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REDSTAN clamp, perfect!


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No association with REDSTAN, other than a very happy customer!

I previously ordered a Vid Atlantic "kit".
When it arrived, I immediately noticed the set screws for the scope are metal.
Shrug, proceeded to get it to mount, no success,
it doesn't fit either my Sankor 16F, nor my Kowa Bell & Howell.
I was really bummered out now.

Received the REDSTAN clamp, the first obvious thing when opening the package,
it is a PROPER qualitiy machined solution, NOT a hacked extension tube, as with the Vid Atlantic.
The quality difference is night and day.
Installing the REDSTAN clamp to my Kowa B&H, it was a perfect fit from the start.
And NO metal scope adjustment set screws!

I would think that most people here already know this information.
Just thought I'd share my experience for others who don't.


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