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Apple iPhone 6 camera specs at a glance - 240fps and new Apple video encoder!

Andrew Reid

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With the camera, the iPhone 6 has taken a pretty reasonable step forward. Although resolution remains the same at 8MP the sensor is brand new.

On the video side 1080/60p and 240fps round out an impressive spec along with optical image stabilisation.

Read the full article here

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No I think it was not sarcastic. I think the same, what they have put in this watch is incredible, and the possibilities endless. 

I remember the people when first iPhone lauch "it's horrible, it's shit, touchscreen cannot replace keyboard, it's a bid" yeah a real bid. 

The best was the iPad launch "Apple failed this time, it's just a big ipod touch what a joke, they won't sell any" yeah sure. 


Same for the iWatch now. I tell you see you in two years, where everything you control (phone, camera, house, health , notifications, ..) is from it. 

Huge potential, and really beautiful ... Well done. 

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

H.265? That's a bit of a stretch. It requires extremely powerful chip that no cameras are using it yet, not even highest-end ones. I doubt the Iphone compresses the video to H.265. Typo maybe.

-and yes that watch is quite unique in terms of design. We might disagree on apple's technology but one thing we all agree on is that they make beautifully designed products in terms of build. First design I don't like is the Iphone 6. Ugly compared to the beautiful 5s, but that's personal.

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Lol indeed it's interesting cause I did not like the i5 but love the i6 design. 

Anyway, it's not a typo, because they write it does h.265 And h.265. The typo is mine actually because I guess it does only h.265 for factime (and therfore the front camera) in 3G/4G, and h.264 in wifi. That's what they say. 

But I taught if the tech of h.265 is for facetime why not then for the back camera... Apparently you just said why. 

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H265?  If its in the documentation, its in the phone you can bet on it.  Apple marketing does not make typos. Apple owns and designs and builds its own processor chips for their mobile devices.


Regarding the watches, that start at $349 on the low end, yesterday Apple sucked some of the air and virtually ALL the cool out of the high end watch market. Design wise of course, its a matter of taste. But yesterday the significant part was about the re-invention of the watch market and things like "Apple Pay"  for the iPhone and other software innovations.  Not sure if anyone caught it but this hotel chain - http://www.starwoodhotels.com/whotels/index.html?language=en_US  - worked with Apple so guests can use their Apple watch to unlock their rooms instead of a card.  Wave your watch past the lock and pow your in.  Can’t do that with a Rolex or a Tag Heuer or a Patek Philippe even at $30,000.  Thats what I mean by re-inventing that market and its just the beginning.


Apple's SVP of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts (former CEO of Burberry) and Patrick Pruniaux, former VP of Sales and Retail at Swiss watchmaker (and LVMH brand) Tag Heuer.

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