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Hitfilm 3 Express is now free... Forever


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I got mines by email as well.  It's been told it's the alternative to AE.  I tried HF2E when they offered it, and I concur with Andrew, it's really nice.

"Also couldn't find a way to apply a LUT."

Actually, they have starter pack, I think.


as per their Colorist Pack:

Give your videos the professional look they deserve with advanced grading tools and support for cinematic LUT files. Learn more…

Color vibrance
A splash of intensity for your effects, or a vivid color tint for your videos.
The colorist’s essential tool, providing fine control over brightness and contrast with an intuitive graph interface.
Grading Transfer
Instantly take the look from one video or image and apply it another. Want to replicate the look from your favorite movie? This is how.
Instantly create an evocative, distinctive cinematic look.
Hope that Helps
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