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Red Stan Iscorama Clamp


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I'm thinking of getting one of these and wanted to hear from any owners. I use my iscorama 36 handheld with small cmount lenses, at times I am concerned that the front thread of the cmount lens could give way and kill my isco.


Does having one of these on more robustly connect the the two?


any other pros/cons?


have one you want to sell?


Thank you!

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Thanks! yes I agree the quality is great, I had one when I had a Kowa. $150 is a lot for a metal ring though.


I'm trying to remember if it will make the join between the lens and adapter more secure than just using step rings.


The iscorama can spin independently so it does not need a clamp for alignment, likewise adding/removing step rings gives you the closest possible mating between lens and adapter. To that end the only benefit of using a clamp with an iscorama would be security if it adds more...

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The latest Redstan adapter for the Iscorama 36 is fully adjustable in terms of the distance from the rear anamorphic element and the front of your taking lens.  It uses an interior threaded design to achieve this.  Very useful and extremely high quality.  Also very stable and closer to $100 if I recall correctly.  I own one...and you can to, while they last.  It was available on the Redstan website the last time I checked.   Any of the adapters you find there are top quality, very stable and custom fit.  Worth the money in my opinion.

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