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  1. Good point. I never intended to be a filmmaker, let alone a considerate one. I keep trying, some days it pays off, some days it doesn't. Every day I learn something, usually through my failures more than my successes.
  2. Just finished my 2nd round of shooting for my short. I had a little more trouble correcting these images as I shot a lot in lower light than the first round. But here are a few shots that turned out okay... I will say that I think ML Raw has ruined me for other cameras.
  3. I understand your points, but I like soft video that takes the edge off the inherent digital videoey look of these cameras. I probably would have used a smaller frame rate to get a little more sharpness, but it's not my video... now as to why he didn't use ND filters... IDK... I would have but again irrelevant. Yup, I think he handled the color nicely compared to a lot of videos I have seen. But your sharpness point is really another negative of the GH5, or an overblown feature that seems like a pro but may actually be a con. We've all seen Wolff's Cuba video, the man knows what he's doing and is capable of razor sharp footage. As far as not subscribing to an old comment of mine... well... a little more information as to what you oppose in that comment may make your point a little more clear. Okay, let me clarify... at the time... weeks... months ago... IMO Kholi's video was the best footage floating around from the GH5. If I had to choose now, I'd say Luke Neumann's 6K Alien Video is the best GH5 footage I've seen and that motorcycle video you posted a few weeks ago. All of those filmmakers would have made equally great footage, maybe better, with 5D4... which is my real issue with the GH5... On the surface it is a great camera, with great features... there just hasn't been as many great videos popping up... which has actually surprised me. I really, really wanted to buy a GH5, but I just haven't seen enough compelling footage to warrant the price tag. Again this is just my opinion.
  4. You made some fair points, but I wouldn't define Wolff's comments as "misinformation." And I'm not a hundred percent sure that stating that the GH5 is not the camera for someone who needs good AF, is being picky of its flaws. What I don't understand is blind allegiance and even stretching the truth about a product. I actually don't care about AF with the GH5, I would never use overpriced, plastic native lenses with it, if I had decided to buy one. As far as the JVC, I would never buy that camera anyway, so I don't really care about its flaws. The only thing I've ever mentioned about the camera is that it has nice color and good 4K... oh that's right... I said I liked the image better than the GH5... I'm sorry I guess that was my mistake.
  5. I look forward to that short Squig. Everything I have seen and read about it seems great. The crop mode is definitely interesting. I haven't read that the crop mode is that much better than regular 1080p... I'll definitely be testing it, and the 3K modes, as soon as I'm done filming my short.
  6. Why can't wolf just not like the GH5? Actually he never said he didn't like it, he just didn't think the AF was effective enough for his style of shooting. If you really want to criticize the man, you could easily have said... yeah of course the AF isn't good enough... go get a Canon if you want good AF... but instead you try to convince him that he isn't using it properly... personally I think this is one of the nicer GH5 videos I've seen, so why not commend him?
  7. Damn Marty, you are the master of the G6. You have got to make a feature on that little cam. Great work and color as always.
  8. The Body Only version is still listed as discontinued though.
  9. It's just a codec that edits easily and looks good... what's the difference?
  10. Pretty cool. Nice edit. What are your thoughts on the camera after having it in the wild for a while?
  11. If I'm understanding what you want to do, set that for AF On. Then when shooting, everytime you push that button in MF mode, AF will kick in to give you either a starting point, or if you want to get the lens to AF while recording. I don't think it will be constant though.
  12. Right, as long as you're happy, that's all that matters. Like I said earlier... that's why they make vanilla and chocolate. But to be fair, some of your points are a little misleading... low cost... sure the GH5 is only $2000 and the 5D4 is $3200, but when you add the cost of a couple lenses, the price of the GH5 increases by a lot. There aren't many cheap native lenses in M4/3 mount. Since the OP probably already owns Canon lenses, then that is a little money he'll be saving. Vlog ... cLog... to film internally with the GH5 and VLog you need 10bit, cLog is optimized for 8bit footage... so that is a wash. But you also have to pay for the VLog update, with 5D4, it will be free. I believe the 5D4 has dual card slots. Focus peaking would be nice, but with DPAF you almost don't really need it... but I agree that's a plus for the GH5. 180fps and 4K 60p are definite pluses for the GH5, although 4K 60p is in that dreaded 8bit. Still cool feature though. Now I agree that Canon should include more, hopefully this competition will push them to. Good luck with the GH5.
  13. Yeah the XC10 was almost there. It was a joy to shoot with, even with its issues. The 4K C-Log was insane but again I didn't love the small sensor. I think I just like bigger sensor cameras with interchangeable lenses. Now if I can find an XC10 for less than $1000 used, I may pick one up again. I would love to shoot Canon 4K again, but everything is out of my price range. Here's hoping for a 6D2 with 4K... and C-Log... and focus peaking... LOL.
  14. If it's anything like other Panny's then make sure you set the AF/AE Lock to just do one touch AF... I forget what they call it. And then I always leave AF+MF enabled.
  15. Just curious, why do you want the a6500? I had it back in January and although it's a great camera, I got the dreaded overheating warning in 45 degree weather. It never shut off, but it was too much of a red flag for me. Did you know the Zhyiun Crane can carry the weight of the 5D3... so I assume it would work with the 5D4 as well... just saying.