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  1. I have owned one of these and it is in fact the same body design as the Iscorama 54 only with a 1.33 squeeze factor and probably smoother focusing. Just because it says Isco instead of Iscorama shouldn't be reason to argue. Fantastically sharp and a beautiful piece of glass! I don't understand the negative comments here. This is a rare beauty and requires no cropping to achieve scope if used with a 16x9 sensor. If I had the money myself I'd likely buy this.
  2. The entry for Yashicascope 1.5x appears to contain the info for the Iscorama 54.
  3. The Iscorama has sold. I still have a baby Hypergonar with Redstan mounting ring and front filter holder (perfect for diopters) I'm considering listing. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
  4. Iscorama 54 NON MC still available! Bolex 16/32 and Letus anamorphic adapters have sold as well as the Redstan adapters mentioned. Still have a two piece Redstan adapter for the Iscorama 36 available which allows for varying distance to the taking lens by using one or both elements. Considering listing a baby Hypergonar in fantastic condition Redstan mounting ring and filter holder. Anyone interested?
  5. Hello again, I'm very sad to be saying this but I must part with my cherished Iscorama 54 Non MC anamorphot. It's in fantastic condition! I need the money for post on a feature I'm completing. It comes with a 67mm Redstan mount. I'm also selling a Bolex 16/32 with Redstan mount, a Letus anamorphot for GoPro Hero 3/3+ & 4, some Redstan mounts for the Bolex 8/19 anamorphot as well as for Iscorama 36 and other stuff as well. Let me know if you're interested in anything. Thanks guys. Here's the link for the Isco 54 :http://www.ebay.com/itm/ULTRA-RARE-Iscorama-54-non-MC-anamorphic-Redstan-mount-FF-gear-UV-/221854404259?hash=item33a78d8ea3
  6. See if the unusual light marks change as you stop down. Could it be bright light reflecting off the edge of the iris blades? Do the shape of the marks roughly approximate the blades of your aperture? Maybe it's from a specular source reflecting off the hand cut (and somewhat imperfect) bevelled edge of the rear anamorphot element?
  7. Point taken. I'll consider different shipping if I re-list.
  8. Hi again, I have had my Hypergonar Hi-Fi 2 kit on eBay for a short time now but will be de-listing by Thursday evening if there are no takers by then. After Friday afternoon I'll be unable to ship. There are 5 watchers so if one of you is reading this and you're serious about it...I'd recommend you pull the trigger soon. The glass on the anamorphot is fantastic. The kit comes with a Redstan adapter that fits like a glove. Also included are a Canon lens ring and a base with adjustable height. Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221801579963?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 With diopters this lens is staggering. Super sharp and beautiful. And focus can be achieved quite close. I've done the sourcing of all the parts meaning one stop shopping for you if you've been itching to try this lens out. I'm only selling to pay for post on a feature. Otherwise I'd never sell this lens. Thanks!
  9. Hi Ken, Thanks for pointing that out. I revised the listing to include international shipping.
  10. Hi everyone, I've put my Bolex 8mm anamorphot on eBay. I'm including a somewhat difficult to procure custom Redstan adapter with it. It's really a beautiful lens and the adapter makes it the perfect system. I've been able to shoot on full frame as long as my taking lens is fairly open. As most of you know, the look this lens gives is quite superb. Time to part with it to pay for post expenses on a feature I'm completing. I'm selling for less than I paid. Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221798465364?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks!
  11. ​Redstan uses plastic screws so there's no damage to the lens.
  12. Looks really great Bozzie. Please keep 'em coming. What anamorphic setup were you using?
  13. Sounds to me like the statement that it will be geared towards the news media is an indicator that they may be hearing that it would be nice to be able to record video of news events and pull stills from it for publication. This is how they tried selling the 1DC by showing how wedding shooters could do this. It also seems clear, particularly with the emphasis on news gathering, that Canon in their typical fashion will leave out many features that would make such a camera a must have for many of us. Should we care to wager on which features. 24P anyone?
  14. The argument will work itself out over the course of time. If top D.P.'s stop using film there will be less call for it. I'm quite sure most of them have done comparison tests with the state of the art digital. You also seem to be assuming here that film is being kept alive as the capture medium. I think the studios need to keep film around to preserve their work. When large studios submit their films to the U.S. Copyright office for registration they submit film prints because of their archival quality. We know that in 50 or even 100 years if there's a projector or scanner around the film will still present a decent image. Digital on the other hand changes so rapidly that it's less comforting to imagine that a digital file submitted now will be readable in even 10 or 20 years time. The standard submission format for long form film or video content for those of us without many thousands to spend on film prints is DVD or Blu-ray. It's recommended to send a backup disc but that's it. How likely is it that those discs will still be readable if not corrupted in 20 years? I've spoken with the Copyright office several times about this and they don't ingest the files into their computer system...the discs simply get filed and it worries them too.
  15. ​...And don't forget Canon's color science.
  16. ​Exactly. Perhaps one of us should start a website that caters to highlighting only indie titles worth watching. It doesn't need to provide the films, simply bring them to peoples attention so they know to look for them on iTunes, Vimeo or whatever platform they choose. It could even have audience ratings. I think this could be a great idea for yet another section of EOSHD...what do you think Andrew? If it becomes popular then the already established film specific sites like iTunes and Rotten Tomatoes might even follow suit. Curating might seem like a full time job but it could be made so that the filmmaker uploads their title and artwork to the page and then maybe other users could give it a one to 5 star rating if they have seen it so the cream would rise to the top. Either that or every title gets it's shot at the front page and they rotate regularly. The definition of "indie" might also be defined less broadly than on other sites. You've already got a decent following here...anybody else think this is a good idea?
  17. The Iscorama 54 won't vignette with a 50 but isn't exactly ideal for travel photography.
  18. Have you ever accidentally scratched the front element of your lens by butting the rear anamorphic element up to it? Or do you have a way of being certain the two won't touch? Fine tuning the distance always makes me nervous.
  19. The Cavision mount will work if you have the custom Redstan screw-on mounting ring instead of the stock ring that comes with the 54. The Redstan ring has a slightly wider outer diameter and fits nicely if built up with a thin later of cardboard. I use the sheet that comes in my packets of Epson printer paper...cut thin and lining the ring. When tightened properly the 54 won't budge. So check with Alan at Redstan. I believe he may have one in stock.
  20. I also have the 1.5x version (1.42 in the real world) and it's razor sharp with silky smooth focusing. It has the same configuration as the 54...just newer. It's an amazing piece of glass!
  21. Hi Griplimited. Glad you found such a nice adapter. Out of curiosity is it a non-MC pre-36? If so, go ahead and point it at a large bright source such as a bare lightbulb from your ceiling fixture. Do you notice a bizarre series of uneven and jagged light lines forming a pattern around the bulb? If so, I believe this is caused by light being refracted off the uneven hand cut bevel of the edge of the rear element of your Iscorama. You won't get this with the Iscorama 54. The 54 also seems to have better character in my opinion but the pre-36 (or 36) is certainly easier to handle and won't give you this strange pattern under most circumstances. I simply would rather not take the chance though and would prefer to have the 54 in my kit. I'm curious to find out if you discover a similar pattern.
  22. The ring mentioned above on eBay is perfect. It fits my Isco 54 non-MC with just a touch of play so I put a single layer of blue painters' tape inside and then it works without slipping. If you have a newer Isco 54 such as the Video adapter I-through III they may have a slightly raised rubber focus ring and this geared ring may not fit...but the seller custom makes them and will fit yours to measure if you contact him. Use it with a rail system and any decent follow focus. Redrock makes one you might check out.
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