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  1. To be fair, I'd probably rather watch a Brett Ratner film shot on beta max over anything made by anyone on this board... okay maybe not.
  2. Thanks jon and that is true. It's hard to shoot without IBIS once I've used it. And I have used Panasonic's, Sony's and Olympus' version. Of those 3, I find Olympus' to work the best, but I already have an amazing 1080p camera, so for me to invest in a 4K camera, for casual use, for $2000, the e-m1 Mark ii is a hard pill to swallow. I have tested a ton of cameras over the past year or two and I have repeatedly said my two favorite images are from my 5D3 with ML Raw and my D5500. And even though I am intrigued by the D7500, the lack of features and crop is keeping me from buying it at $1250. As a Canon and Nikon shooter, it seems like Fuji may be a good alternative when 4K, color, and organic image quality are my top priorities. For some reason, I don't know if it is the photographic history behind these companies but after hours of extensive research and hours of extensive testing, I have learned that I prefer the image and color from Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Fuji moreso than from Panasonic and Sony... even though I have been recently intrigued by images I have seen from the A7ii. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me with a lot of options if I decide 4K is a necessity for a casual camera. As of now it is down to the D7500 or the X-T20. By the end of the summer, Olympus will have announced the E-M10 Mk III and hopefully that will be similarly priced and they will make my decision a lot easier.
  3. Man, Fuji colors and smog look amazing. I think Fuji is the only brand I haven't tested... hmm... x-t20 is pretty inexpensive... Okay, since you are an owner of both cameras, if you had to compare solely on image quality and color, which would you choose? I agree some sort of IBIS would be great, menus... ehh... even Sony menus don't take a genius to figure out so how bad could they be? And zebras... I can take or leave them. IMO they're good for a quick reference but as you know I don't use them to expose... except for Raw. With 8bit cameras, you can usually judge by eye or the in camera meter if the image will be overexposed or not. So, based on 4K quality and color... which would you pick up more often?
  4. Looks great. That little extra resolution is nice. Somebody wrote a while back that 5D3 ML Raw just makes them smile... and it's so true.
  5. I love Colorista. I have IV and I find the guided color correction to be such a quick and painless way to get a great base for grading. I haven't tried Pop yet but I do like in Mojo. But it runs so slow on my computer. Painfully so.
  6. Last I checked, the website still has the details of that codec listed as TBA, so hopefully Canon will get feedback requesting that it be 10bit and they will fold. Probably not though. I can't afford to buy the camera, but I am very interested in renting one next summer for a short film. I would shoot it entirely in Raw so that mid grade codec really means nothing to me. But for others, I hope it's available!!!
  7. Sorry, I made a misspec... I meant XF-AVC... which will be released next year in a firmware update.
  8. Man, was Panny color just better back then? Those GH1/GH2 videos look so good. I'm unsure, even with all the bells and whistles, if the G7/GH4/GX85/G85... even in some ways the GH5 look as good as some of these beautiful old videos I have been watching lately from the GH2.
  9. Well, I primarily use the 24-70mm f/4 handheld, and am planning on buying that 35mm f/2. My friend also has the 28-135mm, so I was thinking the SL1 could sit in my bag in crop mode. Then when using a prime, but need a quick long shot or some range, I could pull out the SL1. Or maybe it would be a good camera to have the 100mm L macro living on it. Is crop mode a 3X crop of the aps-c? Or is it 5X?
  10. Read the article, Reid has screengrabs from clips he took with it.
  11. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if their Rebel line gets 4K before their mid line does.
  12. That looks amazing. I just read the comments and he didn't even use Raw in that video. I think it was just the bitrate hack. It looks great though. That crop mode is amazing. Actually I'm not even sure he uses the bitrate hack.
  13. If you don't want to use MLVFS, Raw Magic works really well and can be bought through the App Store.
  14. Sounds pretty cool. Do you think this would make a better B-cam to a 5D3 than a 70D would, for second unit, due to the lack of moire? I always shoot in 2:35 with my 5D3.
  15. C'mon Fredrik, I am pretty sure I have read numerous times that the video quality will be much better, with the GH5, when the 400mbps firmware update is released. And the excitement for it is palpable. But those same people knock Canon for using too high of a bitrate? Why is this so hard to understand? It has been repeated dozens and dozens of times since the 5D4 has been released and then Panasonic was praised for offering the 400mbps codec by the same people.