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Big news - Samsung NX1 with 4K, 24p and **H.265 HVEC codec**

Andrew Reid

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Thanks sandro.


I am in two minds whether to get the NX1. The sensor is looking very noisy. DPReview weren't allowed to publish anything shot above ISO 1600 at the request of Samsung. I have no NX lenses or adapters, whilst most of the functionality I already have with the GH4 including 4K. The H.265 codec will be great in the future but at the moment the lack of editing support means a lengthy transcode to ProRes or H.264 before I even begin to edit the files, and with that transcode you lose the space saving advantages that H.265 is meant to give in the first place!

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Looking at the still image comparer, compared to a 7d mk 2, the samsung smokes it at 3200 iso.  But it still isn't quite a match for the 5d mk3.   I think samsung are just paranoid about the high ISO thing.  Plus their kit lens is faster than normal kit lenses so you will use lower isos in the same situations anyway when compared to another camera with a kit  lens.  Review sites purposely underexposing to turn up the ISO when they dont even need to makes the camera look bad.

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I may have dreamt this, but yesterday I think Imaging Resource were asked by Samsung not to publish shots over 1600 ISO, but today I'm seeing them all the way up to 51,200 ISO! http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/samsung-nx1/samsung-nx1THMB.HTM


Checked them against one or two other cameras in IR's Camparometer, and to my untrained eye, I think it looks pretty good at high ISO. If the camera is scaling the entire sensor for video purposes, then the NX1 could be pretty decent in low light.


I mainly compared at 6400 where it appears to knock spots off the GH4 and is possibly marginally better than the A6000, whilst also looking like it has more colour depth. It trails the full frame sensors of the A7 and A7s which have more attractive noise and better colour depth, but considering the NX1's smaller sensor and higher pixel count, I think it stands up well.


What I took away from the real world photos posted on DPReview was that the NX1 appears to have bags of detail in the shadows and hopefully a broad dynamic range. Here's a shot into a bright sky: http://***URL removed***/galleries/reviewsamples/photos/3067149/betasample_iso100_sam_0752?inalbum=samsung-nx1-real-world-samples


and this looks like what they got after processing the RAW: http://***URL removed***/galleries/reviewsamples/photos/3067148/betasample_iso100_sam_0752-acr?inalbum=samsung-nx1-real-world-samples


I'd like to see a camera that can deliver a wide dynamic range without resorting to S-log.

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