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Samsung NX1 dynamic range comparison


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​Pardon me, but if you look at the details of that test it was complete GARBAGE. The reviewer used the stock settings on each camera to get his result, no tweaks to contrast or black level. Also he used a different lens on each camera.

I agree with Jimmy, if your shooting in this scenario just light him properly and the issue goes away. What is more important in this shot to take note of is the skin tone, which is miles better in the NX1. 

​Well you can tell Noam Kroll that....


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My idea is that the algorithms in nx1 could be further enhanced by samsung. From the link I shared in another thread, it is evident how in stills, iso 100 pushed ahead of 6 stops is better than internal iso 6400 on nx1.


Hence there is a potential dr in the raw image captured by the sensor at base iso which is NOT achieved either in internal high iso raw, or in encoded video.

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