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  1. I use the RX10 mkI exclusively to film the very popular tech channel JoanneTechLover, and while I do like the original a lot, one of my complaints with it (and just about every native Sony mirrorless lenses for my Sony a7S) is that the focusing ring speed is variable, meaning that if you rotate quickly for 1/4 of a turn, it won't land in the same focus as if you rotate that same 1/4 turn slowly. That means that you can't rack focus consistently because the speed of your focus pull will change where your focusing will land. Is that still a problem with the RX10 mkII?
  2. yes, that overexposure is very, very impressive! That's one of the problems that I have with the Sony a7S and its Slog2. You really can't push the blacks up too much before it gets too noisy
  3. A new video for the Kinefinity Kinemax 6K is out and it highlights its low light capability. I have it really does look great and film-like! http://cinescopophilia.com/kinefinity-kinemax-low-light-shots-from-film-cyfrowy/
  4. Any word on this camera from reviewers? There is a new video out, at least:
  5. Speaking of which, Andrew, when are you doing to do a review on the Sony FS7? I'm very stoked about it, and even though it's a bit out of my budget compared to the Sony a7S, I'd like to rent it out for higher jobs as needed.
  6. Yes, this is a highly annoying "feature" of many native mirrorless lenses. It's almost a worthwhile reason to get the Zeiss Loxia lense for the a7 series. I believe those allow for linear focusing, but I could be wrong..
  7. Gotta say, I'm surprised no one has mentioned The Birdman. It is by far the Best Picture of the year. Amazing acting, cinematography, dialogue, music, and directing. I mean, pretty much everyone brought their A game to this one.
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