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Is anamorphic run & gun shooting really possible?


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I am doing most of my films in run & gun manner using a GM1 in combination with a Voigtländer 25mm - this works quite well once i got used to manual focusing.


I would like to take another step by beginning with anamorphic shooting. I understood that most of the lenses requires focussing of two lenses which makes them not so suitable for run & gun setups (at least in my experience, correct me if i am wrong). However, with the new anamorphot from SLR magic, this seems way better (an iscorama is not within my price range).


I was wondering whether the owners of this lens think that it is suitable for doing run & gun shooting, any advice?


Thanks in advance!

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i have the slr magic anamorphot. even tho its single focus,
anamorphic in general is
possible but not friendly for run n gun.
unless focus is deep, focus is critical.
diopters for closeup work takes time to change
sometimes your alignment goes off.
if your operating w the squeezed image, you always need to check alignment every once in a while.
theres a near/normal adjustment on the slrmagic which is something else u have to worry abt.
add screw on nd filters in front which could screw up your alignment or mattebox filters which take time to change.
all can be done. just very tedious in my opinion as a one man crew. maybe w an AC its ok.

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Thanks for you replies, guys.


In that case I think I will wait until the lens is out for the masses and not be an early adaptor. Most of the films i take / create are when I am with my friends, when I am on some kind of leisure activities, etc... So typical scenarios where there is a small window time-wise to take the shot. In most of the cases, being quick is what really matters and I would hate myself if I dont got some unique moments because I did not master the skill taking films with such a setup.


So, wait & practice is what is most important.

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I think run and gun is very well possible.  If you use the SLR Magic Anamorphot or Optex or LA7200, they are all very compact and I've done it many times.  But there are limitations to everything.  Do you understand them?  Can you work with them?  Because yes you get a different look with anamorphic but is that practical for your run and gun shooting?  Shooting anamorphic is much more difficult because of framing, composition, and the limited lenses available.  And anamorphics are very particular about the lenses you use.  You have to understand that aspect before you get into it.  In the end you have to use it a lot to get comfortable with the system.

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Know your focal lengths with the adapter, know your subject distances and test lining up focusing distances on the lenses. The taking lens is usually less forgiving than the anamorphic adapter, and the throw of the focus ring will typically be much shorter.


Use a monopod or a glidecam variant. It's totally possible.

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I have done it a lot with a dual focus Kowa so it is possible. It's not something you want to jump into, I would suggest having 1 lens and the adapter that you use at first. Practice a lot getting comfortable with the process and learn how the lenses focus relate to each other and good at estimating focus distance.


Eventually you get the point where you can quickly estimate your focus distance and know exactly where you need to set focus on your taking lens and adapter, some times this is not obvious, and then make some quick micro adjustments to the focus on the taking lens. You will also have to modify your shooting style to maintain the same distance from subject at all times while shooting and then stop and do a quick refocus for a new distance.


It is also worth stating that the more stopped down you are the more forgiving the focusing gets. If you are stopped down enough on some lenses you can focus the adapter to the approximate distance and adjust focus with the taking lens. Sometimes you can even do some rack focus this way. Of course if you are on a FF camera it is less forgiving.

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It can be done, but there's no way around the fact that it will slow you down and add limitations no matter how skilled you get with it.


Practice definitely helps, there are lots of gotchya's that pop up. If time is a problem, i'd go with a single focus setup.

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Again, thanks for your replies.


How about close ups - is there a constant value by which the minimum focus distance of a given lens is enlarged?


E.g. take a lens with 70cm minimum focus distance, how does this distance change with the slr anamorphot attached (and with the diopters and even with both of them stacked)?

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