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  2. Going to wait for the final product. We’ve all been burnt too many times by Canon...
  3. Canon's renaissance in video has come at a time when rather than being frozen over, hell has come to planet Earth in the form of 2020. Only a year as perverted and warped as this could bring not one, not two but three Canon hybrid cameras. Which one should you consider adding to your filmmaking life (indeed what's left of it)? New blog post: https://www.eoshd.com/news/canon-1d-x-iii-eos-r5-eos-r6-which-one-will-be-best-for-cine/
  4. @heart0less Thank you for the reply. Yes, the Aivascope is great, very clean, and pricey too lol . I use it with a Nikon Nikkor 50mm 1.8. and yes, I guess I did answer my question lol . I contemplating replacing my Sony A7III with either the ZCAM E2F6 with the specs above or wait for the Canon EOS R5 which will have 4K 24 ,60,120 fps and 8k , 8k RAW. Thoughts on those cameras? What setup do you have?
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  6. Thanks all! I will try to create 720 proxies as well as film 1080 vs. 4k and see if there is a noticeable difference on the a73. Worst case I will look into trading my 2015 MBP in for a 2020 13" MBP. I think I have a good game plan thanks to the suggestions here. Much appreciatd!
  7. Please keep us updated on developments. Would love to know how diversifying goes, and the whole stock footage landscape evolves in general. And best wishes to you and others who are affected by the changes.
  8. Actually i saw a lot of unexpected movements on a FB contributor page with over 18.000 members. Many of them have already disabled their portfolios on Shutterstock and are gathering online signs against Shutterstock’s decision. Of course i am not that naive to believe that actions like these will make any difference but these are healthy reactions of people who are loosing a big chunk of their income. I didn’t created this thread to start a rally against SS here (although i strongly disagree with their decision) but just to let you know that almost 500.000 active contributors took a big hit today. I am personally building my portfolio on 3 agencies: SS, Pond5 and Adobe Stock, so I will stop uploading new stuff to SS from today but as i said, stock footage is more of a hobby for me. Anyway, this is not about SS only. There are some dangerous corporate consolidation trends crawling around these days and after the pandemic. Of course these are justified to a certain degree but it’s always painful to see the most fragile social groups (and especially artists) absorbing all the shocks of an industry which they obviously can’t control on their own.
  9. Hello, hi! That's a great setup. Aivascope gives a gorgeous image and is really handy. I'm jealous! Well, you answered your own question - those modes allow you to get a widescreen aspect ratio, but without an anamorphic look. Surely, there are benefits to this - if you plan on delivering the final image in 2.4:1, then you don't waste storage space and processing power on pixels you won't use. But at the same time - if you wanted to do some re-framing in post, add some head room, etc. then you're out of luck, because there is no data there. I'd rather be on the safe side and shoot at 16:9 with 2.4:1 framing in mind and then crop it in post. And, as you can see from the chart, those widescreen aspect ratios let you record a bit higher FPS video. C4K in 2.4:1 goes up to 120 FPS in H265, whereas "normal" C4K allows 'only' 90 FPS. If you really want to take use this sensor to its full potential, then you'd shoot 6K Open Gate and put some anamorphic glass in front. Even your Aiva would do. After desqueezing this setup would roughly give you a 2:1 image, which is a Netflix standard. Pretty neat.
  10. Ibis is great. I usually use it when I'm shooting handheld, with a shoulder rig. Works great for me. I never understood the mindset of having ibis and just using your camera handheld, with no support and wanting tripod style shots. Yes, I understand the value of a small footprint and being incospicuous but you can do that on a tripod and a long lens. But I tend to just "be visible" like a clueless tourist and let people relax over time with my presence. Otherwise I feel like a creep. Is it just me? In the end, I always choose the style of movement regardless of ibis. Shoulder rig, gimbal or good old tripod. I love the peace of filming with a tripod, without pressure.
  11. It is unlikely that simply rallying against them is going to change anything. Companies are in it to make as much money as they can. Certainly, if ENOUGH stock shooters start to pull their content from Shutterstock, then it MIGHT make them re-consider, but I don't know how likely that is. As you said, moving a lot of stock footage is quite an endeavor. So the question is, what are YOU going to do about it? Is it possible you can start moving your best selling footage to other platforms first, and then migrate the rest of the footage over as time allows?
  12. I like Linux (particularly fond of Linux Mint which I have on a few machines). And I LOVE saving money. But I am not sure that the OP could edit on a US $200 linux box. What would you propose as an NLE??? And would one need a particular Distro in order to run that NLE? (For instance, Resolve is coded to work on Cent OS and isn't really guaranteed to work on other Distros, although i have heard of people using it on Ubuntu). Of course, my vision might be warped because around here, people sell their used PC's for WAY MORE than the rest of the USA.
  13. Agreed, their 1 Mark II name is pretty nonsense, unless they plan to strongly bet on different series of same kind. Actually, they have it but their smartphones lineup is weak. What surprises me is how they are delivering great consumer tools for pro usage. A very good surprise indeed.
  14. You know who will be your number one, correct? The accessory launch of the year IMO ; -)
  15. Hi, I would like to know if anyone can help me to figure out the best course of action. I hired an editor who uses Final Cut Pro X and I would like to finalize the projects color and audio in Premiere Pro, with color being the most important. I bought Project X₂7, but I was unable to get the project timeline to match what the editor has in FCP. 90% of the timeline looked correct though. Also, while using that plugin, I am unable to sync assets like the motion graphics and text that were used by the editor. What is my best option when using premiere pro to work on these issues? Would Resolve work better?
  16. I can indeed vouch for it and the project is alive and well Going to be interesting what happens next
  17. https://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_1_ii-review-2115p6.php Several sample tests there either on video or stills... Here's another one where softness is going mobile now BTW SOC works! ; )
  18. I agree that you'll probably be just fine recording in full HD. You will save time and space when you're editing. 👍
  19. You can change the export settings in Keynote. Set it to 1920x1080 (or smaller) and to ProRes 422. Evidently, there is no way to adjust frame rate (defaults to 29.97) nor bitrate in the current version of Keynote. First of all, Mac is not the easiest OS to use. By the way, almost all OS's are point-and-click, so even a Mac user should have little trouble working with them 😉. Furthermore, the free transcoding programs that I mentioned (ffmpeg, handbrake, mencoder) all work the same on any platform, be it Mac, Windows, Linux, BSD, etc. I suggested a Linux rendering box for... rendering (the proxies). In such a scenario, you would still use your current MacBook to edit the renders off of the aforementioned external SSD. On the other hand, you could easily do your entire post production (including presentation animation and editing) on the same Linux box, and it could cost you as little as $200 for a used machine that is adequately snappy. The software would all be free and open source. You still have not given any information on the number of clips per video that you edit nor on the length of those clips. If you use 5 clips per video and they are each 5 minutes in length, start the proxies rendering (in FCP?) on your current MacBook, and go make a cup of coffee. If you are making 3 videos per week with 2 hours of camera clips to edit for each video, a cheap, separate rendering box is likely more efficient. Your heightened teaching efforts are certainly welcome! However, it is doubtful that 4K is any more engaging to students than regular HD. Great!
  20. Hi Ya'll! First-time Poster! I'm a current Sony A7III & 1.5x aivascope shooter and wanted to ask if there is a "need" for an anamorphic lenses on camera's that have a 2.4:1 shooting resolution mode like the ZCAM E2F6. 6K 2.4:1 6064 x 2560 / C4K 2.4:1 4096x1728. Although one will not get the characteristics of anamorphic. Is there a benefit to such resolutions?
  21. Emanuel

    Sony ZV-1

    So why are we, both of us, waiting for that new Samsung's 150-megapixel nonacell-based sensor? Because of no less driving a hybrid-cinematic-fisherman's tool to couple those terrific Android filmic apps, isn't? ; -)
  22. JurijTurnsek

    Sony ZV-1

    Yes, I want a 1" sensor smartphone, but that is a casual imaging tool not a cinematic machine.
  23. Definitely second @tupp suggestion that shooting in 1080p might be more than sufficient for your needs. I would kindly suggest you reexamine whether you truly need to shoot in 4K. If you do shoot in 4K, here is a brief explanation on how to create 720p proxies, which will be much easier to edit with. Then when you render (or export or deliver or whatever your editor calls it), you exchange the proxies with the 4K versions.
  24. Emanuel

    Sony ZV-1

    Don't underrate this one, because that's a pretty milestone. Cinematic outcome going along affordable is not even anything new : ) Jurij, ain't you the guy claiming for 1" sensor smartphone side? Hard to follow you : -) Take a look on 5:33/5:34 minute and how they've improved their CS on this one: IMO it can work out as a perfect vlog/pocket camera BTW, kudos to Sony and their customers with full pixel readout and no pixel binning. To my taste, the beef looks like the absence of 4K/60p nobody seems to care... Now let's wait for DJI with the next Osmo Pocket ; -)
  25. MeanRevert

    Sony ZV-1

    I think the question should also be asked if someone calls themselves as a filmmaker, if they're actually making films or just making YouTube videos.
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