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    ntblowz reacted to MurtlandPhoto in C70 - first impressions   
    Ummm.. I think you just named the reasons.
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    ntblowz got a reaction from sanveer in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
    Ryzen still offer near 3x performance over M1, could change once native app coming out for M1. 

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    ntblowz reacted to Oliver Daniel in Pro camcorder ergonomics - why are they so rubbish?   
    I agree. 
    I had the EVA1 for 2 years, which I gradually got frustrated with as it had a hideous way of changing the frame rates. The camera would have to reboot and sometimes crashed. Then, the crew would be waiting impatiently to get the next shot. 
    I’m disappointed to see this in the FX6, which is otherwise an excellent entry for Sony.
    I agree with the huge amount of buttons being a pain in the ass. 
    I agree that it’s very silly to rig your camera for the sake of rigging. I like to use it as bare bones as possible. It’s more liberating, speeds up the process and allows more creativity. I don’t give a s*it what the client thinks, I’ll do it my way. 
    The C70 is a massive step in the right direction. For my use, it’s simply the best video camera design I’ve ever experienced. It’s just very quick, nimble and easy to use. It doesn’t reboot when you change to slow motion. You can do it in seconds! Also the sticky out screen bit is fine, and my battery doesn’t stick out. 
    I’d love to see the FX6 in a C70 body! 
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    ntblowz reacted to Oliver Daniel in C70 - first impressions   
    I got the C70 last week as part of CVP’s first batch. 
    Even though I have the A7SIII, I bought it because Canon obviously read a post on this forum about what my “perfect camera” looks like. So I just had to. I sold my EVA1. 
    I put it in the deep end straight away on 2 professional shoots for fitness brands. The videos aren’t finished so can’t share any footage yet! 
    My impressions: 
    1. Body design is fantastic. Lovely in the hand and a joy to operate. Feels cheaper than other C-series for sure but still premium. Well built and easy to use. Very light too! 
    2. The screen is flimsy and should be more robust. 
    3. The joystick is drunk. You want to go left, but it goes up etc. Not sure if this is a “getting used to it” kinda thing, but it’s unusually tricky to get the hang of. 
    4. Record button is also a bit stubborn. You have to press that thing very well to get it to record or stop. 
    5. Quick touch screen menu is amazing. There’s no need to reboot the camera to change frame rates and codec like I did on the EVA1.
    6. DIS is decent! Doesn’t feel overly robotic like other IBIS systems. But there’s a slight crop. 
    7. DPAF with the Sigma 18-35mm is pretty good. My Sigma 50mm hunted quite a bit though. 
    8. It has no tracking like the A7S3, only for faces. Seems the face tracking is disabled in 4k100fps. 
    9. Footage in all modes is crisp and clean. Not overly sharp, but detailed.  It looks a bit more organic than the A7S3, which is clinical without a Promist. Noticed the A7S3 is a bit more contrasty in SLOG3 than CLOG3. The C70 has an edge in the shadows. 
    10. You can use a V60 in 4k100fps but comes up with a warning  that it won’t work. It does, but sometimes cuts off due to a full buffer. Not often though. I’d still get a V90. 
    11. H265 footage plays back better than the A7S3 on my 2025 iMac. Still a sludge though.
    12. Footage can be easily matched to the A7S3. Took me about a minute. Amazing how much Sony have improved it. 
    In conclusion, I had a good first experience and I’m looking forward to the next shoot. I currently prefer the A7S3 but it’s too early to decide that really. Both are great and can be used together very seamlessly due to the Sony’s improved colour and codecs. 

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    ntblowz got a reaction from zerocool22 in R5 media thread: SD, CFexpress, SSD alternative   
    BTW so far only Samsung 970 EVO Plus works without problem, 960 Pro stopped recording in 4 min on 8k Raw.
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    ntblowz got a reaction from tupp in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
    Need desktop Ryzen to edit HEVC 4:2:2 smooth, 5950x can handle 3 stream of h.265 4k60p real time smooth, but then no laptop have the power of that.
    I m curious to see the difference between 8gb and 16gb for a bit bigger projects.
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    ntblowz got a reaction from tupp in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
    Thermal throttle is no fun though, unless you edit super fast
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    ntblowz got a reaction from tupp in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
    The current videos out so far is only doing simple layer edit, once you put multiple layer/lut etc the throttle will be more obvious
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    ntblowz got a reaction from Xavier Plagaro Mussard in Apple M1 - my take on it   
    Lol very similar to this graph just down below on that article 

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    ntblowz reacted to Video Hummus in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
    More RAM always better if you can afford it. Looking like 13in MBP with 16GB is my next laptop. I have an R5 coming and all the heavy lifting I would do on my computer is video editing...so I’d rather pay $1,500 for a MBP then $4,000 for a fully spec out intel Mac and not be able to edit my footage smoothly without time-consuming transcoding.
    No background rendering required with any R5 footage in FCP on M1 Macs, even with correction and a LUT applied. Pretty amazing.
    Now they just need to update FCP with enhanced features like tracking and facial recognition and tracking to keep it competitive with resolve and premier.
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    ntblowz reacted to Video Hummus in Apple M1 crushes Intel – benchmark results   
    For the FCP video editors out there:
    4K 10-bit 4:2:2 HEVC from R5 with insane bitrates...not a problem
    4K 60p 10-bit 4:2:2 HEVC with several corrections and a LUT applied....not a problem.
    Very impressive considering his $15,000 Mac Pro can’t do it.
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    ntblowz reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony FX6 is here   
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    ntblowz reacted to Mark Romero 2 in FX6 teased by Sony. Announcement coming?   
    Watched the gerald undone review of the FX6 this morning.
    Kind of confused that 4K Long GOP is only in 8-bit, and you would need to shoot in All-I for 10-bit 4K
    Lack of even a 3.5mm mic jack on the body itself means if you take the top handle off to fly on a gimbal, you won't have any audio (except for tiny mic built in to body) is also a bummer. 
    Phillip Bloom seemed pretty distraught over the handling.
    Dynamic range the same as a7S III???
    Seems like for a lot of people the a7S III might be a better fit...
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    ntblowz got a reaction from Emanuel in Best system to invest in for videography?   
    At this current pandemic it's kinda dumb to invest huge money for wedding business 
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    ntblowz reacted to IronFilm in FX6 teased by Sony. Announcement coming?   
    Rumored specs:
    Cool specs, but can it run Crysis?
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    ntblowz reacted to Video Hummus in Apple M1 - my take on it   
    Very good read about intel and Apple and the new silicon in macs.

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    ntblowz reacted to Neumann Films in The Dark Side of B-Roll   
    I'm here if you need to talk.
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    ntblowz reacted to IronFilm in Canon R5 or Sony a7SIII?   
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    ntblowz got a reaction from IronFilm in Best system to invest in for videography?   
    At this current pandemic it's kinda dumb to invest huge money for wedding business 
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    ntblowz reacted to Elias in Apple M1 - my take on it   
    Actually, a correction: ARM is not making these chips for Apple. ARM actually doesn't make chips at all, they license their designs in two distinct ways.
    The first way is licensing a full design of an actual chip, so all someone like HTC or LG has to do is pay the licensing rights, send the design to a Fab (where chips are built) and they are done.
    The second (and much less common way) is that they license what's called an "ISA" (Instruction Set Architecture), which is basically (to put it simply) the words/instructions that the "language" of an ARM architecture speaks, and then someone like Apple can license this ISA and then design and implement its own chips designs *from scratch* implementing the ISA, and this is where things get interesting as Apple has world-class leading-edge engineers designing from ground zero its own chips. So although Apple's chips are "ARM-based", they are not the generic chips most other manufacturers buy, and this is where Apple shines. A great thing about this approach (which as you can imagine, is very expensive) is that Apple can modify the chip as fit, and add all the extra circuitry to it to optimize it for specific things (like macOS acceleration, encryption in real-time, video encoding and decoding, Machine Learning, etc).
    Bottom line: Even if you try to compare two ARM-derived chips running at the same frequency between say a generic Android device and an Apple-designed one, it is highly-likely that Apple's chips will be more efficient in real-world terms.
    For those interested in this topic I wrote a lengthly article about Apple Silicon. I offer below the original link (in Spanish) and the Google-translated version of it in english (the translation is surprisingly good):
    Hope that explains a bit what's going on here (as a Microprocessor Engineer and Computer Scientist I know a bit about these things and the industry as a whole, and love to share my knowledge in layman terms).
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    ntblowz reacted to gt3rs in Canon EOS R5/R6 user experience   
    I got my R5 10 days ago and did many tests and then did 3 photo shootings and 1 photo + video, here my observation so far:
    Regarding the photo part is simply the best camera I had so far, very good resolution, AF, FPS, very quick in all the operations. The EVF is quite good but could be even better in term of color representation there is quite a bit difference between the EVF and the LCD. EVF with a bit more res would also be good. The 1DX III is still better in initial AF acquisition, panning fast and balance with big lenses as with the 200-400 is not that great with the R5 probably a battery grip would help. For the rest the R5 is better.
    Need to do a side by side scaled down at 20mpix on high iso to see if there is an advantage on the 1Dx there. On 1-1 pixel noise is better on the 1Dx but equalized not sure the difference is so big.
    On the video side 8K RAW is just incredible and a tad better than 5.5K 1DX RAW, good RS, good DR and great sharpness. 8K RAW is easier to edit in Resolve than 4k h265 10 bit… form factor is great and for gimbal is perfect with the swivel lcd. VND adapter is just so much more practical that front screw ND and VND. Not telling something new here. AF is also great, animal AF is ok with horses but not great did not test with other animals yet.
    Did test on the Ronin S with IBIS on and off and definitely with on is better still sometimes I have the impression is fighting a bit against each other but need to test more.
    Strangely the wifi live view on the R5 there is way less latency and more fps than the 1Dx III, the app is the same but is much more usable.  1Dx is basically unusable.
    For the photo plus video I did ca. 45 min of pictures (380 frames taken) and then switched to video and did capture around 18 min of 8K RAW in the remaining 1h in 1-5 min takes. Had to change the battery almost at the end and no sign of overheating but condition were ideal 12 c°. I did not turn off the camera between takes but I had the LCD timeout set at 1min.
    Things that they should improve via firmware:
    The resolution/framerate menu I thought it was better than the 1Dx but actually is bad as if you have on or off the high quality mode it blocks out thing. Why on earth I cannot move from 8k RAW to 4K HQ directly there. The 120fps should also be there and not a separate menu. Zebras and peaking cannot be active at the same time Zebras are not available in 8K RAW with Log on, it is with Log off Histogram while recording would be good but still is not for Canon, even better vectorscopes Clog 2 & 3 as promised Cinema RAW Light as promised (here I expect 20-30% size reduction) H265 10bit 4:2:0 or XF-AVC for easier editing HFR should be with audio and not already conformed to 25 or 30 fps You should be able to assign the audio gain to one of the settings wheels, really annoying that you need to press q, press the audio chart and then you can use the wheel. Improve further the overheating issue  
    Things that could be better but not fixable via firmware :
    No overheating at all Bigger LCD Even less latency and more fps over wifi I would prefer a dedicated switch for video/photo, only button that you can assign for quick switch is the m-fn VND Adapter should have a way to lock the wheel it is a bit too easy to bump on it Full or at least mini hdmi instead of micro one I would prefer dual CFexpress but I get why they put and SD instead  
    Some frames grab

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    ntblowz reacted to BTM_Pix in Development Update - AFX Focus Module For PBC   
    I'm not sure how many people will either so the primary purpose of a lot of the static stuff is to illustrate speed and accuracy.
    From a low level system point of view, the sensor doesn't differentiate as it is always in continuous feed mode to the processor which then acts on it based on the current mode and settings that the user has active.
    The target motor positioning is fast enough to cope with big distance changes but also extremely accurate in terms of repeatability to deal with smaller movements.
    More videos soon though as its easier to show than tell !
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    ntblowz reacted to Oliver Daniel in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    Just had it powered up and walking round the house filming absolutely nothing. 
    - Easy to use and setup. Menu’s are well organised. 
    - The touch function to change settings like frame rates is incredible. I hated this on the EVA1. It felt like an eternity! This is super fast. 
    - Digital IS is actually very impressive! On my Sigma 18-35 it was very steady. 
    - DPAF works well with the standard EF adapter and my Sigma. Not quite as snappy as my Sony A7SIII does wish native glass but very, very usable. Only bad thing is it makes quite a bit of noise when changing focus. I can’t afford RF yet. 
    - Sometimes like you get with IBIS, with DIS the image doesn’t feel robotic. Looks natural. 
    - Some of the buttons are hard to reach with your right hand on the grip. Maybe I’ll loosen the strap more. 
    - The joystick takes some getting used to. I keep making navigation mistakes. 
    - With an EF lens like Sigma 18-35, somehow I felt the focus ring was too far for me to reach when hand holding. I think this is just that I’m used to other cameras, and this form factor is new so I just need to adjust. 
    - More pleasurable time hold than the A7SIII, however I’m still stunned what that tiny body can do! 
    - Camera doesn’t feel heavy at all with lens and battery. They’ve done a great job. 
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    ntblowz reacted to Oliver Daniel in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    It’s arrived. Just charging batteries but first impressions of the body...
    - Great form factor, makes total sense although could be nice to have a compact EVF somewhere. 
    - It’s much more lightweight than I thought. Doesn’t feel that much heavier than the A7SIII. 
    - Body is solid, but the material is definitely a bit more budget than other C-series. 
    - LCD is larger than I thought, although it’s on the flimsy side. 
    - Button layout is great. Everything is there although the “media” button is almost impossible to press with your right hand on the grip. 
    - The top handle is neat however the texture feels weird. Others might not mind, but I think I’ll have to wrap some extra material round it, haha. 
    In conclusion, Canon have stripped back the premium feel a little to give us a camera with great features at a great price point. The form factor makes sense and they’ve done a great job of fusing these bodies together. 
    Now, let’s see how it does on the field. 

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    ntblowz got a reaction from Video Hummus in Apple M1 - my take on it   
    The current M1 only top 16gb ram,  I think there there will be M1X with more core and expandable Ram slot for 16inch Mbp/mac pro/imac pro
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