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Sigma Fp L adds long awaited phase-detect AF

Andrew Reid

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In terms of size the main competition is the other small interchangeable lens cameras - A7C / FX3 come to mind, as they are also full frame like the Fp-L.

For photography, neither of those comes close on resolution. For video, they're very good but don't have some of unique features of the Fp series like internal Cinema DNG RAW, and Sony's colour science isn't as good. A7C codec is a bit long in the tooth as well, and the FX3 is at least $1000 more expensive.

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2 hours ago, DFason said:

I think it is great they are thinking outside the box. However everyone is talking about how small this thing is. With a small grip and the EVF, wont that make it larger than say the RIV? 

The same can be said that a mirrorless camera is the same size as a cinema camera when it's all rigged up with needed accessories. But it's the modularity that lets you to be able to make it the size you need. Rigged up, a grip, and maybe an evf, is not needed. Plus you can have a full caged system that's the size of an unprotected body of another camera.

For photography it's a little different but you still have some size options to play with. If size or video isn't a big deal to you there's probably not enough to attract you. Which I would understand.

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What got me very interested in the fp and eyes on new ones is when Andrew called it an artists tool. This gets me more excited than most specs (but raw is a must for my work and colour science just as important). For me something that supports and inspires the film is worth my time. Would be interested if Andrew reviews this one and still has the same impression- or if this model diverges the line away from this focus.

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On 3/29/2021 at 1:13 AM, Andrew Reid said:

Besides you get to support directly a family run business which is in it for us and their employees rather than to line the pockets of shareholders.

The fact Sigma is a smaller, family business goes a long way towards explaining why I like this company.  Their integrity and openness (eg about the Foveon sensor development challenges) count for a lot.  I trust this company to do the right thing by their customers.  How many camera companies can we say that about?!!  

Few publicly quoted companies are run in a principled, values-driven way.  MOST large family businesses are run this way (those that were purely profit-driven sold out early, in order to cash in).  As a consultant, I've worked for several large family businesses in the past, and their long term perspective leads to different (read "better") decision-making that looks far beyond the next quarter's share price (ie bonus payout).  They make decisions and take risks (ie innovate) in ways public companies don't dare - it's not their company or money after all, and so playing it safe is much easier and doesn't risk the annual bonus.

So whilst I'd never buy a camera purely based on the values and integrity of the business, I'll go out of my way to buy from such a company when I can.

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