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Should i buy Super ES Cinelux Anamorphic 2x MC


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Hi guys enny here guy on ebay accepted my offer  for schneider-KREUZNACH 55mm f/2 Super ES Cinelux Anamorphic 2x MC Projector Lens for a 100 from 300 right now i have bausch and lomb anamorphic big lens with  tiffen pro series 9 close up diopters this lens is not easy to shoot with but its dam sharp my questions are before i buy


1- Is  schneider-KREUZNACH 55mm lens sharp?

2- what is the closeset that it can focus to my bausch and lomb is 12 ft to inf

3- I can see that to focus this lens there is hole at front but i don't see a key or knob that you turn on it.



Some images





And i found this lens with strange knob for focusing any ideas how good it is?




And what i have right now



Thanks guys


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ken why would you say that B & L is poor optics. There is not focus on the lens you actually focus on the taking lens and them image quality is good and  sharp


Here is a Spanish videos shoot wit the lens looks nice to me.


Because the glasses are big.  But we can see uneven on surface.  It cannot compare to smaller ISCO integrated lens.  '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

Because I do not shot video, for photos only, the resolution is much strictly.   

If you don't mind the big lens like that, more than one kilogram.  You might consider ISCO HD attachment, way much much better, very similar size.

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