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  1. I do suggest to watch http://youtu.be/bfCJDIf-NeA from Mayflower. Besides, imo Canon/Nikon will end up like Sony or even Kodak with their current attitude. Any cam needs WLAN, Touchscreen, EVF, NFC and 1 common OS/UI, most likely Android. Now tell that to a Canon idiot manager. NIkon/Canon are running crap DOS on funny CPUs (bloody slow Digics), Sony is using Android 2.1 (their own Version), only Samsung is running Android 4 (again Samsung Android) on their Exynos CPU (NX1/NX500), thats why its a joke for them to read out 6K.
  2. There is an interesting interview with Samsung´s Marketing Manager Jay Kelbley ... http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2014/09/27/photokina-interview-samsung-nx1-redefine-pro-performance-quantum-leap-tech
  3. a6000 with fast lens or this one for low light concert shootings?
  4. pretty sure until the end of the year Premiere CC supports h265. looking forward to this cam, only lens im missing is a 35mm F1.4 ... at the moment there is only 35mmF2.0 NX mount. 85mm & 50mm is there, so a great 50-200mmF2.8. let´s hope metabones will release a NX->EF adatper soon.
  5. New kid on the block. h265 is very cool, but im sure 7DII will be far more impressive! ;-) hahaha ... So Pana, Sony and now Samsung will make Canon´s life hell. But why-oh-why a new mount Samsung ...
  6. its offtopic (sry) but have you seen the F7 presentiation- i want the APS-C sensor in a A7 form ... wow @ dynamic range ... wonder if its a bumped up a6000 sesnor ... g.
  7. "The Apple iWatch by the way, looks truly beautiful. A masterpiece of design and engineering. " Thats ment in a sarcastic way?
  8. "The Sony A7S is the first camera to really beat the Canon 5D Mark III on pretty much every level for both stills and video" ..,. even still? hmmm, interesting. great review btw, seems the hacked 5DIII has found its master.
  9. bout the ND filter: not sure where ive read it, but you can mount 52mm ND filters on this lens ...
  10. hey folks, can´t find dedicated info about HDMI OUT on a6000. It looks like it is not compressed, but is it 422 or 420? tia greg
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