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Aliasing shown when not in fullscreen (YouTube, Vimeo) for FZ1000 footage


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I was just looking at sample videos from the FZ1000 and noticed a weird aliasing effect when viewing the videos in a small window (not full screen) in HD. Either it's me and I'm going crazy or you can see it too.


This is a random sample video I found - watch in HD and look at the cables and especially the trees!:


Or here - play in this window and change to HD or 4K:


While it might be somewhat nonsensical to play a video in HD in a tiny window, the effect still struck me as pretty weird! I noticed because I changed the videos to HD before going full screen. Especially for the vimeo video, the effect is very visible and I imagine a lot of people don't go fullscreen on every single video they watch.


I haven't tried for footage from other cameras and perhaps this is a well-known effect and I just haven't noticed so far?? I do know a little about aliasing/moire and how some cameras are worse than others. But this isn't to do with the camera, right (as the effect goes away when you adjust the size of the window). Is this to do with the compression? 



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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

If you want to have a proper image you have to set the quality to 1080p and go full screen on a 1080p monitor, otherwise the 1080 video will have to be shown in a window of the screen that's has less than 1080p pixels. Squeezing a 1080p image to something smaller by Windows and/or youtub/vimeo produces all sorts of issues. Not the camera's fault it's the downscaling algorithm. 


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