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Best movie of the year, - Interstellar or Gone Girl ?


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I've been a film-nut since my teens and I'm in my 50s now.  Nine times out of ten, I now exit the movie theater wondering why I still bother.  In order to suspend my belief, the filmmaker can't dare m

Nolan made an embarrassingly pretentious movie with Interstellar, which imo renders all his not-below-IMAX attitude ridiculous.   The old films mentioned above may look outmoded in hindsight. But th

I watched a lot of things on planes this year. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was great, and also enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow more than I thought I would (in Japan they stuck to the original, and way bet

I feel bad for people who didn't enjoy interstellar. I thought it was epic, loved every second of the experience. 


Gone girl I found to be pretty predictable in comparison, and sort of perverted to a fault. Just though the sex and violence was a little over the top and found it a bit distracting. Great story though

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I was actually suprised how bad I found every aspect of Gone girl. Eternal 163minutes where nodoby seems to have noticed that everything is muted and passes along without touching the spectator. But hey, maybe that's just me, or maybe that's the feeling they wanted to give "shit happens, nobody gives a shit"

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