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  2. Beer cheese or go home. Big slice of Onion with it. Put hair on your chest. Any cheese that smells like Baby Shit is the way to go.
  3. I probably never will own one either. You won't either, you are too cheap. They will have to depend on Sony, and so Sony Always knows what they are up to. They are just too small of a company. Sony, Canon and Panny have been making Pro level stuff too long for them to catch up. Plus they have no upward path to go to. So if you get serious into them then what, you buy a Sony? Silly stuff. Dead end company on the video side as far as I am concerned. I can see Fuji taking over their #2 spot, Sony also. Then it will get hairy, real hairy as Nikon has no other real big time business to fall back on. A couple of Missteps and they are done. Somebody is going to bit the dust with all these company's into FF. I would put my Money on Nikon loosing. The photo side is dead for all of them. Smartphones are eating in their ass more everyday. Nobody even prints anymore, why do you need a 41mp camera?
  4. I am partial to a simple cheddar, reasonably mild. Not real into soft cheeses or really strong flavour ones. OFF Topic, I used to use the plastic wrappers from individually wrapped cheese slices, folded and or shaped on my camera flash as light diffusers/modifiers and had fun experimenting with how many folds/layers I needed (the cheese with them was mostly crap though).
  5. noone

    Race to the bottom

    Actually, using copyrighted music like that without paying for a licence would STILL be a crime in many jurisdictions, it just means since it isn't going online, it would be much less likely for the copyright owner to know they were being ripped off. If that is fine with people, ok, but then I would hope people who do that are also happy for their photos and videos to be used in a similar way.
  6. Geoff CB


    Another video test of the Tamron 45mm 1.8
  7. Today
  8. If you grade straight out of camera on the Z6 you'll get crushed blacks and that's true with anything. Your iPhone would look like dog poo if you shot that scene. Not sure what the Z6 did too you but we can set up a hotline or goFundMe if you want. The Z6 is not perfect but it delivers on quality and the GH5 little 4/3 compressed video loss like a toy compared to this.
  9. Oh hell just about anything kills the AF100 now, but it is a learning tool. A way to experiment on the cheap. It is a camera you can take some pride on as saying You got great footage of it, not a camera on Auto everything. Cine Like D on it is not as shabby as you would think. It is just not so hot on highlight roll off. And a GH5 will just flat kick your Z6's ass on a job. The Nikon is a half ass first attempt, not surprisingly. The GH5 is a polished, finished camera. There is not a F ing way in hell you are going to use the Z6 on a high pressure high paying job and pull if off. It is lacking too much stuff you Need to have. Not going to see any crushed blacks on that video because you are not shooting anything that is black or really low light. My iPhone could shoot that scene. But her hair was spot on exposure wise I will give you that. Looked great. Any camera made today can cover Rec.709.
  10. fascinating yes, the ipad's "file system", or the lack thereof, amazes me in many ways, but i have to think its going to be "improved" because osx has become SO much more like mac os in recent years. the irony is that in doing so it has become SUPER complex compared to its origin, with all kinds of gestures and options, and i LIKE those things, but as an ex appl store employee i can tell ya that all that stuff makes ios way too hard for grandma... so i think that osx is headed for something of an overhaul... if it were kind of rebuilt from the ground up that would be amazing, but that refresh might come in another 5-10 years ๐Ÿ˜‚ or never ๐Ÿ˜‚ soooo many ppl use one, thats why im trying to embrace it~! making an actual pro level *thing* on my ipad recently was... kind of astonishing. i was like ๐Ÿ˜ณ ...but its so thin and portable~! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. see, im learning something here already sounds delightful! will try i was thinking abt it and i cant remember meeting a cheese that ive really disliked. dunno how much i would fuk with blue cheeses that are rlly BLUE, with like, a lot of mold? kinda scared by that but i like blue cheese dressing ๐Ÿค” ill have to try that Roquefort, @Snowfun, yolo anyway, in no order whatsoever, i enjoy a sharp cheddar, a white cheddar, american cheeses, jack, jalepeno jack, muenster, provolone, a good fresh motz, hmmm, lets see... any kind of melted cheese... damn, come to think of it, ive never had fondue before~! how dumb i should hit that up... my favorite cheese HAS to be brie... some red wine and brie and crackers is prolly my favorite desert after a good dinner. or it could just be dinner lol. (do you guys say supper?) my latest discovery is port salut, which i would highly recommend
  12. You mean this test by the same guy? Looks like the Z6 and S1 look very close to the same to me except the S1 has CRSUHED BLACKS on the guys shirt. Other then that the look the same. And who shoots at 204,800? And we are waiting for footage that shows the S1 kills the Z6 in image quality. Are you trolling us? Which one is the half assed hybrid? The GH5? It couldn't be that one because still images aren't even Canon Ti3 / K-Mart level. You crack me up with the Panasonic AF100 comment because the Z6 destroys that ancient camcorder. But I know it takes time to forget about those great camcorders and how many we bought back in the day. Lol No comments on the video? crushed blacks or anything?
  13. Great work on this. Also a interesting discovery about OLED Color
  14. Going to make a wild guess today for when the "Scorpio Micro" will happen, am thinking: late 2020 or earlier it will ship! (fingers crossed) Sound Devices was impressive in pushing out heaps of MixPre recorders quickly. But if we ignore the M variants, as they're just "small" differences, then they had three: 3 / 6 / 10T. The last of them was the MixPre10T, which has a roughly year and half gap between the 10T shipping and when Scorpio will ship. Thus if we figure out a similar product development cycle for the next big release then this will come in late 2020, which is roughly a year and half from now. However hopefully the product development for a "Scorpio Micro" will be faster than making the Scorpio from scratch (which is totally different to the MixPre10T which came just before it!), so maaaaaybe we can see a Scorpio Micro at NAB 2020? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. Yesterday
  16. Filmed this yesterday: Some thoughts: It's both a camera test but also a real video - if you're going to go through the whole process then why not get a nice memento out of it I've realised that I'm comfortable with the point-my-camera-at-things style of film-making, but my videos are about my family so should also include me, so this is a test to try and get better at that This was shot with my positively geriatric GoPro Hero3 and was kind of a test at using it as a selfie camera It's shaky as hell, and if you apply strong stabilisation in post it becomes wobble-vision.. I plan to replace it with the Sony action camera which has OIS It was convenient, small, and easy to get a variety of shots with, so I think the form-factor is good 2.7k mode isn't great, the Sony in 4K would be much improved
  17. I have a WD wireless pro. The wifi transfer speed I find too slow (about 2MB/s) to be of much practical use (my A7r3 wireless transfer is faster.) The ipad's 'file system' (and usb-c port) are so badly crippled, even the ipad pro isnt really usuable for content creation except at a pinch. Its a shame because LR mobile has come a long way and Lumafusion is pretty good (and as many have pointed out incredibly fast.) The ipad is still the best content consumption device out there.
  18. kye

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I think I might. After watching that video and working out it'll be months before we see the full release. Plus I shot a short video yesterday and that was quite fun, so I have a bit more energy for editing again I think
  19. kye

    Good oldie 5D Mark II

    Oh, interesting. How do you.... oh, hang on. I look forward with anticipation of the official launch of your new YT channel... CatRidesMan ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
  20. He can't use the flat profile (or EOSHD's Z-log), because he doesn't have a Z6
  21. The GH5 promised 400mbps and everyone had just jumped on that train and when it came out you had ZERO upgrade in picture quality or data being recorded. Poor ass AF on every level and bad low light processing. As an investment no-way would I go with the GH5 over the Nikon Z6 for 100 reasons. You can't spec your way out of compressed video, poor frame stutter on panning or moving subjects. I want the best image quality as the foundation of my video camera. Nikon has better color, better color in shadows and full frame sensor readout and 12 bit beautiful RAW. As any professional if they use an external recorder monitor like the Atomos. The P4K seems like a great camera and great investment. If the GH5 was as great as you think then the GH5s would never have been released and no need for the Lumix S1. The S1 is a better camera for video then the GH5. And I know GH5 owners won't like that comment but it's true. The roadmap for 2019 has been reset and the GH5 is not as relevant as you want it to be. You are correct. The Atomos is supposed to bridge the gap for videographers with it's features and I am not worried about what Nikon left out.
  22. I know quite a few artist friends that are using tablets for drawing / illustration now. I think you can do some light video editing on the latest iPad, too. Like videos under 10 minutes. I know my buddy that works for the local CBS affiliate was looking into it very recently. I know a writer that uses a cheap Windows 10 tablet and Bluetooth keyboard to write instead of a laptop now. To me, I say use whatever gets the job done. If you can do your work on an iPad or tablet, right on!
  23. What are you talking about? I own the Z6 and the X-T3 and while I prefer the Eterna profile for video, the Z6 has incredible colors, much better than any Sony Iโ€™ve ever used and owned. And stop bitching all over the thread about the โ€œcrushed blacksโ€ on the Z6 - use flat profile or me Reidโ€™s z-log or dial it in using Nikons own software and I can promise you the DR is at least as good as in the d750, which I also used to own. That said the z6 unfortunately lacks some incredibly useful features when it comes to video, but good color or wide DR, it has it in spades.
  24. Yes, seems like this once again falls into the category of "best in class for the price" if you're buying new. However if you're willing to spend significantly more or spend a lot of time hunting for secondhand deals (just purchased another Lectrosonics LMa today!) then you've got lots of better options.
  25. Yeah, I've shot in bright sunlight so need a lot of ND. It's there so IR Cut or that SLR Magic IE filter.
  26. Surprised you say this about the Z6 and S1 as they S1 totally kills the Z6 image quality wise. Then there's the high-ISO performance where the Z6 isn't even remotely close, as in around 2 stops worse and still inferior image quality. Watche from 2:37, it's night and day between them and there's no resemblance at all.
  27. Ive never noticed any in my footage but I could be missing it.
  28. Smoke and mirrors?! GH5 is still the most dependable video tool for the price. You do not even have a light meter on the Z (as I learned recently!). How "was a great jump in technology at the time" when noone else can compete internally? ..and there is always the P4K..
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