint: Adobe)... Kinda wish that Resolve can work on my system.
  7. I voted for your project, awaiting confirmation. Bonne chance!
  8. I checked out your short movie and... Wow, you bring forth inspiration to me. I'm a chicken when it comes to being creative, and I too, like to delve in making a movie. Good settings, camerawork, lighting, sound they truly resemble a short movie, and only YOU and the support you have helped made that. Be proud of yourself, better yet like others have said, put your work out on sites like Facebook (also, have you ever heard of Nofilmschool?). Keep up at your craft, and I hope to see/hear more from you.
  9. I have often wondered that Resolve takes only NVIDIA CUDAs (how many cores is anybody's guess), but again, I haven't even delved in their system specs. Yet, they don't even put in the system specs in their Resolve site, but with one their configuration guides, and still I can't put my finger around it. I managed to get Resolve 11 on my computer system (then the OpenCL reliant/need of hight GPU error popped up), let it work on my C drive, logged in, select my project, locate my clip (in ProRES), and like you, BOOM crashed. So, I'm at a crossroads of finding a good editor/grading system. How's Premiere's Color Correcting system -- any good?
  10. I'm trying to upgrade my video graphics card since I'm using Intel HD Graphics and Resolve seems to rebel against it... it's that or it's back to Vegas. Thanks for the input, andrgl.
  11. So, in order to use h.264 files on a Windows machine, it has to be converted to ProRes? Is there a tool that can do that (convert or re-incode to ProRes)?
  12. Interesting. Too bad that they didn't have the sale last year when I bought me a EOS-M (okay guys, go easy on me). Sadly short on funds here, and just cheking the reviews on the make/model and the workflow of it. My question is this - is it true that you can shoot 2K with the BMPCC or is it still 1080p?
  13. I watched it, and was quite impressed by it. Goes to show you that you don't have to go to film school, or be a big shot just to make a movie - short or otherwise. It's done by a short filmmaker... Patrick Boivin (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2281464/?ref_=tt_ov_dr) Cheers!
  14. Wow, I have a Minolta MD 50mm 1.7f lens that a friend gave me with the camera, and had to buy an adapter for my Canon EOS M (the cheaper version mind you), now I find the link that would go with MFT. Thanks.
  15. While discussing about gear and a storyline -- this comes into mind. http://nofilmschool.com/2013/03/oscar-searching-sugar-man-shot-iphone/ Some scenes shot on an iPhone, and won an Oscar for best documentary. Proves that you can create a compelling story and convince an audience, regardless of what tools you use. Just thought I share.
  16. Wow, I hope it can work with the lenses (Panny 14-42mm zoom lens) that I have when I purchased GF2 and since it's a 16MP sensor M43. I would like to get the body for less. Interesting.
  17. I'm curious: is this the actual 1.3/1.5x or the 2x anamorphic prototype?  Is this the actual 2.35:1?  It does have the anamorphic feel down pat; not that much of a flare lover (would be best to tone it down a bit), and quite amazed at the oval bokeh.  Interestic concept
  18. I am wondering the same thing, too.  I have Cineform GoPro Studio and they're out with a new version.  I don't know whether it would be good to use for RAW, but will it give a clean 422 codec on H.264?
  19. ...and I'm been contemplating on getting the Pentax K-01 which takes Pentax lenses and not my Canon EF :(  Ah, choices!
  20. Followed and Bookmarked. Wish I can find one for my Sankor 16
  21. That's what I'm sensing here.  I got this info from my Facebook subscription of Criterion Collection.  Here's the link:   http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n130402.html   Now, this is just Fuji, something to think about since Digital Photography is taking up the reigns (my opinion) of the traditional film.   Any thoughts?
  22. ...and just think, I was planning on getting a Canon and try out their ML, oh well.  I hope this doesn't become a problem.
  23. Have you tried adjusting your anamorphic up 10, 25, 50 to infinity in meters? I have the same design, but it's a Sankor 16f.  With my anamorphic, I had to focus with both the anamorphic lens and the taking lens.  I would suggest that you move the top head of the anamorphic lens which gives you the length of focal distance (you would see the numbers - e.g.: 6, 8, 10) Hope that helps.
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