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  2. I see China as a fair player, they've just learned the rules of market economy better than the rest of the world... LOL : -)
  3. Oh I don't doubt America has a Huge influence on what happens all around the world. But being an armchair quarterback is pretty easy looking back. And sure who would not give Clinton credit for a pretty smooth 8 years other than his impeachment stuff and, No I didn't have sex thing lol. He did sort of like women a bit too much. 😵 I am kind of a Trump fan as to the shaking up Washington, but he does do some dumb stuff. But I think his main goals have legs to stand on. Past Presidents have just pushed stuff aside and let it all get out of hand. If this Global thing is going to work it Has to be fair to everyone. I am sorry but China is really not playing by the rules. I don't care if they are or want to be number 1, just treat countries with respect and not try and exploit every little move they can get away with. We all have the same dreams and goals. Why try to screw each other now that the world has shrunk down to the size of a basketball in terms of the speed and time it takes to contact, and go nearly anywhere in a few hours, or in nano seconds on the internet.
  4. You could test an App on it, at the store. I have tried that with a few devices.
  5. eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and photo / video related Facebook groups. It's not really difficult to find a buyer, if your asking price is reasonable.
  6. Despite my disdain for the Portuguese Prime Minister of the previous years to that period, responding nowadays in Courts to the most severe accusations of bribery, corruption, money laundering and tax evasion (the main investigator is one of my childhood's best friends BTW), his crazy debt illness also found grounds from the most terrible economic crisis in US and its international turmoil since World War II with higher interest rates to put his national debt on red. What affects America, affects the world. Perhaps U.S. President should be elected for a wider population in fact. Clinton's: "economic growth (around 4% annually) and record job creation (22.7 million)" This is real world. E : -)
  7. BTW, while we're on the topic, where do you guys sell your used filters? I have a few Tiffens, Hoyas and SLR Magic VNDs that aren't being used. I wasn't sure if there's a market for them?
  8. He who is without sin as they say. That mess happened all around the world. Portugal was in big trouble all the way back in 2001. It was a Global Crisis. Plenty blame to go around. It's always all about the money, or the lack of there in. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010–14_Portuguese_financial_crisis
  9. Looks great! Dig the lighting. I think you desqueezed it too much, though. Original: At 86% width:
  10. Honestly, I think you’re splitting hairs. I’d go with the K&F of that lot for the hard stops. I really like my cheap Bower Variable NDs... hard stops, neutral color... based off the default numbers in Resolve’s Raw Panel, it’ll be within 100 Kelvin with WB and less than 1 with Tint from my target, they’re less than 30 bucks a piece, 2 to 8 stops of ND, they do soften the image a touch but I’d say it’s more like a digital diffusion. I also have two B+W Vario NDs at my two most common filter diameters and they’re equally neutral as the Bower but do not soften the image as much... but they’re only 1-5 stops. I’ve also heard good things about the Simmod Variable ND. If I decide I want a sharper ND than my Bower, for my 77mm filter thread lenses, I may give it a try, but for now, the cheapie works fine. But I can attest to Simmod as a company, they do really nice work and are very pleasant to deal with.
  11. Really pretty damn good. I like it a lot. Good song also.
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  13. Shot in two days, with the Panasonic GH5, Viltrox EF-2, Helios 44M/Canon 85mm, Isco Ultra Star, Rapido FVD 16A » [yt is not allowing me to embed the video] What do you think?
  14. I'd love to, but its price really puts me off. 170GBP? Wow. Some people recommend getting SIMMOD. It's a bit cheaper than SLR Magic, too. But I think I'm done with what I already have.
  15. I think you should try the SLR Magic VND. It maintains decent sharpness and only a slightly warm color cast, which can be corrected if you put their Image Enhancer in front of it.
  16. Real world?! LOL Indeed! To begin with yourself... Speaking of devil, that year of 2000 was the last year of Clinton and the following result of his administration. Remarkable for America and the world translated in numbers BTW, let's be fair... "Clinton presided over the longest period of peacetime economic expansion in American history" (not my words now, google it ; ) People had the luxury to focus on sexual affairs then (not anymore) go figure! : D I guess this tells a bit on those golden times... While 2009, Obama's response to the crisis opened with the real estate bubble of previous years (let's not mention who was in charge for a couple of reasons being free market one of them but also those red bars during the period of war) + the Lehman Brothers crash. https://www.investopedia.com/features/crashes/crashes9.asp Man, seems just a few people over here must learn a bit of Economics and History! ; -)
  17. Each of them do! Finally, I can do it in a daylight, too. No more creeping in shadows, like a vampyr. Though, yeah - very good point. It's quite silly to stick to these technicals.. Go ahead! I'm glad I could help. IMHO, it's the best choice. The only thing I don't truly like is its range. I wish it could go further than 4 stops.
  18. This one comes with both Snapdragon 855 and Sony IMX586... Any idea on Meizu devices? Any takers?
  19. Man you are working hard to paint a grim picture.. but meanwhile back in the real world, even the anti-Trump media has to admit things are looking up: Washington Post CNN (aka: Clinton News Network) NBC Deal with it!
  20. All those are budget NDs that do well. K&F is probably a better choice but it can have nasty flaring (as do all of these) and vignetting in shots of the sky. If your custom WB balancing then color cast wont be a problem with any of them. I’m thinking of getting a K&F for now. I like the PolarPro variable ND but the price...ouch.
  21. great minds think alike it seems. i have some zomei filters and k&h adapters i just received a pack of nd and graduated filters with a raider brand name. i figure for $20 if their absolute crap it wont be a big deal. Wont get a chance to use them before thursday, If you dont mind i can drop a few photos in this thread for comparison
  22. buggz

    Sports videography

    So, if I want a remote controlled focus, zoom, pan, tilt, rotate, video recorder, wouldn't I be better off with some kind of camcorder instead of a DSLR? I currently have a GH5. I have no clue as to what to look for in camcorders, as I've never followed those devices...
  23. If you want to use primes handheld definitely get the XH1. I am happy using the 18-55 when I need stabilization, the OIS is pretty amazing, better than GH5 IBIS imho. That or you can use Canon OIS primes with an adapter, but than your auto focus will suck. The XH1 continuous auto focus isn't near as usable as the XT3. The XT3 has reached the point of it being pretty darn good for many situations. XH1 is still usable but definitely less reliable and more limiting.
  24. I'll stick to my XT3. Most people getting into photography/video now will be buying mirrorless. Canon and Nikon are really just beginning to take mirrorless seriously. I think once they release some really good bodies in the next year things will really rapidly change. The EOS R and Nikon Z were just the start.
  25. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    ok i know your all been waiting with bated breath. Picked up the anamorphic mount this morning the first couple of pics show the old projector mount. I had the old positioning arm machined off and one additional 3mm grub screw machined into the bottom of the mount and three bolts machined through the anamorphic lens leg holder into the old mount. The bolt pattern was offset about 30 degrees to stop bolts from hitting the grub screws. the first time i fitted it together the anamorphic and bmp4k, i had a real issue with alignment. The bmp4k was not parallel to the smallrig. It was leaning backwoods quite noticeably. I then tried the canon 60d and it was closer to parallel. I then pulled it all apart upon inspection the cheap quick release tripod rocks a little when placed on a table top so that might be my problem. I did turn the tripod release around and now its alot closer to parallel close enough for me to play with anyway. there's also an issue with the bmp4k spinning a little on the quick release, i put it down to the small contact suface of the quick release and the bmp4k base plate has a recessed area with a high ridges around the edge. Its not a major issue, so far its kinda my only gripe with the camera and as gripes go in the overall scheme of things its a pretty small one The bmp4k has one small hole each side of the socket. i'm willing to bet good money that any accessory that bm brings out has prongs on it that slot into those holes next to the tripod socket and prevent any slippage. Because i plan on shooting anamorphic, once i get a threaded connection between the anamorphic and the taking lens, i think the camera twisting issue will go away. i did get a couple of quick backyard shots late in the day. First thing i notice with the canon connected to the anamorphic was that i get the confirm beep and focus mark regardless of whether its actually focused or not, which i found rather intriguing. I guess its the anamorphic optics confusing the camera somehow. I also had the el nikor 63mm enlarger lens and bmp4k connected briefly and i could get focus peaking on some clouds and trees in the distance but it was getting late by then. the el nikor 63mm doesn't vignette on the bmp4k. The standard 18-55mm canon kit lens vignettes from bad at the wide end and a litle bit when zoomed in. I'll get some photos next week as i have just about run out of weekend. not sure if i saved the cat and yard pictures correctly photoshop displays them correctly but i think i need to crop them maybe will have to investigate more hmm those last two pics do look odd, i guess i have some homework, looks like photoshop displays them ok but it doesn't save them in that format.
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