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  2. IronFilm

    RED Komodo

    I bet RED could sell a camera with nothing but a price tag! Without a single spec released, and they'd still find RED fanboys who want the honor to be first in line to buy one Waiting for the RED Scarlet MX bodies to be given away for free on eBay. We're almost there.
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  4. Only the ursa models had and have the prores 444 so it doesn't surprise me and it seems totally coherent with bm record. On the lower models you have prores 422 flavors and raw. On the higher models you have several versions of prores and raw.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but you still gotta buy and haul around that $500 Ninja V in order to do the RAW thing, correct?
  6. A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to the kind folks who reached out and supported my work this month by donating on my site. You folks literally make this all possible. Thank you! That said, this week’s new free MP3 tracks are: From my Puzzle Music 5 page: ICE PUZZLE – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-5/ From my Sci-Fi 9 page: TWISTED DYSTOPIA – (Looping) DETECTIVES IN DYTOPIA (Looping) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-9/ Big Ogg Track Update! Super high-quality Ogg versions of a bunch my tracks are ready. They sound really cool and could be used for all kinds of things besides puzzle games I’m sure. They are: BOUNCE LIGHT 1 & 2– (Looping) FROSTY PUZZLER (2 versions) – (Looping) PUZZLE TRANCE – (Looping) HYPNOTIC JEWELS – (Looping) PIANO PUZZLES – (Looping) MONKEY ISLAND PUZZLER – (Looping) MUSIC BOX PUZZLER – (Looping) PUZZLE CLUES – (Looping) CRYPTIC PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping) BELL PUZZLES – (Looping) MELLOW PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping) THOUGHT PUZZLES – (Looping) ROBOT’S CUBE – (Looping) HAPPY PUZZLER – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-2/ Have a good week and stay safe.
  7. Let us know how 6k is working, big reason to buy the camera IMHO especially if it gets a legit 12.8 stops in 6k.
  8. probably but seems unlike BM. Yeah I am just realizing it. Probably gonna shoot most stuff on 1080 or 2k 444 tbh
  9. Lord I hate RED, so gimmicky. That said there is nothing gimmicky about 16 stops(actually like 13.5/14) and a global shutter. Will it have usable 1600/3200 iso too? The great thing about this is it will drive the price of the EPIC dragon and all RED models down.
  10. Not really, camera manufactures like Blackmagic are very close to making something that really doesn't need anything additional besides like you said maybe a mic. One of Fuji's lower end cameras had a 1000 nit LCD, hopefully we'll see it in the XH2. The GH5 is nice of course, I've owned one twice before. No dual ISO though. The S1H is really close to being pretty much perfect. Once Panasonic gets internal RAW they will be on top in terms of usability, other than AF. But yeah I get it, no excuses, every option is pretty great nowadays.
  11. GFX 100 to get ProRes Raw https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-gfx100-will-get-prores-raw-via-firmware-update-soon-and-unclear-if-x-t4-will-get-it-too/
  12. JordanWright

    RED Komodo

    Looks like the first colour is shipping on Friday, kinda crazy that these will be shipping to customers with barely any released specs & very little sample footage... I guess the Red guys have a lot of faith in the product. At least it looks like the wheels are finally in motion for the camera to get in the hands of users so we can actually see some footage shot. For me the interesting thing about this camera is that it has a global shutter and close to Helium's claimed '16.5+' dynamic range. It'll be interesting to see how it actually stacks up. The form factor looks great too, small but easy to rig.
  13. Of course it exists. Maybe it doesn't do exactly what you want it to do at the levels of performance that you deem to be a minimum standard, but they do exist. You can pick up a GoPro or DJI Osmo Action and just go shoot, and with their stabilisation you don't even need any rigging or even a handle. Many people do exactly that. If you want a more serious image then many of the cameras mentioned are suitable. There are many times I have just picked up my GH5 and apart from adding a lens and putting on a wrist-strap I haven't added anything. Oh, a memory card. ...and a battery. Oops! So many additional things required!! Of course, if you deem that you absolutely need directional audio then no camera will ever be without needing additional stuff because the idea that a manufacturer is going to make a camera with a shotgun microphone built in is just silly. Wanting a camera that can shoot a Hollywood movie that comes complete out of the box is like wanting a car that can 4wd on the weekends, beat a Lamborghini at the lights, bring home a boot full of building supplies from the hardware store, fit in all your mates to go to the game but park in a small space when you get there, and get 50 miles per gallon. The only way anything could do all those things is to be modular, and thus, would require "additional stuff to use".
  14. It is, no more banding as it seems, will do a blue sky test tomorrow. Also HDMI monitoring works now with 6K recording. Loving the aspect ratio as well. 😄
  15. Thanks for sharing. I'm guessing that this thread will be a slow burn as people gradually build the software required to actually use it. ML was the same, but now the tools for converting the raw files are a joy to use and have heaps of great features. C-Mount lenses aren't cheap, but there were some absolutely excellent ones made, so if you can get a raw workflow working then just open your wallet and pour the contents into an ebay auction for some old cine glass and then you should be able to get a great image from it.
  16. Not a d*ck, but it's a tough ask doing a blind test online because: people getting things wrong is embarrassing and this wasn't anonymous and the internet never forgets lenses are a lot more similar to each other than any of us would like to admit so its actually a ridiculously difficult thing to do (don't tell anyone.....shhhhh)
  17. Lenses have resolution and contrast, which can always be degraded by filters on set or by processing in post. Things like barrel distortion (which some love and says it gives a very cinematic look) can also be added in post. There is always an argument to be made for having the lenses with the most resolution and contrast and then using filters to degrade them, because you can always take those filters off and get a cleaner more modern look, whereas with vintage lenses you can't put a 'modern' filter on to increase resolution and contrast. Building the look with filters instead of with the lenses themselves also allows a more consistent overall look if you want to shoot at different apertures, as lenses are often softer wide-open and then have radically increased resolution when stopped down, and can also have significant differences between the centre of the frame and the edges. If this is the case then putting on a filter acts like a unifying force to make the whole frame more uniform. Of course, if you're shooting the whole film at a given f-stop then this doesn't matter as much, but then you have to contend with radically different DoF from shot to shot as the subject distance varies giving different amounts of background defocus. Apart from the look of a Black Pro Mist filter to reduce contrast and a Black Soft FX to reduce resolution, what are the parts of the cinematic look that you're chasing? You mentioned vintage Nikkor AI lenses would fit the bill, but then said that Samyang wouldn't as they're not expensive enough. If you're concerned about being judged on set wouldn't the Nikkor lenses also be perceived as cheap? After all, they are.
  18. Yeah the complete lack of 4:4:4 is frustrating. Even if it was just in 1080p. I adore the 4:4:4 from the Ursa.
  19. Probably a distinction between models. Better versions of prores exclusive for higher models.
  20. Curious does anyone know why none of Blackmagic's cameras besides the URSA can do Prores 444 Would be nice to have on the P6K to shoot in HD 444 and get an image that is similar to RAW without shooting cropped HD RAW. I am also aware how counterproductive it sounds to get a 6k camera and shoot in HD 😅 but what can I say 6k and even 4k is overkill for most of the stuff I do.
  21. Hows the 6k with the new firmware? Is it now usable? I'm curious because I like the aspect ratio of the 6k.
  22. David Sandberg is awesome, a huge inspiration for me. I also agree its better to stick to gear you know, or at least do a ton of testing on new gear prior to using on paid gigs. I've found out the hard way. Funny enough I just got the URSA he mentioned in the vid. No more updates suck but its a great camera. CDNG is better than BRAW in many ways (imho) and if I need something a bit less data heavy I can shoot HD 444.
  23. For the money, I like Nikkors but there is such a range of designs and model years and coatings that consistency can be an issue. Contax is a bit more substantial but priced to match. Bigger focus rings and more precision, but also stiffer focus. ZE prices are low now but less vintage look. Difficult to beat the Nikkor price/performance. The faster more expensive Nikkors might have bigger focus rings, I don't have particularly big hands so for me Nikkors are okay but smaller might be a problem yeah. Focus gears increase the diameter. Look at follow focus sean's gears. Although seems a bit strange to use if you don't have a follow focus.
  24. I can now shoot without having to worry about ghosting, smearing in V-Log. NR has to be set to -1 though. TNR seems to be entirely off though and motion cadence is great now.
  25. I never used them but heard good things. My impression is that they have the classic formula with newer coatings that improve resolution and sharpness.
  26. The production company I work for has purchased the new 1.5x Aivascope from the Facebook page. I honestly love it. It’s certainly not perfectly, but it’s given us the flexibility we need to shoot anamorphic without totally breaking the bank. It’s quite easy to use as well. In my tests, I’ve found that the taking lens often gives the characteristics I’m looking to achieve. I feel the Aivascope is quite clinical and sharp. If I put a modern stills lens behind it, the image will be exactly that. However, if I put our Contax Zeiss set behind it, it takes on a totally new look. We shot a few spots with the Aivascope, Contax taking lens, and the S1H. I believe we used the 50mm 1.4 for most, with the 85mm 1.4 and 35-70 3.4 for some pickup shots. We shot mostly at f2.8
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