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Lenses with character

Oliver Daniel

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about the sankor its not attached on the body in this footage

i have been trying for some time now to get information about it

 it has three rings

1 is the focusing fluid distance and fstops
2 is the manual/auto ring (yes its a ring which i find peculiar)... i suspect because of this ring that its a 70s lens?
3 is the Fstops ring 2.8 to 16
"lens made in japan"
Auto-sankor 2.8 28mm
and i believe its multicoated it has a green MC on it.

found it on an old camera shop paid 40 euros, very clean glass both caps on, the guy who sold it to me knew nothing about it. :)


its got a cool look to it - Sankor made a range of SLR lenses in the 70s so it is maybe one of those - they are quite rare so hang onto it !

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

My christmas present for my self is Andy's suggested Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8. I need a wide angle for the D810 if I keep it or the D750 when it comes out. I don't like wider than 24mm on full frame or 35mm on s35 so it's perfect. I need my wide angle to be a zoom to adjust framing as it needs significant movement to change the fov when shooting a landscape on the street unlike shooting people long lenses which require a few steps forward or backward. I use an 85mm 1.4 or 50mm 1.8 wide open for everything so I will not using it above 28-35mm probably.

Is there a better wide angle option for Nikon fullframe if I don't need a longer range?

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28mm f2 Pentax made to the Zeiss design - Mr Reid has one


or Buy a Canon FD 28mm f2 - there is not much in it !


or buy a Canon Fd 35mm f2,8 and put it on an RJ Speedbooster = approx 24mm f2



or buy the very very good Sigma 30mm f1.4 and just stop it down to f2

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Thanks Andy, what would you say is the best "set" of "lenses with character"? I am currently shooting with an a7S and the Zeiss f/4 zooms which for me are more than fine, but I wouldn't mind buying some affordable manual focus glass that has a bit more character.

I'd prefer a "set" is there anything standout? By set I mean Nikkor Non-Ai, Canon FD etc. Simply because I'd like them to all have the same feel image AND construction wise, and I can just leave the adapter on the body for ease of use.


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