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  2. For context: this is a web series. Everything is only implied! You don't see anything below the waist.
  3. If you need a quick turnaround, I really recommend Andrew's profile with internal recording.
  4. This is not what noise looks like from the ADC. This is not natural and its not the finest details captured, its MORE. The information is made up in the debayer. I know it is. People also seem to think cDNG has no processing before the file is stored in camera but cDNG is subject to calibration (which attempts to reduce noise and other issues) and other processing before those "RAW" pixels are stored as DNG also. Its okay to like it more too. Doesn't mean its the same process or the same thing. An OLPF can look similar to Gaussian Blur too. I get some people prefer cDNG, that's totally fine. But some people are acting like the image was faultless, which it certainly was not. And when there are incorrect statements made as fact, I will try to correct when I'm able to (IP and other concerns restricts my public involvement). The decisions made over a 2 year process developing Blackmagic RAW were not arbitrary or taken lightly either.
  5. I think overall her skin tone looks as bad graded as it did to start with. So what if it is smoother.
  6. CinemaDNG is real RAW. This looks like this on the example picture, because CinemaDNG does not filter the finest details (which are reproduced by analog-to-digital conversion (ADC)). With BRAW, the finest details are filtered internally. RAW should remain RAW and the processing of RAW should be left to anyone, who has bought a camera because of RAW and also expects real RAW. When I put on the CinemaDNG example image in DR some "Gaussian Blur"-filter (H/V Strength: 0.333), it looks similar to BRAW. And yes THAT has something to do with sharpness.
  7. Maybe two threads in one here, Cheap old pro gear and old consumer cameras for stills and video. Poverty limits me now to old cameras as my main ones. I still have my A7s but it will be ages before I could get it fixed and even then it might cost more than getting another one would. I do think the first version A7s will be considered a classic in future (if it isn't now). There is no Alexa in my future. I am shooting with an old Canon 450D and the jpegs are absolute rubbish but if you put a good lens on it, the RAW files are ok still (luckily I still have some good lenses). I have started getting old cameras from the charity shop I work at. Many can not be sold for various reasons and I have upgraded my point and shoot cameras as I can. Currently my video needs are met by a) Canon SX410IS (not too old- from 2015) and love it, 24-960mm FF angle of view excellent stabilization but crap at high ISOs and no RAW for stills and not a huge amount of control and 720 HD only, b) A Panasonic FX700 this one is from 2010 but is one of the earliest with full HD I think and while it doesn't have a lot of control for video, it has PASM rec modes for stills and can do 15/30/60 sec exposures (which is great because it is also crap above about ISO 200- which I can limit it to in auto ISO). All in all a wonderful little camera (for its age). Pity it doesn't have RAW stills either. c) The third I have is a Panasonic little underwater P&S, not great IQ or video (HD only again), this one is from 2012, but something for wet days or to use in water. The little Canon SX410IS really is a useful little camera for daytime use and the old FX700 is great for use with flash or on a tripod for long exposures (it does have ok stabilization though). I do want a cheap Sony so I can use my Sony lenses as well as keep using my old FD lenses as well as my Canon EF L's.
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  9. Huawei will no longer have access to Android and Google Play Services for future devices (nor updates for current ones) after Google suspended business under pressure from the Trump administration. This has implications for Leica as well, who have a partnership with Huawei on the flagship camera phones such as the P30 Pro and Mate20 Pro. Read the full article
  10. Yes a few scorch marks from the engine and the plastic over the focus scale has melted off. Bit of tape over that!! It has resulted in a nice price though. Usually they are 3 grand on eBay!
  11. Ignoring the made up numbers here, in terms of debayer quality the method for cDNG is much older as not anywhere near as good as Blackmagic RAW. I see a lot of people mistake the artefacts of the DNG debayer as sharpness. Its not that the cDNG debayer is necessarily keeping more details, but it IS creating false detail. An interesting comparison was just posted here that's worth looking at : https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&p=510320#p510320 Especially this image - what you're seeing on the DNG is not real information the DNG retained, it's CREATING it (falsely) and it can look like sharpness/detail when it's over areas of real detail, but it's a very "hard" and digital feeling look IMHO : But also pay really close attention to the resolution image at the above link. You can see on the right hand side the artefacts between the red and yellow resolution lines and around the edges of the circle. These artefacts are not real detail or sharpness that you lose with Blackmagic RAW, they are created in error. Something to consider as well is we get a lot of feedback from customers that 4.6K Blackmagic RAW still has more resolution than some "other" cameras 8K RAW images - likely because of strong optical low pass filtering that without could produce similar artefacts as shown in DNG. The highlights and shadows sliders in cDNG are NOT debayering RAW controls and work on debayered data only. They are the exact same (mathematically) as the ones in the primaries tab and work exactly the same on Blackmagic RAW as the DNG RAW tab ones. I demonstrated this for someone on Facebook last year..
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  13. The current score is a bit measly, just a used 7Artisans 24mm f1.4 but I'm off for a serious go around again in a couple of hours so that will be added to I've been toying with the S1/24-105 as its about £600 saving so that might happen. Thats some deal for that 200mm f1.8. Judging by the picture you put of it on twitter, someone had the same dilemma over putting it in hand luggage and strapped it to the outside of the plane instead!
  14. the varicam lt is not as good in low light, and doesn't do full frame nor has, in my opinion, skintones as close to alexa as the c700. but yea I got my used. varicam is a lot cheaper - but that's the price I got the c700 for used
  15. in the states, you can rent it for around $300 a day on sharegrid and kitsplit - but I don't know the demand for it, but I think it's probably fairly good, especially wtih an odyssey for arriraw. But as a former owner of a sony f65 - having a big giant heavy power-hungry camera with a slow boot up time definitely limits creative choices that you can get with a smaller camera. You can't fly on a gimbal or steadicam as easily you can put it in a car or other tight spaces, you can handhold for as long. But still, yea that alexa has some great skintones, and so easily. still though, an ursa mini pro with a custom olpf filter or red scarlet maybe more useful at that price range
  16. Ooh, I don't know... if you wait long enough. Those VHS plugins were/are pretty popular in music videos! Having said that though, there is still something about ML RAW, even on a non-classic Canon body, that is delightful in a way that even the nicest non-RAW modes of any modern MILC just don't quite have. And the image from the Alexa really is just exquisite 😎😎😎
  17. From Toms video? What about it don't you like? I could do without the skin tone smoothing myself, but the technique is pretty standard, I just don't think I'd posted a video showing how to do strong colouring and still keep reasonable skin tones.
  18. Great post. I like how you linked the Alexa and early DSLR/Mirrorless cameras to the pursuit of a filmic image. With @DaveAltizer ‘s recent return to the 1DC and this post, I wonder if you have any interest in writing a 10 years later review on some of the original cameras that paved the way to the pursuit of that elusive filmic look and how they hold up today? Although outdated, I think the mjpeg codec adds a special meatiness to the IQ of some the earlier cameras... your hacked GH1 videos come to mind as a perfect example and it would be interesting to see how you would use these camera today. With the prices of the 1DC and C100 steadily declining, I must admit I’m tempted to give one or the other a try.
  19. How do you like the E2? Also, have you heard anything about the E2C’s availability?
  20. Hi, Im a recent URSA Mini 4.6K adopter (not the pro version), so I’m unsure if it’s a common issue or not. I’m using two SanDisk 256GB CFast 2.0 Extreme Pro-cards: one of which works fine with the camera, and the other one keeps getting an error message every-time I try to format it inside the camera (error message says ‘formatting failed. Please check your card and try again’.) Has anyone else had the same issue? Were you able to fix it or had to buy another card?
  21. This is the Full Frame 6K camera. here's the breakdown of their cameras. E2 - M43 4K S6 - Super 35 6K F6 - Full Frame 6K F8 - Full Frame 8K
  22. Some awesome work being shown in here. I just noticed also that bodies are going for less than £1000 on ebay now. I swear it took the XT2 a lot longer to fall below that mark
  23. Let me know how the Japan store camera hunting goes. Some great shops there. I found a Canon 200mm F1.8 EF in Berlin or 1150 euros last week No idea how I am going to fit it in my hand luggage though.
  24. I would do, but it's probably going to die at some point It's also a heavy beast, so my back might die even sooner that it does. I wish we had got a smaller Alexa, in days gone by - for around £25,000 which could now be picked up for £5000. I suppose we'll have to wait a big longer for the Alexa Mini to come down in price!! I wonder how much it would be to insure an Alexa and how much it could be rented out for? That would be one way to make the £5k back. Talking of depreciation... I just bought a 1DS Mark III with 28-70mm F2.8 for 900 euros all-in... That combo was over 10 grand in 2008.
  25. Do you really listen to Tony and his wife? Nikon sales have rebounded after the drop and why listen to people paid by Sony? My cameras not affected. Good luck!
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