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    I remember the panic about the GH3 when it first came out and everyone was over analyzing and despairing over what few images we were given, like it was the zapruder film. I think patience, for this one time, is deserved for BMD.
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    Opus - A GH3 Anamorphic Short

    I've always known the GH3 packed a great punch in its IQ since I saw how much the latitude in the shadows improved over the GH2. It was my first sign that this little beast mixed with the right glass could produce amazing images and finally, having the time to create something for the art of filmmaking, decided to dive into the world of anamorphic and create something that I hope you all enjoy!   https://vimeo.com/71554911   All the technical details are in an article linked on the Vimeo page.   Used the Isco Ultra Star 2x anamorphic lens 
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    More great BMPCC footage...

    This might be the most boring video on the internet. I really wish they would give the camera to someone who would put it through its paces
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    Fake anamorphic.

    Great news, I may have to start saving for a isco optimized kit of these. The graded footage is a massive improvement, definitely very deliverance-ey.  I have an obsession with films from this era(badlands, the graduate, mean streets etc),  they were the peak aesthetically in my eyes.   My current attempts to reproduce this look are shooting hacked low contrast gh2, russian glass, isco 36, filmconvert for grain/filmstock. Definitely getting there, but I prefer the image produced by my KOWA over the isco, unfortunately it is pretty un-usable in real shooting conditions for obvious reasons. Some DSO primes might be just the ticket as it would push the bokeh to 2+.
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    Fake anamorphic.

    Absolutely bloody superb mate, love the low contrast and the bokeh is spectacular.... actor looks like he's crapped himself when he walks though :P   This is just the kind of aesthetic I've tried achieve with less success, looks almost like 70's celluloid. So creamy, but with bold skin tones.   I heard rumor you might make a suite of lens sizes eventually? is technically possible to do this process to other russian glass like jupiter 9, mir24, mir10a? I'd love to use these for narrative stuff, a kit would be my dream come true.   Awesome stuff!!!
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    These are rear anamorphics - so no ovular bokeh/streaks etc.   The new Zeiss Anas are front style, so they will have the typical looks, but the Angie zooms are also rear ana elements.   Essentially, new Anas with front elements are Zeiss primes only, followed by Hawks and (obviously) Panavision.
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    And sensor size (for S16mm lenses) and compressed raw. Two very important features!
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    Good DR, colour etc. The highlights are hard clipped like a Canon EOS though. I miss the C300/Alexa soft rolloff! It's cheap though, so hey ho!   Reason 6 here is where it falls down. It wins in many other ways though. http://nofilmschool.com/2013/05/1080p-better-4k-canon-c100-ryan-e-walters/   Where did this awful form factor come from though?  It should be a tube like a camcorder.   It's not a stills camera, but they designed a stills body. Definitely not Apple style innovation, despite the aluminium.
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    Axel, I was talking about the BMCC, not the pocket camera in response to Kays.   As for the Pocket Camera, In the test footage we got yesterday, there was a huge difference in brightness between the highlights and the shadows. As I mentioned earlier, it's almost as if it was intentionally done that way. Even with film type DR you would have trouble not clipping or crushing, no?   I doubt JB has a ton of experience with the camera and I doubt he is using a monitor with a waveform, so some hit and miss is forgivable.    This is ironic, more than a year ago i was getting flamed on this site for smack talking Brawley's handling of the BMCC. 
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    on the top of it. hahahahah
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    I always enjoy reading Peederj's analysis. Sort of the Andy Kauffman approach but I think it is brilliant in its dogged persistence.
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      This has been my experience with the BMCC actually. Image looks great as long as one is very mindful of the highlights, because once they go, they really go and look very noticeable even to a non-video person.
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      This is how Panasonic presentered it. The sensor tech is derived from the GH2/G6 but improved. I'm not sure if they meant it performs better than the GH3 by placing it higher on the graph. I don't think it does. The Sony sensor in the GH3 is quite a bit better than the Panasonic one if you measure the raw image quality.   I'm getting a GX7 test sample tomorrow so I'll check things out and set it up next to the G6. I expect similair video performance, but this binning talk is interesting.
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