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  2. You are such a stupid hypocrite hahaha. Btw, just so everyone here knows, he has now banned my home IP. Missed my changing cellular IP though. Why not just get the balls and ban my account? That coward ban didnt work.
  3. Crying about censorship again are we? What a crybaby.
  4. The professionalism has returned, thank you for listening Andrew. I hope we can put this behind us and continue to help fellow amature film enthusiasts. Edit: oh no, someone erased the 10+ comment likes/rep I had on my posts on this thread already. I hope that you can look into it andrew. I think that we have a communist hacker censoring peoples freedom of speech and votes. I know that you just made a thread about how shitty dpreview is for censoring users, im sure that you will right this wrong! andrew reid 6/3/2020 - "I have also been subject to censorship on the DPReview forum (my URL is banned completely) so I know what it's like to have your voice silenced from a community."
  5. Off course, you're right. When the episodes are released, I'll share with everyone πŸ‘
  6. Yes snow bro I am enlightened now. A sudden new dawn of self reflection is upon me as a result of your wisdom. I have chosen to be that dude you aspire to be. That dude did it in politics and now says whatever he wants lol Before now I was severely limiting myself. But now I can now say what I want, do what I want, even grab a pussy if I want. I embody your values now. Wonderful isn't it.
  7. Very promising stuff... Really : ) You're welcome! I am even now nationally proud for you : -) Ideas are all subjective made, no doubts there... That's the confluence with reality to result in something eminently true and effective. So-called objective, as well, why not? ; ) Maybe time to post it there in the corner Andrew has opened for all of us? https://www.eoshd.com/comments/forum/21-footage/ PS: Sent you PM : -)
  8. Yes, it was based on how the aspect ratio is perceived, on how it could help with the sensation of people being left behind and the conversation about wildfires in our country being the same for the last decades. It's an old subject that keeps getting worse. Its very much a subjective choice but I'm happy I went with it. I'm releasing the first two episodes in a few weeks but if you want a sneak peek, I can send you the links in exchange for your honest opinion. I would offer the same to everyone on the forum but I havent't developed the subtitles.
  9. Mark McEntee from the Divinyls guest programs Rage tonight and the list looks excellent to my eyes/ears. 11:00pm DIVINYLS Boys In Town (Warner) PSYCHEDELIC FURS Love My Way (Sony) PSYCHEDELIC FURS Pretty In Pink (Sony) SIMPLE MINDS Don't You (Forget About Me) (Virgin) THE CULT She Sells Sanctuary (Virgin) THE CULT Love Removal Machine (Virgin) THE CULT Wild Flower (Virgin) 11:30pm FREE All Right Now (Universal (MCA)) STEVIE WRIGHT Evie (Parts I, II and III) (Sony) THE DOORS - LIVE Love Me Two Times (Warner) THE DOORS Break On Through (Warner) THE DOORS Love Her Madly (Warner) 12:00am THE DOORS Roadhouse Blues (Warner) STEALERS WHEEL Stuck In The Middle (Universal) IGGY POP The Passenger () IGGY POP WITH DAVID BOWIE Funtime (BMG) IGGY POP I'm Bored (Virgin) THE PRETENDERS Human (Warner) THE PRETENDERS Hate For Sale (BMG) THE PRETENDERS Brass In Pocket (Independent) THE PRETENDERS Don't Get Me Wrong (WEA) 12:30am THE SUNNYBOYS Alone With You (BMG) THE CHURCH Unguarded Moment (EMI) THE CHURCH Under The Milky Way (Mushroom) CHEAP TRICK Dream Police (SBME) CHEAP TRICK I Want You To Want Me (Epic) CHEAP TRICK Surrender (Sony) ROD STEWART & THE FACES Stay With Me (Live) () 1:00am SMALL FACES Itchycoo Park (BMG) SMALL FACES Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Festival) SNOOPY Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (BMG) THE EASYBEATS Sorry (EMI) THE EASYBEATS I'll Make You Happy (EMI) THE EASYBEATS Sorry (EMI) THE GO-GOS Our Lips Are Sealed (Sony) DEVO (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Warner) DEVO Whip It (Warner) DEVO Girl U Want (Warner) 1:30am BLONDIE Hanging On The Telephone (EMI) BLONDIE Heart Of Glass (Chrysalis) SIMPLE MINDS Promised You A Miracle (Virgin) SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES Hong Kong Garden (Polydor) SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES Christine (Polydor) SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES Kiss Them For Me (Polydor) THE RAMONES I Wanna Be Sedated (Festival) THE RAMONES - LIVE ON COUNTDOWN Rock 'N' Roll High School (Warner) 2:00am THE SAINTS Know Your Product (EMI) THE SAINTS (I'm) Stranded (EMI) THE SAINTS Ghost Ships (Festival) THE BUZZCOCKS Ever Fallen In Love (BMG) THE CLASH I Fought The Law (Sony) THE CLASH Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Sony) THE CLASH Rock The Casbah (Shock) JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS I Love Rock and Roll (Warner) THE RUNAWAYS Cherry Bomb (Independent) 2:30am THE RUNAWAYS School Days (Mercury) 2CELLOS Highway To Hell (Sony) 2 CELLOS Smells Like Teen Spirit (Sony) THE SLEEPY JACKSON Vampire Racecourse (EMI) NENA 99 Luftballoons (Epic) DAVID BOWIE Boys Keep Swinging (EMI) DAVID BOWIE Fashion (EMI) DAVID BOWIE Heroes (EMI) THE STEMS At First Sight (Mushroom) 3:00am THE STEMS - LIVE ON COUNTDOWN Sad Girl (ABC) THE STEMS Tears Me In Two () TED MULRY GANG Darktown Strutters Ball (Fest/Mush) TED MULRY GANG Jump In My Car (Fest/Mush) TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS Learning To Fly (MCA) TOM PETTY Free Fallin' (MCA) TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS Refugee () DIVINYLS In My Life (Festival) 3:30am DIVINYLS Siren (Virgin) DIVINYLS Only Lonely (Virgin) DIVINYLS Science Fiction (Virgin) DIVINYLS Pleasure and Pain (Virgin) DIVINYLS Only Lonely (Virgin) DIVINYLS I Touch Myself (Virgin) DIVINYLS Hey Little Boy (Virgin) 4:00am DIVINYLS Don't Wanna Do This (Universal) DIVINYLS Good Die Young (Virgin) DIVINYLS Back To The Wall (Festival) DIVINYLS Human On The Inside (BMG) 4:30am DIVINYLS Casual Encounter () DIVINYLS I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore () DIVINYLS Hey Little Boy (Live) () DIVINYLS Sleeping Beauty (Chrysalis) DIVINYLS Punxsie (Chrysalis) DIVINYLS Make Out Alright (EMI) DIVINYLS I'm Jealous () 5:00am THE FLYING LIZARDS Money (That's What I Want) (BMG) JOSIE COTTON He Could Be The One (Elektra) FLOWERS We Can Get Together (Festival) PSEUDO ECHO Listening (EMI) YAZOO Situation (Mushroom) SOFT CELL Bedsitter (Polydor) ALTERED IMAGES I Could Be Happy (Epic) THE B-52S Legal Tender (Warner) THE CARS Just What I Needed (Warner) JO JO ZEP ft. JANE CLIFTON Taxi Mary (Mushroom) 5:30am EDITH BLISS Heart of Stone () SARDINE V Sudan (Festival) ROMEO VOID Never Say Never (Sony) BEARGARDEN The Finer Things (Virgin) DEPECHE MODE Just Can't Get Enough (Mushroom) INXS Never Tear Us Apart (Warner) THE CURE A Forest (Warner)
  10. Well, that reflection sounds to me to directly associate to cinemascope versus TV stuff... Strictly narrative dream-like domain opposed to a real window over the world, right in the centre of our living room in the place of the cross of before. The history of the second half of the precedent century we all are. Food for thought indeed... I see, Portuguese legacy rocks! ; -)
  11. Ok, you win the internet battles. Honestly, I have had no ill intent towards you Andrew, this is your forum/blog and you should do as you please. I just saw some self destructive behavior in this last year and it seemed out of character. I think that you have demonstrated that you have a ton of potential in this industry and I felt that you had been above some of the nonsense I have seen lately. I guess you can choose to be that dude, Trump did it in politics and says whatever he wants lol. My goal was to just hopefully get you to think a little about what you are doing. I'm sure you don't care and hopefully not, but I think you are severely limiting yourself. Remember, true friends will tell you what you don't want to hear (not that I am or want to be, I just enjoyed your content in the past).
  12. I love the light CA from some of my older lenses, sort of a light touch of surrealism in my opinion. Sometimes even video games add CA to make it more artsy, gritty, vintage, visceral or something along those lines. (Personally I don't like it as much in video games, but at least someone thought it was a good idea.)
  13. Obrigado @Emanuel πŸ‘ I used a sony a7s ii with canon yellow ring lenses. I like the 4:3 aspect ratio and it seemed appropriate for the subject and feel of the documentary. Luckily, filmconvert nitrate was release and I got a few more lessons on resolve so now I'm much happier with the final images. I did a new test with handbrake and with quality to 15, x265 and medium speed ( was pretty slow ) I got a 3gb files from a 53gb. Much better quality.
  14. Today
  15. I love you bro, why did you reset my rep? I just have tried to get you to put your feet back on the ground.
  16. ParabΓ©ns Francisco, my compliments! Very well written trailer, meu patrΓ­cio : ) Just wondering, what capture device(s) have you used for those two works there? And why that 4:3 option route BTW, today? Emanuel : -)
  17. I agree OVF is better for sports most of the time. A9 is far from perfect camera but it is a good example of quite a usable electronic shutter camera! They have certainly made a leap for Canon, considering the dated stuff they WERE using before! I am also curious to see what the R6 brings as well. Will it be as good as a Nikon Z6 in terms of the video specs? Surely it must be. Might even add LOG and 10bit to that. Then it will be a good cheap camera for the majority.
  18. It is (apart from the internal recording limit), just invest in a lot of very expensive memory cards (which were similarly outrageously priced, when the 1DC came out) shoot in RAW and you have access to Canon Log 2 (but no 4k60p AF since it is FF only) The 1DC could only record in MJPEG, no peaking, no AF, it was never a true 'C' camera to being with, just a 1DX with heatsinks, 4k, Log and a crop 1080p mode (a useless 1080p60p 720p upscaled mode) and that's it, the 1DX III has similar improvements in comparison to the 1DX II (more recording options, 10-bit with Log or RAW) They will never do a stills camera with the same processing and codec options as their video cameras. Of course if they do a mirrorless flagship equivalent with IBIS, it may kill the 1DX III for video, but it's Canon, so they will figure something out to differentiate the two models.
  19. This is why 1Dx III is not a mirrorless they don't have a sensor with that fast read out but the A9 sensor has other problem like less DR also no fast mechanical shutter (led panels are problem in stadium) and also have really limited video modes. Crippled or tech who knows? Personally for sports I prefer OVF, I tried quickly a colleague A9 on a pro hockey match and I did not like the EVF. I had more problem following the action but maybe using it for a couple of games I would get used.... Probably a mix.... finally trying to do their best and not cripple but also they don't have a quantum leap on sensors tech that people are dreaming of..... thinking that Canon would come out with a FF 8k 30fps RAW with great RS DPAF with super sampled 4k 120fps DPAF at 4000 USD is a day dream when their 6 months old 6K FF cinema camera cannot do 4k 120fps..... and no other competitor has similar spec even on the most expensive cinema line I'm really curious to see what R5 will bring the good and bad...
  20. Yeah, looking forward to the improvements that AI can make to both stills and video. I've been pretty impressed with how Resolve Studio handles retiming and scaling (even though Speed Warp eats up my 8GB of VRAM very quickly).
  21. I think your guess will turn out to be right. EOS R5 8K = very bad rolling shutter and unusable file sizes, impossible to edit 4K = pixel binned mush. Have Canon really turned a corner or are they playing the same old games with new, higher numbers?! If they are competing with Sony A9 then they really need to change the rolling shutter in stills mode too, it's unusable compared to the A9 in that respect. The stacked DRAM on the A9 sensor allows for the fastest sensor readout on the market. It's also why the 4K rolling shutter is so low on the RX100 IV / RX10 IV
  22. If the AF is good, I’m in. Tamron 35-150 f2.8-4 on XT3? Yes please.
  23. I hope that power issue is a firmware bug, if not I can't believe that Leica haven't tested the power consumption of the camera with standard battery in 4K mode with other brand of lenses...
  24. Huh... interesting. Will have to look into it. My vintage Minolta MD lenses have LOTS of CA just naturally.
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