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Comparison spec sheet for C300 mii, FS7, URSA, URSA mini, and C100 mii

Jonesy Jones

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For your convenience, attached is a comparison spec sheet that I created for what I consider 'current' video cameras that would find there place above a DSLR camera, but below a RED package. By all means let me know if I have added incorrect data or left out relevant info. I will edit the chart and resubmit. 

I have highlighted in yellow some of the specs that jump out to me.

I realize the '$/minute' line is unusual, but it's my attempt at making that info an 'apples to apples' comparison.

EDIT: Added Global shutter and HD fps. Have decided to leave out Kinefinity.

EDIT #2: Updated C300 and C100 top handle info. C100 DR. Interchangeable mounts for C300. Upgradeable sensor for URSA. Changed the 'RAW' line to 'Internal RAW' line. Added 'External RAW' line, and other than this line, I am going to stay away from external devices for this comparison. As soon as you factor external recorders, displays, or external anything the scenarios become infinite and the costs become distorted. The media type and costs may change as well. Those possibilities are fun to consider, but I can see that becoming way too messy for one chart.

EDIT #3 (4/23): Changed C300 HD fps to 120. Changed FS7 Max Res to 4K. Changed URSA Max Res fps to 120.

Camera Comparison.pdf


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​Keep in mind though, you can record in HD on the other cams and achieve the same great $/minute, even on the URSA's.

​True of course, it's just a strong consideration when moving up to production cameras. Some things don't translate from the DSLR world, and storage space (and more importantly- storage and backup methods) is one of them.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Great list!

Just add these:

-C100 and C300 both have a top handle.

-C100 mkII DR is 12-13 stops

-FS7 and C300ii both do have raw externally, must be mentioned

-max frame rate of both cameras change when recording externally, C300II goes to 60P in 4K, and fs7 goes to 240p in 2k, also must be mentioned

-The full URSA has upgrade-able sensor (mini does not, and all the others)


-The C300 has interchangeable EF and PL mounts 

-C100 has native EF mount

-URSA has PL and EF mounts (non interchangeble unless you hange the sensor)

-FS7 has E-mount, which can adapt to EF & PL if user is comfortable with adapters, plus it's the only one that can takes a SB and efectively be FF

These are all extremely important information for buyers.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

okay perfect now but almoooost. Just add Yes to both ursas under external raw (both output raw through 12G SDI) and Maximum frame rate of C300II under 1080p is 120p not 60p. 

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Someone please stop me! I'm thinking of buying a C100 mark II!

​It'll probably be the camera you make the most "Money" with........

Based on iso alone Blackmagic Camera's are unusable in anything outside of well lit scenes or sunny days which many many times you simply don't have the "luxury" as an independent filmmaker.

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